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									Home equity loans are loans that are issued out to people in need of finance, against the
security of their residential houses. In this kind of loans, the houses of the borrowers are
kept as collateral against the sum borrowed by them. Usually, equity home loans are
borrowed by individuals who are in desperate need of money, but have no means to repay
them. Individuals in need of money have to keep their home as security against the sum
that is lent by them.

Home equity loans, in recent times has emerged out as the main source of finance to
people who are in desperate need of cash. More and more of individuals are increasingly
resorting to home equity loans for their financial needs, the main reason being the
collateral and security factor. Usually, to take up a loan of such huge amount, people
have to sell off their assets and dispose of their belongings to raise the finance, for their
needs. But, the one standing character of home equity loan is the fact that, the borrower
needs not to submit extra collateral except the house against which he is getting the loan,
like he needs to do for getting any other loan credited in his account. Also equity home
loans are really beneficial and affordable since the interest that accrues, actually accrues
on the amount that the borrower has drawn till that time, or while repayment of the loan,
the borrower needs to pay the interest only on the amount that is yet to be repaid. All
these enticing factors are drawing more and more number of individuals, looking for a
loan that involves easy repayment terms.

The best part of home equity loans is that of revolving credit, once the amount of loan
that the lender will lend to the borrower has been fixed by the lender, calculating on the
value of the home against which loan is sanctioned, the borrower needs not to borrow the
entire amount at the same time but can actually draw according to his needs, and pay the
interest only on the amount that he has drawn till that time and not the entire amount of
loan that has been sanctioned. The lenders to attract more and more borrowers also give
the borrowers many schemes, which make the repayment of the loan all the more easy.
The fact that borrower needs not give any other collateral, or pay any extra interest makes
the entire thing even more easy for the borrower.

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