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					Ai Tong School
P1 Orientation
( Information for parents )
Our Vision
      Vibrant Community,
       Dynamic Learners
Our Mission

 To nurture independent
 thinkers who are
 effectively bilingual and
 have good character.
Our Core Values

      We Aspire to be the best that we can be
We uphold Integrity in thoughts and deeds
We value Teamwork
  We are Open-minded to diversity
   We are Noble in character
  We are Generous at heart
School Motto

               Sincerity and
Strategic Thrusts

   Enhancing partnerships with stakeholders

   Empowering staff for innovative leadership

   Nurturing holistic pupil excellence

   Cultivating passion for the Chinese
    language and culture
Parents as Partners

Communication Channel for parents:

 School Website

 Circulars
 Pupil’s Handbook
 Appointments
 Meet-the-Parents’ session
School Hours (p.m. session)

12.20 p.m. – Silent Reading
12.50 p.m. – Pledge Taking ceremony
01.00 p.m. – First period for Monday to Friday
             except Wednesday (1.30p.m.)
03.00 p.m. – Recess (20 minutes)
06.20 p.m. – Dismissal (no-flag lowering)
06.30 p.m. – Dismissal (Flag lowering)
Starting the school term
   Wear name tag for at least the 1st month of the
   Upon arrival in school, proceed to the assembly
    (Void Deck D)
   Food arrangement for first 4 school days
    (2nd, 5th, 6th & 7thJanuary 2009)
   Inform your child of the dismissal arrangement
    (School bus, Parents’ Corner or Side Gate)
   Inform your child where to look for you upon
    dismissal (Parents’ Corner, Side Gate)
   Impress upon your child the dangers of running
Parents are requested to :
   Stay away from the classrooms
   Not to stay with your child during recess
   Let your child proceed to the school premises
    himself upon arrival
   Report to the office for a pass if you need to see
    your child in class
   Wait for your child at the Parents’ Corner
   Not to drive into the school premises except on
    rainy days
   Not to park along the road outside the school
School Bags
   Recommended weight: 3kg and below

   Proportional to the size of your child

   Look into material used in the making of the

   Bring books that will be used only on that day

   Files to be kept by teachers and
    returned to parents for revision of tests
    and exams
     Refer to SEED Approach &
     STELLAR Overview slides.
P1 CL Programme
     Refer to P1 CL slides.
Primary 1 Gymnastics
All P1 pupils will attend 1 period of
gymnastics lesson during PE lesson.

Pupils who are talented in gymnastics
are invited to join the gymnastics CCA.

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