UCAS and Personal Statements presentation - University of Exeter by dffhrtcv3


									UCAS Applications &
Personal Statements
UCAS – The Basics
  UCAS application deadlines:
   Medicine / Veterinary / Dentistry / Oxbridge 15 October
   Most others 15 January
   Art and Design Route B 24 March
but apply earlier for best chance
 Can apply for up to 5 choices
 All applications now done on-line - UCAS Apply
UCAS – The Basics
 End March
  Deadline for replies from Universities
End April
 Deadline for student choices
 Choose 1st and 2nd choice
End August
 Results, Confirmation and Clearing
Winning your
UCAS Apply

Completed online in school/college
One form for all 5 choices
Often your only chance to sell yourself
Four main sections:
-   Personal details and application choices
-   Qualifications gained and pending
-   Personal statement
-   School/College reference
How important is the
personal statement?
Extremely important for
• Selective, competitive programmes
• Many arts/humanities programmes
• Vocational programmes which require work
May form basis of interview
 Top 5 Tips
1.   Don’t rely on grades alone
2.   You need to make a quick impact
3.   Take your time
4.   If applying to defer entry by a year – tell us why
5.   Remember that your form may be read by an
     Admissions Tutor who:
     • loves their subject, and
     • will be teaching students they choose
Average Personal Statement

     I want to do X at University because I
  like it at A level….
     6-8 lines about the subject of study
     ‘I have Gold award Duke of Edinburgh’
     Lists the 20 sports played and 15 positions of
  responsibility held at school
     I like socialising with friends, reading and films…
  Turning an average Personal
Statement into an excellent one…
Excellent Personal Statement
   Clever, high impact opening sentence
   - this is usually written last to avoid getting a
     ‘block’ about it
   Over half about the subject area
   - shows real passion for the subject area
   - academics are passionate about their subject!
   Work experience/career aspirations
   Explain context of social life/achievement
   - why? NOT what?, skills learnt and challenges/setbacks
   Shows real personality
You have one chance to get noticed!
Deadlines are not a target – earlier is better!
Check carefully to avoid silly mistakes
Show your personality and your passion
Be reflective not just descriptive
Get help but make it your own authentic voice
Show you have researched your course choice
What can you do between
now and January (or
October, or March) to
enhance your application?



Any Questions?
   Some First Sentences

• Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and
  David Beckham, have undoubtedly
  gone down in history. They all had or
  have a passion, be it war or fighting
  against racism. (History)
    Some First Sentences
• As a big kid myself I have been drawn
  to the teaching profession to work with
  people on the same wavelength as
  myself! Children say the funniest things
  and never has a comedian come up
  with a one man show as memorable as
  some children's one liners! (Primary
   Some First Sentences
• If I could paint my future I would leave
  the canvas blank, an unwritten
  masterpiece in the depth of the mind
  exposed to endless possibilities. Where
  is the adventure in knowing your destiny
  before you can hold it in the palm of
  your hand and be proud of your
  achievements. (Art with Art Therapy in
  mind as a career)
   Some First Sentences
• The word 'literature' conjures up many
  different things for many different people – for
  me the word literature conjures up images of
  adventure, escapism, knowledge and
  relaxation. (Creative Writing)

• I know what you picked up, I know which cup
  you drank from, and I know which door you
  left the room by last. (Forensic Science)

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