Julius Caesar Act II by 8ZuEVs


									                                 Julius Caesar Act II
                                 English II - Hueter

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Act II, Scene 1

   1. Who is Brutus’ servant?

   2. Does Brutus have a personal grudge against Caesar?

   3. What does Lucius find when he goes to get the candle?

   4. Why can’t Brutus get any sleep?

   5. Who does Cassius suggest be approached to join them? Why does Brutus cancel
      this idea?

   6. What does Cassius suggest they do about Mark Anthony? Why does Brutus veto
      this idea?

   7. What time does this secret meeting end?

   8. Why might Caesar not come to the Capitol today?

   9. Who says he can bring Caesar to the capitol and how does he plan to do it?

   10. Who is Portia? What is Portia asking of Brutus?

   11. What has Portia done to prove her loyalty? Lines 300-301
   12. Caius Ligarius is sick, but says he is “not sick” if what?

Act II, Scene 2
   13. What does Calpurnia dream of? Describe her dream.

   14. What portentous sights does Calpurnia report?

   15. Explain Caesar’s philosophy of life (lines 32-37)

   16. Name the religious officials whose duty it was to foretell the future by
       interpreting omens. What do they find?

   17. What does Calpurnia beg Caesar to do?

   18. Who changes Caesar’s mind and what 3 arguments does he use to do so?

Act II, Scene 3
   19. Who is Artemidorus and what does he plan to do?

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