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                                        The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
                                                Act 3 Scene 2
                                               Study Questions
1. What is the setting of this scene?

2. What reasons does Brutus give the citizens for the slaying of Caesar (specifically about ambition and slavery)?

3. How does the crowd react to Brutus after he gives his speech?

4. Before Antony speaks, what kinds of things are the citizens saying about Caesar?

5. List three “ambitious” acts Caesar had performed (as delivered by Antony in his speech).

6. What is the effect of Antony repeating that Brutus is an “honorable” man?

7. Describe the crowd’s response as Antony pauses in his oration to grieve for Caesar.
Name: ___________________________________ Period: __________ Date: _________________

 8. What methods does Antony use to manipulate the citizens in the second part of his address?

 9. What are the people saying about the conspirators at this point in the scene?

10. How does Antony further maneuver the crowd’s emotions about Caesar and their feelings toward the

11. What kinds of things do the people shout after being shown Caesar’s body?

12. What has Caesar bequeathed to the Romans in his will?

13. Describe the response of the people as they leave with Caesar’s body.

14. What is Antony’s reaction to what has occurred? How do Brutus and Cassius react?

15. Who does Antony go to meet at the end of this scene?

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