Tracker DAQ by dffhrtcv3


									Tracker DAQ

Makoto Yoshida
  (Osaka Univ.)

MICE meeting @ Frascati
                   KEK beam test
   Test for the SciFi tracker with 1T solenoid
    magnetic field
   p/p/m test beam line in KEK-PS
   Slow extraction with 2-sec flat top in 4-sec cycle
       Typically, 1000 particles in a beam spill
   Newly developed Cryostat with Cryocooler
       2 VLPC cassettes embedded
   Newly developed buffer module, VLSB
       4 VLSB modules for 4 AFEII boards
    DAQ Software for KEK beam test
   Will use Unix-based DAQ programs
       “Unidaq” developed by KEK
          A lot of experience at the KEK beam tests

          Work on Linux PC

       Network distributed system
          Transport data via NOVA buffer manager
          Processes can be distributed among PCs on the
                An Event Builder
                Collectors for TOF etc. and VLPC
Linux PC
                               System Overview
                                                                           AFE II (L)   8x64 ch
                                Slow Control                                   VLPC Cassette #1

                                                         VLPC backplane
            1553                                                                        8x64 ch   1024 ch
                                                                           AFE II (R)
            SASeq #1
                                    AFE II Control
                                                                                        8x64 ch
            SASeq #2                                                       AFE II (L)

     6                                                                         VLPC Cassette #2
            VME ADC/TDC

                                                                                                  1024 ch
                                       4                                   AFE II (R)   8x64 ch
            LVDS-VME #1
                                           4                                                VLPC Cryostat
            LVDS-VME #2
                                               4                          Serialized ADC DATA
            LVDS-VME #3

            LVDS-VME #4                                                        PMTs
          4x8bit = 32 bit / board
   Setup LinuxPC with Bit3 VME interface at
    Fermilab in Dec. 2005
       Start porting the Windows VB routines to C codes on
        Linux PC
   Successful readout pedestal data on a AFEII
    board in the end of May.
       Initialization AFE boards via 1553
       Control SASeq
       Readout buffer module, VLSB
       GUI is prepared for the test
   VME ADC and TDC modules have been tested in
    May KEK beam test to readout TOF, ACC and
    other beam counters in UniDAQ framework
             Tracker DAQ at Fermilab


VME ADC/TDC at KEK beam test

                              multi-event ADC (CAEN V792)
        Multi-hit multi-event TDC (CAEN V1290)
                       UK colleagues provides VME ADC/TDC
         To do for KEK beam test
   Extend slow-controller to handle 4 boards of
   Implement AFEII readout routines on UniDAQ
       Merge AFEII data with the other ADC/TDC data
   Integration test at Fermilab
       Time stamp of integration window on Trip chip
       Tracker prototype will be shipped from UK in July
       LED and Cosmic-ray data taking
   Setup the system in KEK in Aug.
      KEK beam test triggering scheme
      Take coincidence of TOF counters
      Check the timing with charge integration window on Trip chip
               Trip has 48 x 132ns time slots
      Distribute trigger to CAMAC and VME modules
Trip integration window

VLPC analog

TOF coincidence

Event trigger

                                   Dt : relative timing of trigger to integration window
                     Trigger (cnt’d)        21 usec

         132 ns x 53 = 6996 ns

                                   396 ns x 12 = 4752 ns

                   Live time = 132 ns x 36 / 21 usec = 23%

trig                                               trig
                                                             Trig + CLK
TOF Trig                                                                  AFE
                To do for MICE

   Event-buffering in VLSB
       Need to trigger 1MHz (1k muons in 1msec
        from ISIS)
       Implement zero suppression scheme
       Bench mark test of readout speed
   Establish event numbering scheme /
    synchronization to the other counters
               Data Rate in KEK test
   Prototype has 2048ch readout channels
   Beam structure @ p2 beam line: continuous 1000 muons / 2 sec

       2 Bytes / channel
       20 bits @ 53MHz (multiplex 2 channel = 10bits + 10bits)
       64 x 1/53MHz ~ 1 msec for a trigger
   VLSB  VME bus  PC
       Measured Transfer rate by KEK-online group with Bit3
            23MB/s in DMA mode
            2MB/s in PIO mode
       4MB / 4-sec-spill
       Need to transfer 4kBytes in 1 msec w/o buffering

   In case of zero suppression by DISCR, data rate could be reduced to
   We are preparing stand-alone DAQ system
    for tracker
       VLPC readout
       VME ADC/TDC
       Not yet on slow-control
   To fit to MICE case
       Need event buffering (~1k muons / 1msec)
       Need trigger / event numbering scheme

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