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                        Convocatoria Única
                       (Call for Applications)
                      IME Sholarship Program
                             Cycle: 2011-2012
          Final due date: July 20th, 2011, at 5:00pm (pacific time)

In order to help raise the educational levels of Mexicans and Mexican-
Americans living in the United States,

      The Consulate of Mexico in San Bernardino, California
                          CALLS FOR

Educational Institutions and Non-profit Organizations,to apply for financial
support for educational projects aimed at Mexican and Mexican-American
students looking to begin, continue, or complete their studies in any of the
following ways:

   a) To offer courses in adult education: literacy, primary, secondary, GED
      (General Equivalency Diploma) preparation, computer training (with
      certificate), and English as a Second Language (ESL). Priority will be
      given to those that also offer courses in job training.

   b) To provide support programs for disadvantaged students who need
      financial support to begin, continue, or complete their university studies
      (undergraduate or graduate).

The IME Scholarship Program will award financial support to institutions whose
commitments meet the objectives and guidelines set forth in this proposal, and
demonstrate a strong ability to organize and monitor the proposed project.

Preference is given to organizations that can match or exceed the resources
requested from the IME Scholarship fundthrough other sources of funding.

Each nonprofit organization and/or educational institution that receives
financial support from the IME Scholarship may distribute the proceeds
according to the needs and characteristics of their students, under the
assumption that the money will be used solely for the purposes and conditions
listed below:

   a) Grants for low-income students who require financial support to start,
      continue, or complete their education, from basic education to the
      professional level, or for undergraduate or graduate programs.

   b) Resources from the IME Scholarship Program cannot be used for any
      administrative or operating expenses by the applicant institution, or for
      the payment of wages, benefits, food, advertising, rent, transportation,
      travel, or purchase of equipment (including computers and computer

   c) The funds must be used during the 2011-2012 academic term, except
      for the summer session. Although the dates vary among schools, must
      be spent before March 1st, 2012.

Under extraordinary circumstances, changes to the institution’s budget
regarding the IME Scholarship funds must be requested to and approved by
the Consulate of Mexico.


Educational institutions and non-profit social organizations interested in
applying for funding from the IME Scholarship Program must meet the
following requirements:

   1. Register online using the Application for the IME Scholarship Support
      Fund—completed          in         Spanish       or          English—at
                                                                th, no later than July 20 , 2011 and
      them send it to

   2. Applications submitted by other means will not be accepted.

   3. Applications submitted online without the required information or after
      the deadline will not be considered.

                            APPLICATION PROCESS

All educational institutions and non-profit social organizations interested in
applying for funding from the IME Scholarship Program should submit
Application for the IME Scholarship Support Fund online, which must include a
proposal with the following guidelines:

  1.-Supplemental proposal of not more than six pages describing the
      organization, its goals, programs, activities and achievements in the field
      of adult education and higher education, and its contributions to the
      educational development of Mexican immigrants, as well as projects and
      plans to meet the institution’s needs with the proposed grant. The
      proposal shall also include:

  2.-Description of the project, anticipated results that would be achieved with
      the support of the IME Scholarship resources, and the procedures used
      for assessing the progress of objectives. Organizations offering adult
      education must verify that at least 80% of people benefiting from the
      educational services are Mexican or of Mexican origin.

  3.- Organizations that offer support for undergraduate and/or graduate
  students must verify that 100% of the IME Scholarship resources are
  channeled to Mexican or Mexican-American students.

  4.-Discussion of the relationship between the support requested from the
      IME Scholarship Program and other sources of funding received and
      anticipated by the applicant organization in order to help meet project
      tasks and activities.

  5.- Include a budget with a detailed list of the expenditures proposed by the
      applicant organization, including a short statement describing the
      purpose of such expenditures. It should indicate how payments will be
      made and specify which people will benefit from the IME Scholarship

The following documents must be attached to the application:

1. Mission of the Educational Institution or Non-Profit Social Organization.

2. C.V. of the people responsible for the activities proposed and the management
   of funds in the organization.

3. Copy of the letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) confirming 501 (C)
   (3) tax-exempt status.

4. In the case of non-profit organizations, a copy of the most recent 990 tax refund

5. Statement of the operating budget for the current fiscal year, including a
   summary of sources of funds for the program.

6. Letter of recommendation from an education official who is familiar with the
   education programs for adults and youth offered by the applicant.

7. Schedule of activities to be carried out with funds from the IME Scholarship

8. The signed form accepting the conditions of the corresponding Convocatoria
   Única. This should be sent electronically.

                             SELECTION PROCESS

El Comité de Selección Local (Local Selection Committee), composed of
distinguished people from the area dedicated to education, will provide
plurality, transparency, integrity and and sensibility to the proceedings of the
IME Scholarship Program, and execute, among others, the following functions:

      Review applications and verify that organizations comply with the
       requirements of the Convocatoria Única, with respect to the completion
       of the application and its required documents, as well as compliance
       with the 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt provisions.
      Allocate financial resources according to program objectives, and ensure
       that the beneficiary organization is able to match or exceed the total
       resources obtained by direct allocation, either monetarily or in-kind.


To formalize collaboration and the transfer of resources from the IME
Scholarship Fund to beneficiary organizations, a Memorandum of
Understanding will be signed between the Consulate of Mexico and the
implementing institutions * in setting out the responsibilities and commitments
of both parties with respect to the administration and collection of funds, and
with respect to program implementation, under the example issued for this
purpose and endorsed by the Legal Counsel of the SRE (Ministry of Foreign

The Consulate of Mexico in San Bernardino will administer the local IME
Scholarship funds to the organizations or educational institutions selected by
the Local Committee.

Of the beneficiary organizations:In order to accept Support Funds from the IME
Scholarship, the organizations commit to:

     Assume responsibility for the administration and distribution of
      resources supported by the IME Scholarship Fund under the allocated

     At the end of the project, deliver a full report to the Consulate of Mexico,
      including activities performed, the number of beneficiaries of the
      Program resources, and the amount of funds allocated to each category.
      Testimonials should be attached to account for how the program has
      benefited students. (Appendix IV).

     Present   the     transcripts    of   each     student        for     every
      semester/quarter/specialized course completed.

     Verify that top-level scholarship students participate in some type of
      social service or other work that benefits the migrant community.


     The Consulate of Mexico in San Bernardino, California, will publish the
      results of the selection process on its Web site and via local media
      outlets no later than August 1st, 2011.

     During the month of September, notification and the corresponding
      checks will be sent directly to the educational institutions and
      organizations receiving grants from this program.

                         FOR MORE INFORMATION

Call: 909-889-7846
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