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God is not limited


									God is not limited

By His Holiness Pope Shenouda III

God bless his name has many recipes. But in some of these
unique qualities alone. For example, the character of God as the
Creator. He alone is the Creator and there is no creator else. Another
of his characteristics that are unique and only omitted it is not
limited. There may be characterized by human wisdom and
knowledge. But the wisdom God is limited and knowledge is limited.
After this introduction, we can keep this rule, it has the attributes of
God of its own and that he alone is limited. It is not limited in space
and time and in the ability and knowledge in science and in

God is not limited on the space and time. It is everywhere. Is ??
bounded everywhere. And he can not place. Is in the whole universe:
is in heaven and on earth and all between them. Is in the air and in
the deep sea. Heaven is the seat of God and the earth is the footstool
of his feet. Is in every place where he sees what people are doing, and
hear what they say. Every man is set before him. Can not disappear.
As human beings stand before God on Earth, so also the angels stand
in front of him in the sky. In front of the saints praise the purity of
their hearts. In front of him and also the bad guys in places of their
wickedness. The sun intervention in places as pure interference also
in dirty places and kill in order to kill viruses not affect them it's bad
.not affected by it

And because God is everywhere, do not say that up or down, not ??
to say that he walks or moves. The rose, where to climb? It is located
by where you go up to him! If we say that it is down to somewhere, he
is undoubtedly a pre-existing in a place will come down to him. He
does not walk or move. Because it is everywhere, do not die a position
to another position. It is filling the whole. The verses found in the
Bible with such an expression, they are closer to human meaning to
our minds. Or mean his appearance in the place which is said to have
.descended to him or the back of the work or the work

It does not come to a place, a place not die, and moving from place ??
to place. Because it is everywhere, and every time. It does not come to
a place because it is in place which is said to have come to him. But
appears in it, or announce his presence when it is said that he came to
When the peace of God inspired by the Law to Moses on the
mountain, he was at the same time in heaven and on earth. Also,
when our father Abraham km and invited him ... This logic applies to
all meetings of God with human beings since the days of our father
.Adam and over all generations. It is a limited view of the place

God also is also limited on the time. It is eternal, which has no ??
beginning. And is the eternal attributes of God alone, not shared by
one. Because all the other objects are creatures. Each creature has a
.beginning and before the beginning it was not to exist

Because God is eternal, it is the duty of being, which exists
necessarily. His presence need to explain the presence of other

Just as God is eternal, it is also eternal. It is a limited time on the ??
one hand, with no beginning and no end, so also is described as
eternal. It does not fall within the scope of time and Comparison.
Because over time. It is the creator of time. The same words said
about the mind of God and his soul. Yes, said about the mind of God
that all things were made through Him, and without him was not
.something that was made

Just as God is limited on the one hand the time and place, as well
.as the unlimited hand capacity

On the one hand the ability to say, that God is omnipotent, or that ??
it is capable of everything. For this we say that all things are possible
.with him. And that is impossible with men is possible with God

Hence, we believe in miracles. Has been designated by that name
because the miracles of the human mind is unable to explain it. It's
not anything against reason. But is above the level of the mind, enter
.into God's power is limited

It is the capacity of God is limited ability to raise the dead. Not ??
only in the administration of certain persons from the dead. But with
the most general resurrection in the last decade. The establishment of
all human beings since our parents Adam and Eve. But all those who
have turned to dust, and Alvet decomposing body and absorbed by
the earth. All of them will all of us, and stand before God on their
lives and their bodies account ... It's unlimited capacity stands in
.front of the human mind and Mbhuhta stunned

God is not only able to all, it is also the source of all power. He ??
who gives power to the angels, who can move from heaven to earth in
a jiffy. God is also His saints who gave the power to create miracles
Kalqoh that gave it to Moses when he struck the sea with his stick.
Kalqoh and that he stayed for the widow of Elijah, son of Sidon
purely from the dead. It's miracles are not human but their strength
.the power of God

God is Almighty, He who gave wonderful capabilities of the ??
.human mind

The God who gives power, is also able to withdraw it whenever
he wants. Is the one who gave Samson the strength of the ultra-
physical description. And when he broke his vow of Samson after
Delilah by the Bah, the withdrawal of God from that force. Vozlh

God gave the power of fire to burn. But in the story of three
young saints who Olqahm Persians in the fire, God did not allow the
.fire to hurt them, and a single hair of their heads did not burn

Finally we say that God allowed the devil to have power. But
God put certain limits to the power of Satan, as revealed in the story
of Job the bar. And also in the experiment on the mountain the Lord
finally said to the devil, 'Go, Satan. He went and could not violate.
And do not forget the many miracles of removing the demons and
perhaps including the story of the Legion. That the fate of Satan is
clear that in the hands of Almighty God, who finally delivered the
.lake of fire and sulfur

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