UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH
                      BVM&S CURRICULUM EXECUTIVE

Meeting of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine BVM&S Curriculum
Executive held at 14:30hrs on Wed 2nd December Room G07 at Easter Bush
Veterinary Centre.


         Present: Dr Claire Phillips (Convenor), Angela Harding(Secretary), Mrs Kay
         Aitchison, Mrs Fiona Brown, Dr Catriona Bell, Dr Neil Hudson, Mr Ronnie
         Soutar, Professor Danielle Gunn-Moore ,Dr Simone Meddle, Dr Tudor Jones,
         Professor Graham Pettigrew, Professor Else, Ms Rachel Whittington ,
         Professor Jimmy Simpson, Dr Kirsty Pickles, Prof Brendan Corcoran, Dr Jo-
         Anne Murray and Lisa Sharpe.

         CP opened the meeting and introduced Lisa Sharpe who was attending on
         behalf of Michael Begg.

1.       Apologies
         Jane Barr

2.       Minutes of Meeting and matters arising:
         Rod asked for the minutes of meeting held on 7 October 2009 to be amended
         as he was in attendance these were then approved.

3.       Matters Arising: Action List from 7/10/09
     -   Improve student satisfaction paper – JB has sent copy of draft version to VSC
         students for comment .CP to seek approval of amended plan – see item 4
     -   Final year feedback - CP, RSo, DGM agreed line managers to be informed of
         feedback relating to their staff, as a result of FY student questionnaires.
     -   External Examiner, Nigel Goode has received approval from College
     -   SR amended PPDC papers and these to be discussed today – Paper 67
     -   SR concluded that at this time the AAC was not appropriate after discussions
         with RWE. RWE will discuss with colleagues in medicine to see if they have a
         similar committee in place.
     -   SR/CP to request approval of change to wording of DRPS attendance policy
         statement at School BoS and then College UGSC
     -   Resit exams - CP/ SR to check with MTO how they handle resits. MTO had not
         come across any issues with those taking resit exams as first sit due to original
         special circumstances. They accept that failure at that time will result in
         students having to wait one year to resit the exam.
     -   Resit modular exams - SR to ask the VSC their opinion - VSC comments felt
         that it would be good to have a day in between but did not require them spaced
         out further.
     -   Kim Millgate’s books - unfortunately these books are no longer available for
         donation to the Cairns Collection.
     -   Library reports – the SMOTS cameras are set up and just need to be plugged
         in when needed and Stuart Lansley can advise how to use it and access the
     -   Instructions on how to use red flag system to go out with PPDC document. No
         red flag information has been received this year.
Items for Approval

4.       Improving Student Satisfaction – Staff and Student Action Plan – paper
         Minor changes have been made to the document. Action plan bullet point 2 –
         academic wording has been removed. Made clear that it is relevant Year
         Administrator and/or Year Director to meet. Originally it was every 8 weeks this
         has been updated to once per semester or as required.
         Appendix 1 – changes agreed that the ISA would review the action points and
         responses from CO (or course team) after minutes received from the student
         reps. ISA will publish minutes and seperate document listing action points and
         CO/course team responses on EEVeC.
         Appendix 2 – wording changed to give students a date for return of work and
         reasons for any delay
         Document was approved by the Committee

         ACTION: CP to send e-mail to ISA to remind them of their role. GWP to
         update remit on EEVeC

5.       End of Course Questionnaire – paper 64
     -   Discussion took place on whether any lecturer not involved in a course is able
         to access and view comments on individual staff members and whether this
         should remain the case. GWP felt that EEVeC could easily be set to allow
         access to particular staff members by giving permissions or withholding these
         for each questionnaire. Committee agreed to allow request for comments to
         remain in the questionnaires. This would be re-visited if major problems occur.

         Document was approved by the Committee

6.       End of Year Questionnaire – paper 65

         This goes out per year and is global. It was agreed to add a general comment
         under free text under Student Support Services to allow students to comment
         on the University as a whole where significant problems where encountered.
         Wording agreed: “What more could the University do to improve your student
         experience on the BVMS Programme”. Year Directors would then meet to see
         these evaluations to assess any problems for the following year.

         ACTION: JB will send out amended documents to all admin staff, CO and
         year directors

7.       Progression & Professional Development Committee (PPDC) – paper 67

         2 minor changes –word plagiarism was added in procedure for referral and the
         other powers PPPD – the word recommendation was removed from the paper
         and replaced with decision. The composition of the Committee will now be
         smaller not including the Director of Teaching.

         Document was approved by the Committee

8.       SSC1 Postponement – paper 74

         Geoff Pearson nor Kerry Simpson were able to attend.
      Animal Body Course in Year 2 is running for the 1st time this year. It was
      pallled to run Animal Body 3 followed by SSC1 and then AB4 in year 2. SSC1
      was to be an elective period, it was planned to give a 2 week block at the end
      of the spring term after completing AB3 course and examination. Unfortunately
      it is not possible to timetable the 2 week block due to lack of time available in
      the 2nd year timetable. Following discussions with Kerry and Geoff it is
      proposed to postpone this for a future year.

      Board agreed to postpone this for the future.

      Discussion took place regarding the timing of the production of the timetables
      and how it would be useful to the clinicians if the timetable was produced
      earlier. These comments were taken on board and noted

      ACTION: CP to advise GTP and KS of the committees decision. CP to
      send minutes and paper 74 to convenor of CUGSc for approval at College

9.    Degree Spec Papers – paper 71 and 72

      These were approved previously but as the credits were incorrect new approval
      with the new credits is required to finalise. No other changes have been made
      to the document, only the credit allocations have been amended, these now
      add up to 120 credits per year with 160 credits for 5 year programme.
      Web address to be amended on both documents
      Board approved the documents.

      CP will double check credit totals.
      JB to amend documents held in CE web pages

10.   AB4 Y2 course – approval to amendments Paper 75

      Change to exam structure – small change for simplification - interpretation and
      synoptic exam will now be equal in value, seen and unseen aspect of essays to
      now be equivalent. Less examining to make light touch examination. Essay
      (seen titles) to be given in advance and then to be written under exam
      conditions. Aim to converge with GEP module exam.
      Director of Student Affairs asks that it is made quite clear to the students what
      they are expected to undertake.
      A course book will be produced and the students will be spoken to prior to the
      new course.
      Example Essay and interpretation will be prepared

      The changes were approved.

      CP to send minutes and paper 74 to convenor of CUGSc for approval at
      College level.

11.   AHWFS 3 – detailed and summary course spec – Paper 76/76b

      Roll out of combining Animal Husbandry and Population Medicine which has
      commenced in year 1 and 2 and to start in Year 3 in 2010/11.
      External Examiner is to be confirmed.
         Approval will need to be completed in February after the External has
         been appointed.

         Items for Discussion

      11. Degree Award calculations – paper 66

         Awarding degree with distinction – 65% or greater to be taken as
         amalgamation across all courses in the curriculum. Clarification required is it
         mean mark across courses or across all courses in whole year. Should it
         include re-sit marks.
         1st sit marks should be used only, it was agreed that re-sit marks should not be
         The committee agreed that it should be calculated on the credit allocation for
         each course per year then mean % for each year.

         CP/JB to ask DS for assistance in setting up Excel Spreadsheet for marks
         and inform ST who provides Registry with marks

12.      Conversion to GPA system – paper 68

         We are receiving requests from students for GPA and Class ranking or both.
         Suggestion is for a R(D)SVS/GRP mark.
         Discussion on the R(D)SVS common marking scheme and relevant GPA mark
         took place.
         The board agreed the paper – produce our score using our common marking
         scheme and add the GPA score and class ranking.
         The GPA system leave the top as is and it was agreed to give a score of 1
         against our common marking scheme of 35-39%.
         It was agreed that requests from students while still on the programme would
         be given a cumulative mark of what they had completed so far.
         Board Approved the paper.

         CP/JB to ask DS for assistance in setting up excel Spreadsheet for marks
         – summarising paper 68,69,70

13.      Class ranking – paper 69

         Discussion took place as to whether class ranking should be ranked per year or
         should it be cumulative.
         The board felt this required further discussion and it would be re-tabled.

14.      Summary of Calculations – Paper 70
15.      Academic Staff Absence – Paper 63

         There is an increasing number of lectures/tutorials/pracitcals where tutors fail to
         turn up or give short notice to the changes to the timetable. A method is
         required to record and monitor this problem. Reporting form has been
         produced, which will be sent out by the VTO to the tutor requesting information
         on what had happened on each occasions. The document will also be sent to
         line managers and DoT. Roslin staff are also aware.
         The Board approved the document

         JB to send document to all admin staff
16.      Graduation Prize Awards – Paper 73

         Knowledge of the Prizes and Awards is not significant. The question of
         whether the prizes are still appropriate.
         Discussion of the prize list took place on the endowments and the flexibility of
         the prizes and their stipulations for the allocation of the awards.
         It was agreed that Final year staff would think about the awardsfor FY students
         and for everyone else to look through the prize list and send comments to
         Claire and this will then be brought back to the meeting in February.

         CP to bring comments from all staff to Feb meeting

For information/standing items

      17. Easter Bush Student Counselling

         It has been agreed that a counsellor is to come out to Easter Bush half day a
         week and DoS room (G09) will be used for these sessions.

      18. Library Report/IS (Verbal Report)
         Saturday morning opening hours are to stop due to lack of use, currently the
         library is open from 9.00 – 5.00 at Summer Hall, when the vacant post is filled
         it will be open from 12.00. The VSC have been informed, and have been
         assured that there will be cover at the library running up to the exams but
         normal hours will now open at 12.00 noon

      19. Admissions Report (Verbal Report)
          The committee had not met since the last CE.
          Applications are up 10 – 15%, applications are being looked at the moment.

      21. EEVeC Coordinators Report (Written Report)

         GWP pointed out the changes to the EEVeC home page with the drop down
         menu items being replaced by a menu which is situated below the pictures.
         The pictures are now on a rotation – thanks to LTS team for setting this up. A
         request for any relevant pictures to be sent to GWP so that these can be
         added to the bank of pictures to be used.

         The EMS project (+/- SSC2) is to be the next major project.

         Lisa has been working on the new exam up-loader tool. This will allow
         students to see their results in order. This still requires a little work to allow
         graphical output to show individual position relative to cohort for each course.
         It will be in staging in a few days for everyone to look at.

         Questionnaire output is poor for Administrators to handle, Arek is to look at
         this shortly.
         Rotation feedback tool – DGM this still has glitches with levels of permissions.
         Comments and mark
         In course assessment feedback easier to modify exam up-loader tool and this
         is to be developed.
         Sarah Sullivan has developed a project initiated by Susan, asking individual
         markers asking how exams are marked. Tool is to allow students to look at
         how exams are marked and the criteria used. This is to be uploaded soon.
         Lecture pages can now be converted to upload a Breeze presentation.
         GP to send out e-mail to highlight that this tool is now available.
         Student View at the press of a button is on the list for the team to work on.

      22. Clinical Skills Committee report – verbal report
          No report.
      23. LTS Report (Verbal Report)
          Arek confirmed no issues to raise – editing feature in EEVeC for groups which
          is particularly useful for the year administrators. EMS 2 and SSC2 projects
          will be coming soon these will be top priority project. No other issues to
          report from LTS.
      24. BVM&S Student Support and Advisory Group (Verbal Report)
          This committee would now be replaced by the new PPDC
         Nothing to report.

      25. Report from University Committees / Educational Meetings
          Nothing to report
26.      AOCB
         Discussion on the procedure of Red flags took place.
         Red flag letters are sent to the student and a copy to the VTO for the student
         RE to inform AR that these should be filed
         It was agreed that a specific red flag file should be produced in the VTO to
         include plagiarism and information should be placed in this folder also in their
         individual folders.
         RE to inform AR to create such files
         Wednesday afternoon working was also discussed. Majority of staff
         feedback was to keep status quo. Danielle would like to send e-mail to clarify
         in advance to the students whether they are expected to stay on SA
         Anaesthesia and SA Soft tissue.
         CP suggested that it should be taken to the next VSC meeting for future
         Danielle is to e-mail this year’s students to make them aware that they would
         not be made to stay but they would miss some very good teaching during
         these rotations, and not to expect to have Wednesday afternoons off on
         specific rotations (ICU, cottage, Sa soft tissue surgery and Sa anaesthesia).

         This will be discussed again at the meeting in February.

27.      Date of next meeting
         Week beginning 22nd February 2010

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