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					                                               William R. Miller
                                                                       Kurfürstenstrasse 3
                                                                  60486 Frankfurt am Main
                                                                         Tel: 069 / 776459

Name               WILLIAM R. MILLER

Citizenship        US Citizen with unlimited work and residence permit for Germany

Education          University of Tennessee, June, 1983
                   BA in Computer Science with Honors

Languages          English mother tongue,
                   fluent German (Deutsches Sprachdiplom from the Goethe Institute)

Affiliations       Mensa, IEEE, International DB2 Users Group (IDUG), Gesellschaft für Informatik
                   (GI), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Presentations at   ABCs of UDFs                                  IDUG Europe, 2001
                   EDM Pool for DBAs                             IDUG N. America, 2000
                   Swimming the DB2 Pools: Understanding         DB2 Tech Conference 2000, IDUG
                   and Tuning DB2 Storage                        N. America, 1999
                   Revisiting Reorg                              IDUG Europe, 1999, Plenum DB2
                                                                 Aktuell 1999, 2000 (deutsch), IDUG
                                                                 NA 2001
                   Using System Information to Tune your         IDUG N. America, 1998; IDUG
                   Application                                   Europe, 1998; IDUG Asia, 1998
                   Sorting out the DB2 Sort                      DB2 Tech Conference 2000,
                                                                 Plenum DB2 Aktuell 1999
                                                                 (deutsch), IDUG N. America, 1997
                   Mapping Object Oriented Analysis Results      IDUG N. America, 1995;
                   to DB2
                                                                 IDUG Europe, 1994
                   XML for Host DBAs                             IDUG NA 2003; IDUG Europe,
                   Coherency in a Data Sharing World             IDUG Europe, 2004
                   DB2 Experts Panel                             IDUG Europe 2000, 2002, 2003

Publications       DB2 UDB v7.2 and Oracle 9i: A Technical Comparison
                   Performance Tools in DB2 for OS/390 version 5: Tools of the Trade

Training /         Advanced DB2 Topics (5-day) seminar)
Seminars           DB2 v. 6 Neuigkeiten (Reihe von 6 Seminare)
                   DB2 v. 5 Neuigkeiten für DBA
                   DB2 v. 5 SQL Neuigkeiten
                   DB2 v. 4 Neuigkeiten für DBA
                   DB2 v. 4 SQL Neuigkeiten
                   DB2 Internals für IDV-Benutzer
                                                                  William R. Miller
                                  Specialist for relational database systems

Vendor              IBM Certified Advanced Database Administrator – DB2 UDB v 8.1 for UNIX Win
Qualifications      IBM Certified Database Administrator – DB2 UDB v 8.1 for Unix & Windows
                    IBM Certified Database Administrator – DB2 UDB v 8.1 for zOS
                    IBM Certified Family Application Developer – DB2 UDB v 8.1
                    IBM Certified Solution Designer – DB2 Business Intelligence V8

                    IBM Certified Solutions Expert – DB2 UDB v 7.1 DBA for Unix & Windows
                    IBM Certified Solutions Expert – DB2 v 7.1 DBA for OS/390
                    IBM Certified Solutions Expert – DB2 v 7.1 Family Application Development

                    Sybase Open Solutions Partner, 1995

                    IBM Gold Consultants Program, since 1995

Databases           DB2 for z/OS v.8 and previous versions
                    DB2 UDB for Unix & Windows v 8.2 and previous versions

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                                                                    William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

September 2005      Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFIN)
                    Installation DB2
                    Installation DB2 v8.2 for the data warehouse.

Mai 2005 –          CPT Global Consulting
                    Optimization and Tuning: DB2 and zOS
                    System and application optimization. Reduction in CPU usage, run-time reductions
                    and response time improvements. Coupling facility tuning.

                    HSBC Trinkaus und Burkhardt, Düsseldorf
                    SQL Tuning, application tuning. Reduction in the runtime of a key batch process
                    from 37 days to 4 days.
                    La Caixa, Barcelona
                    SQL Tuning, DB2 System Tuning. Coupling Facility Tuning
                    HUK-Coburg, Coburg
                    SQL Tuning, DB2 System and application tuning. Presentations about advanced
                    ABN-Amro, Amsterdam
                    Coupling Facility Lock structure tuning. Because of a too-small lock structure, the
                    throughput was drastically reduced: optimized. SQL Tuning.

Januar 2005 –       Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt
März 2005           Projekt CS3 : Basel II und US GAAP
                    DB2 Development-DBA
                    DB2 Design Resource
                    A very large database with comprising of multiple terabytes and about 20,000 tables
                    was established to help comply with the legal directives Basel II and US GAAP. My
                    duties comprised of supporting the development team. I introduced advanced and
                    efficient topics to the team.
                    Software: DB2 UDB EEE AIX

November 2004       Concordia Versicherung, Luzern, Schweiz
                    Assessment of the database migration
                    DB2 Expert, Consultant
                    Concordia was in the middle of a database conversion from IDMS to DB2. I
                    investigated the conversion process in the roles of consultant and DB2 expert. I
                    wrote a report documenting the current and future problems caused by the course
                    of the migration. I detailed recommendations that would reduce risks in the

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                                                                  William R. Miller
                                  Specialist for relational database systems

July 2004 –         GZS Gesellschaft für Zahlungssysteme, Bad Vilbel
November 2004       Project Alpha : Extension of a credit card system
                    DB2 DBA, Performance Expert
                    Physical design; Database Tuning; Bufferpool Tuning; SQL Expert and Resource
                    The application was massively redesigned to take in 1.3 mil. new credit card
                    customers into the existing Advantage System. I supervised the migration of the
                    data and was DB2, SQL, und Performance resource.
                    Software: DB2 z/OS v7; DB2 UDB EE Windows v8
                    Omegamon Monitor; DB2 Admin Tool

June 2004           DEVK, Cologne
                    Project BF : Performance Investigation
                    Investigation of performance problems in the application BF in preparation of the
                    application going live. Determined the present performance values, determine the
                    performance problems, and compiled recommendations to correct the problems.

April 2003 –        Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt
December 2003       Project OSKAR – online strategic position keeping and reporting
                    DB2 DBA, Performance Expert; SQL Expert and Resource
                    Physical design for a high-performance system. Data Sharing Tuning.
                    Designed the Booking process. Goal was 15ms per transaction. Through my
                    design we reached 1ms per transaction – Project saved!
                    Software: DB2 z/OS v7; DB2 UDB EE Windows v8

April 2002 –        Dregis, Frankfurt
April 2003          Dresdner Global IT Services
                    DB2 Systemprogrammierung
                    DB2 System DBA, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, System Troubleshooting
                    in a Data Sharing environment
                    Installation and maintenance of DB2PM (Performance Monitor) and XML Extender
                    Software: DB2 OS/390 v7; DB2 UDB EE Linux v7.2

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                                                                    William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

October 1998 –      Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt
September 2001      Organisation & Informatik, Research & Standards, Consulting &
                    Architecture, Datenmanagement
                    DB2 DBA, Performance Monitoring and Tuning
                    DB2 Connectivity

                    Establish and monitor connectivity between DB2 UDB and DB2 OS/390 .
                    Project PPU

                    DBA for DB2 EEE v7.1 on AIX
                    Project MWD

                    DBA for DB2 EEE v7.2 on Solaris
                    Plan_Table Administration

                    Design and Implementation of a procedure to manage and administer the
                    Plan_Table, including version control of explain entries and queries of the
                    Plan_Table and access paths.
                    Performance Monitoring and Tuning

                    Monitoring and Tuning various applications. Savings of over DM 250,000 per
                    month identified and implemented.
                    DB2 v.6 Quality Partnership Program

                    Testing DB2 v. 6. Developed seminars and guidelines for DB2 v.6. Including the
                    introduction of Object-Relational extensions.
                    Working Group for efficient DB2

                    Seminars and workshops for efficient DB2 for application programmers and
                    Accounting Data Monitoring

                    Design and implementation of a system to process DB2 accounting information.
                    This system served to monitor critical applications.
                    Working Group DB2 and OO

                    Seminars and workshops for design guidelines to implement relational databases
                    in object-oriented applications.
                    Software: DB2 OS/390 v7, v6; DB2 UDB EEE Unix v7.2

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                                                                    William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

December 1997 –     Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt
September 1998      Business Area: Firms and Institutions
                    Corporate Staff Organization
                    Corporate Banking
                    BUS 2 (Betreuer Unterstützungssystem)

                    Relational Database specialist for the migration, DB2 DBA and Performance
                    Migration from Informix to DB2

                    Analysis of the Migration of the application BUS 1 from Informix on AIX to DB2
                    running on OS/390. Developed the technical architecture for the migration,
                    including the test architecture. Created a detail concept for the migration of
                    several modules including the transformation of the data model. Developed
                    program specifications for migration utilities.
                    Performance Monitoring and Quality Control

                    Developed a proactive Quality Control system that assured high performance of
                    the system. Resource for Data Access and SQL. Developed efficient SQL.

March 1998          Vereinsbank, München
                    Geschäftspartner Database (GeParD)
                    Performance Monitoring and Tuning
                    Performance analysis of the critical online application GeParD. Developed a
                    report with suggestions concerning system tuning (Bufferpool Tuning,
                    Performance Tuning).

September 1995      Neckermann Versand, Frankfurt
– March 1998        Department Informationswirtschaft IW-TP4
                    DB2 DBA, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, Data Warehouse Design, Mentor
                    Data Warehouse Initiator and Architect

                    I initiated a Data Warehouse project for Neckermann. After getting the
                    requirement for an archive for Sales Data, I started a warehouse project. I
                    convinced the head of the DBA team of the desirability of the project and plotted a
                    strategy for selling the project to the upper management. I conducted feasibility
                    studies and cost analysis. I designed the architecture for the warehouse. I
                    optimized the data model for performance.

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                                                                     William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

                    Kunden Auftragsabwicklung (KAA)
                    Neckermann needed expert help in tuning their hottest application - Kunden
                    Auftragsabwicklung (KAA) which often exceeded 2 million transactions per day.
                    My duties were to tune the DB2 system and the application, getting average CPU
                    usage from 90 ms down to 35 ms. The goals were met.
                       • Monitored application performance
                       • Buffer pool tuning (KAA Hit Ratio increased from 60% to 95%)
                       • Sort Tuning - identified unnecessary sorts and provided solutions for
                           eliminating them and reducing the overall load on the sort pool
                       • SQL Optimization
                       • I/O Prioritization
                       • Parallelization of the Invoicing
                       • Recovery Analysis
                       • Micro-Optimization of the application and system
                    Optimizing Application Systems (Optimierung Anwendungssysteme)

                    This project was to identify savings potential for the system. In addition to the
                    savings identified in other projects, I identified savings of DM 2 million in CPU
                    costs per year, chiefly in redesign of applications, reducing I/O, buffer pool, SQL
                    and sort pool tuning.
                    Standards and Guidelines

                    I updated the concern standards for DB2 to incorporate v.4. I wrote guidelines for
                    developers for efficient programming in DB2, Tipps und Tricks für DB2-
                    Programmierung. Neckermann, NUR and Karstadt use these guidelines
                    DB2 v. 5 Transition

                    Accompanied the installation of DB2 v. 5. I developed and delivered the following
                       • DB2 v5 für DBAs
                       • DB2 v5 SQL
                    DB2 v. 4 Transition

                    Accompanied the installation of DB2 v. 4. I developed and delivered the following
                       • DB2 v4 DBA Neuheiten
                       • DB2 v4 SQL Neuheiten
                    Additionally, I supervised the incorporation of new features..
                    Software: DB2 v5, v4, v3, Boole & Babbage Monitor, SAS - MXG, BMC Tools

November 1997 -     Lufthansa, Frankfurt
December 1997       Department Data Administration AR2-DBI
                    Performance Monitoring and Tuning
                    Analysis of the Performance aspects of the Miles & More (frequent flyer)
                    application with respect to the database (DB2). Review of the data model,
                    physical model, and implementation. Provided a report with recommendations
                    that would provide for about 70% decrease in elapsed & CPU time.

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                                                                   William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

August 1997 -       Union Investment Bank, Frankfurt
October 1997        Gesellschaft für Datenverarbeitungsdienstleistung
                    DB2 Performance Monitoring and Tuning
                    Analysis of the DB2 System for Union Investment. Average Transaction CPU
                    time reduced from 95µ to 35µ. Reduced disk space by over 80%. No changes to
                    the application were made.
                        • Tuning Support: Bufferpool Tuning
                        • Index analysis; Reduced the number of indexes by ¾

August 1997         DVG Hannover Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft, Hannover
                    Data Warehouse Design Review
                    Provided a review of the logical and physical model for their Data Warehouse for
                    Savings banks (Sparkassen) with emphasis on performance aspects.

April 1995 -        Lufthansa AirPlus Service Gesellschaft, Neu Isenburg
November 1995       Department Software & Programming Support
                    DB2 DBA, Performance Monitoring and Tuning
                    Project Netto NEU

                    Provided DB2 Design and application programming support for this Data
                    Warehouse project. Optimized the database design to support the required SQL
                    access. Programmed on-line and batch reports (more than 80 programs) using
                    static and dynamic SQL.
                    Software: DB2 v.3, QMF, HPO, ISPF, COBOL II, Rexx

August 1994 -       Ford, Cologne
December 1994       Department Software & Programming Support
                    DB2 DBA, Performance Monitoring and Tuning
                    Because of loss of key personnel, Ford needed support in DB2. My duties are
                    concentrated in DB2 Performance monitoring and Tuning, migration to DB2 v.3
                    and Security control..
                    DB2 Performance Monitoring and Tuning

                    Provided suggestions for architecture changes; implemented changes to DB2
                    objects for following applications:
                       • Orbit - Ford European Order Processing
                       • IPIS 2000 - Ford Personnel System
                       • IEF - Texas Instruments IEF CASE Tool
                    Security Control

                    Developed and implemented a concept to control access to the DB2 System
                    Catalog from ad-hoc SQL and Tool access.
                    Software: DB2 v 3, DB2 v 2.3, IMS/DC, DB2 PM, BMC Utilities

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                                                                  William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

September 1992 -    BHW Bausparkasse, Hameln
July 1994           Department KCDM - Datenmanagement
                    DB2 DBA, Data Modeler, SQL Resource, Object-Oriented Mentor
                    DB2 Conversion Project

                    DB2 expert in a mass conversion from IDMS to DB2. IDMS was replaced with
                    DB2. I was the DB2 expert. I provided support for technical matters as well as
                    developed concepts that will bring BHW from an IDMS shop to a Distributed
                    Computing environment using current design methodologies
                       • Support for all aspects of DB2
                       • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
                       • Redesign and normalization of converted DB2 tables
                       • Design and implementation of a system of parallel test environments using
                          the advanced aspects of DB2 2.3 (Packages and Collections) including
                          security considerations.
                    ER- Data Modeling

                    Guru for relational design
                    Initiated ER-Modeling at BHW. Supplied Modeling support for all new designs.
                    High level design and modeling of new applications:(selected list)
                       • Betriebliche Altersversorgung
                       • Regionalisierung Kundeninformation (distributed data)
                       • Address Management
                       • Provision Lebensversicherung
                       • Meldewesen
                    Designed a concept for set-oriented data access routines that is based on
                    business rules
                    Designed a concept for automatic generation of domain checking routines.
                    Object-Oriented Mentor

                    BHW launched a project for a new European subsidiary in January. I advised the
                    Data Management Department in the use of Object-Oriented techniques and
                       • Mentor for Object-Oriented Analysis under OMT (Object Modeling
                          Technique) and Westmount OMT
                    Software: DB2 v. 3, DB2 v. 2.3, CICS, Landmark Monitor, Bachman Case Tool,
                    OS/2, Westmount OMT

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                                                                   William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

September 1991 -    Südwest Landesbank, Mannheim
September 1992      Department Systemprogrammierung
                    DB2 DBA
                    DB2 Trainer with responsibilities for the production system. SWLB suffered loss
                    of key personnel. My duties included:
                        • Training IMS DBAs in all aspects of DB2 with special emphasis on:
                           • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
                           • Security and Authorization
                           • Restore and Recovery
                           • Physical Design
                        • Production responsibilities for BOS (Börsen Online System)
                        • Recovery reporting system using Rexx, batch QMF, IBM Utilities, BMC
                        • Design and implementation of a Security and Authorization Reporting
                        • Development of a Security concept for the Test/Development system
                        • Installation of BMC Utilities (COPY, REORG, LOAD, ALTER)
                        • Development and implementation of a Tablespace Organization Reporting
                           Utility, which reported on Tablespaces and Indexes that reached
                           organizational thresholds. Included is a Partition reporting feature that
                           monitored the growth of partitions and gave warnings when partition limits
                           were approached.
                    Software: DB2 v 2.3, IMS/DC, Omegamon Monitor, BMC Utilities

September 1987 -    IBM Deutschland, Ehningen
June 1991           Department IS IZ FZ Daten und Prozesse
                    Analyst / Programmer for the Data management team providing support in the
                    following areas:
                         • Support with DB2, SQL, QMF and Utilities
                         • Programming support in PLI, Rexx, C, MVS, JCL, ISPF
                         • Bookmaster/Script - the department text programming and documentation
                    Dictionary - Case Tool Interface

                    Software: DB2, ISPF, Rexx, PLI
                    Design and coding of this system, which transfers data between the Data
                    Dictionary and Case tools (Bachman, Excelerator).
                    Relational Dictionary Information System (RDIS)

                    Software: IMS Data Dictionary, DB2, QMF, OS/2 EE Database Manager, ISPF,
                    Rexx, PLI
                    Database design, prototyping and programming for this system which copies the
                    IMS Data Dictionary with DB2 databases and provides the user with dialogs to
                    traverse and browse the databases.
                        • Design and coding of supporting QMF Procs
                        • Design and coding of 8 PLI / DB2 / ISPF programs
                        • Design and coding of Data Panels, Help Panels and Tutorial in English
                           and German
                        • Wrote User Documentation and Program Documentation in English and
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                                                                  William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

                    Software Packaging and Release Control (SPARC)

                    Software: DB2, ISPF, Rexx, PLI
                    Design and coding of this software configuration system, which keeps track of
                    software releases and the locations and local dependencies.
                        • Design and coding of 25 PLI / DB2 / ISPF programs
                        • Design and coding of supporting QMF Procs
                        • Design and coding of CUA conforming panels with SGML
                        • Wrote User Documentation and Program Documentation in English and
                    View - Table Correlation

                    Software: DB2, DB2 Utilities, DB2 PM, ISPF, PLI
                    Design and coding of this system, which establishes the correlation between View
                    Columns and the underlying Table Columns.

April 1987 -        Daimler-Benz, Stuttgart
October 1987        Department ASD/K
                    Verkaufsabrechnung Fahrzeug (VAR)
                       •   Design and coding of 17 on-line programs
                       •   Wrote the design specs for 8 further programs (in German)
                       •   Wrote user documentation (in German)
                       •   Supervised and initiated 2 other programmers into ASD/K standards and
                    Software: IDMS, COBOL, ISPF / Dialog Manager, DCF / Script / GML

August 1986 -       Daimler-Benz, Stuttgart
March 1987          Department ASD/PDK
                    Einsatz and Verwaltung von Anwender Software (EVAS)
                       • Development of the system from a requirements draft, determining Data
                         and Program flow
                       • Wrote the specs for the system (ca. 40 programs) in German
                       • Set programming standards for the programming team
                       • Design and coding of a Standard Program in COBOL with ISPF, IDMS, and
                         VSAM interface
                       • Design of the ISPF Panels for the system (ca. 70 panels)
                       • Prototyped the system
                    Software: IDMS, COBOL, ISPF / Dialog Manager, DCF / Script / GML

December 1985 -     Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
July 1986           Department VO2
                    Mengenplanung (MPL)
                       • Design and coding of 10 on-line programs
                       • Wrote the program documentation (in German)

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                                                                    William R. Miller
                                   Specialist for relational database systems

                    Fahrzeug Abrechnungs- and Verkaufssystem (FAVAS)
                       • Design and coding of 5 on-line programs
                       • Wrote the program documentation (in German)
                    Software: IMS DB/DC, COBOL, ISPF / Dialog Manager, BTS, MFS, PSBGEN

August 1984 -       Nova Data GmbH, Karlsbad-Ittersbach
July 1985
                    Banking Controlling Project
                       • Design and coding of common modules (Cursor control, Pop-up Help,
                         Keyboard control)
                       • Design and coding of 14 programs
                    Software: Framework, Fred Hardware: IBM XT, AT

February 1984 -     CNG Producing Company, New Orleans
June 1984           Computer Services Department
                    Oil and Gas Information System (OGIS)
                       •   Assisted in the installation of OGIS
                       •   Wrote reports using Reporter and COBOL
                       •   Investigated, planned, and supervised the conversion of JCL
                       •   Assumed responsibility for test and established a testing program for the
                           JCL conversion, and directed activities of 1 other programmer
                    Revenue Management System (RMS)
                       • Design and coding of interfaces to OGIS using Reporter and COBOL
                       • Design and coding of conversion programs in COBOL
                    Software: IMS DB/DC, COBOL, ISPF / Dialog Manager, MVS JCL, Reporter

June 1981 -         University of Tennessee, Knoxville
January 1984        Administrative Data Systems
                    DBA Team
                       •   Coded EXECs to convert COBOL code to PLI
                       •   Coded EXECs to convert JCL
                       •   Programmed in Assembler a program to log data sets under IMS
                       •   Provided support in Assembler, EXEC2, VM/CMS
                       •   Developed Procs which updated Panvalet and Datasets
                    Alumni Team
                       • Design and coding of 5 IMS DB / DC programs
                    Software: IMS DB/DC, COBOL, MFS, BTS, ADF, Script / GML, VM / CMS,
                    EXEC2, PLI, Assembler, EZtrieve

Mai 1979 -          Telephone Employees Credit Union, Los Angeles
June 1980           Data Services Department
                    Operator : HP 2000

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