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A real life OCS example

           Arnfinn Fredriksson
 President International AB
Endorsia is.....

    a global electronic network of manufacturers of branded industrial goods and their
1   respective distributors

                                                                         THE NETWORK

    a package of applications allowing for seamless transfer of transactions and know
2   how from manufacturer through the buying and selling distributor to the buying
    end user/OEM customer
                                                                    THE APPLICATIONS

    a company jointly owned by Sandvik, SKF, Timken, Rockwell and INA offering
3   integration services, project managament, development,technical support,
    operations and various kinds of catalogue services
                                                                          THE COMPANY
Endorsia – The Quick Facts October 2004

  Operational in 70 countries.
  Application available in 17 languages
  1000 companies connected, more than 3400
   active users. Some 15 new buyers monthly
  200.000 transactions a week, whereof 40.000
   purchase order lines. Growth +30% in 2004.
  500.000 unique part items (SKU) loaded in the
   catalog database.
  Every fifth order line from integrated buyer
  Profitable since Q4 2002
Manufacturers on®
     What did our customers ask us for 4-5 years ago...

     1.   Better peformance
     2.   More functionalities
     3.   More suppliers to buy from
     4.   ...                                  APPLICATION FOCUS

What do they ask for today...

1.   More suppliers to buy from
2.   Process experience & knowhow                BUSINESS FOCUS
3.   Integration to own systems                   System Value
4.   Solutions to meet end-user requirements      Unique & Shared
5.   ...

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