Writing Mini-lesson: Introductions/Leads by yH3oXX


									        Writing Mini-lesson/Follow up activity: Voice

Use this lesson after you have introduced the Story Map
through a reading mini-lesson.

  1. Discuss an event that has happened at your school/in your
     class/in you’re the community that the students are very
     familiar with. The event should be something that would
     cause different emotions in different people involved (e.g. a
     new store was built; someone broke an arm on the
     playground; school was closed early due to weather).
  2. Put the students into 4 or 5 small groups
  3. Assign each group a point of view from which they will be
     telling the story.
  4. Tell them to put the details on the story map. Have them
     include the details which would best show the story from
     that person’s point of view.
  5. Gather the class together and have each group present
     their story map. Discuss why each group included or left
     out certain details.
  6. Ask students how they will decide which details to include in
     their story to give it voice (i.e. make it funny, sad, warning,
     upsetting, etc.)

  7. Have students complete a story map as a pre write for their
     next piece.

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