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A country you have visited on holiday


English presentation of holiday in malaysia

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									Presented by Khalki dhekra




           Visual aids&Equipement:
   Introduction

   Body:
    ◦ People
    ◦ Language
    ◦ Culture: Customs ,traditions
    ◦ Way of life
    ◦ Food and drink
    ◦ Weather

   Conclusion
   During the summer of 2009 I was on a holiday in
    Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) , for a week .
The Coat of Arms of Malaysia
   There is a population of 24,821,286 (July 2007 est.) :50 percent of people are from
    Malaya, 23%from Chinese, more than 10% from indigenous, approximitly 7%
    from India and less than 8% from other places.

   This constitutional monarchy. is located in Southeastern Asia and shares borders
    with Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.
Border   of   Malaysia

 It is also very similar to Indonesian, known locally as Bahasa Indonesia.
In Malaysia, the language is officially known as Bahasa Malaysia, which translates
as the "Malaysian language".
   Malaysia is a multi-cultural society. Since it contains 60% of Musliman, 9% of
    Christian, 6.3% of Hindous, and 2.6% of Chines.

   The main ethnic groups are the native Malays as well as large populations of
    Chinese, and Indians. When you visit the country you notice clearly that the
    ethnicities retain their religions, customs and way of life.
    ◦ Although growing up, children are educated in the same schools and will
      eventually work in the same offices, few marry outside their own ethnicity.
    ◦ Families tend to socialize within their own ethnic group – all part of retaining
      their individual traditions and lifestyles.
   Gift giving to Malays:

    • Avoid white wrapping paper as it symbolizes death and mourning.
    • Avoid yellow wrapping paper, as it is the color of royalty.
    • If you give food, it must be “halal” (meaning permissible for Muslims).

   Gift giving to Chinese:

    • Do not give scissors, knives or other cutting utensils as they indicate a desire to
    sever the relationship.

    • Flowers do not make good gifts as they are given to the sick and are used at
    • Never wrap a gift for a baby or decorate the gift in any way with a stork, as birds
    are the harbinger of death.

   Gift giving to Indians:

    • If you give flowers, avoid frangipani as they are used in funeral wreaths.
    • Wrap gifts in red, yellow or green paper or other bright colors as these bring good
    • Do not give leather products to a Hindu.
   Malaysia is a multicultural nation, with people coming from around the world. It is
    really hard to notice a specific Malaysian way of life, but one thing is for sure and
    that is people tend to be really friendly to each other.

     It is somewhat like the whole world has come together in a
    small city, in peace and harmony.
Religions in Malaysia




                        indous and
Image ici   Image ici
   Climate: tropical; annual southwest (April to October)
    and northeast (October to February) monsoons

   Malaysia is knowen by its tropical climate in
    southwest from April to October and

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