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					Great Expectations

    Chapters 40 -
                Chapter 40
1. Why is Jaggers careful to distinguish between
   whether Pip was “told” or “informed of” the
   identity of his benefactor?
2. Abel Magwitch’s name alludes to a biblical
   character. How is this significant?
3. Compare Pip’s difficulty disguising Magwitch
   with his observation about Joe in his Sunday
                Chapter 41
1. What are Pip’s options if he can no longer
   accept any money from Magwitch?
2. Why is Pip ambivalent toward Magwitch?
                 Chapter 42
1. Why does Dickens choose to begin the chapter
   with a note of humor? (Think about the purpose
   of Whit’s character in Of Mice and Men to help
   you answer this question.)
2. What important story is revealed when dealing
   with Magwitch, Compeyson, and Arthur?
3. How is Arthur’s hallucination significant now
   that the revelation about Miss Havisham has
   been revealved?
                 Chapter 43
1. How does Dickens continue to connect
   Magwitch and Estella?
2. How is it significant that Estella has gone to
   Satis House without asking Pip to accompany
3. How is the scene with Pip and Drummle by
   the fireplace humorous?
                 Chapter 44
1. How does this chapter serve as the climax of
   the Pip/Estella plot?
2. On what will the rest of the novel most likely
                Chapter 45
1. What important information is revealed
   about Compeyson and Magwitch?
2. What are two future plot events that are
   suggested by Wemmick?
                Chapter 46
1. How does Dickens establish the character of
   Clara’s father without the reader ever
   meeting him?
                Chapter 47
1. What can be assumed is part of Pip’s
2. What information is revealed because of
   Wopsle being in London?
                Chapter 48
1. Loose ends are beginning to come together.
   What does the reader learn about Molly?
2. What is foreshadowed about Estella’s future
   with her husband?
                Chapter 49
1. How does Dickens create sympathy for Miss
2. How is the fire (that destroys Miss Havisham’s
   dress) symbolic?
3. How is the fire symbolic when it burns Pip?
4. Pip has a “childish association” when he
   decides to return to Miss Havisham’s room.
   What had Pip imagined he saw on his first visit
   to Satis House?

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