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                 THE KID JINNI
  Keloglan loves to play
games. But his mother gets
angry when he plays games.
   One night, Keloglan still
plays a game with his friends.
The game is called the chief
merchant. They don’t keep
the track of the time because
of the enjoyable game.
  Finally, one of his friends
reminds them to go home. It
is almost midnight. All of his
                    THE KID JINNI
friends say, “Goodbye” and leave     mother must be very angry.
 for their homes.                      Then he sees a small river.
  Keloglan is alone in the dark.      There is nobody around. He
 Because his house is far away.       hears the howling of the jackals.
 Therefore he is too scared to go     Then he hears music just above
 home alone. Unfortunatelly,          the small river. He thinks,
 there is no moonlight in the sky.   “What can people do in the
  What should Keloglan do?            middle of the night?”
  He walks into the darkness. But      He sees a lot of jinnis and a
 he is too frightened. He talks to    woman in the middle. The woman
 himself “I wish I hadn’t stayed      dances and the jinnis clap their
 outside very long.” He thinks        hands. They play music very
 that his                             loudly. Keloglan is surprised
                                      and watches their entertainment.
         He fortgets to go home
        again. He forgets that his
        mother will shout at him. He
        thinks, “What can a woman
        do with that many jinnis?”
         And the jinnis start to
        dance. Keloglan wants to
        dance too but he is scared to
        join in their group. He starts
        to turn around where he
        stays. He is so excited that he
        turns somersaults a couple
        of times.
                   THE KID JINNI
   The music stops suddenly.       comes to and she thinks she
  The jinnis stop dancing and      can be free from the jinnis.
  sit. Then they start sleeping.   When Keloglan starts talking
  But, the woman doesn’t sleep.    loudly, she says “Hush”. She
  She sits down and starts         holds his arm and they start
  crying. Keloglan wonders         running away.
  why she is crying. He goes         A little after, one of the
  near her and asks,               jinnis wakes up. He sees that
    “Who are you? Why are          Zarife is disappeared. He
  you with the jinnis?”            gets angry. Because he loves
     Her name is Zarife. She is    her. When Keloglan and
  so happy to see a human          Zarife are running, they see a
  being, actually she              running jinni behind.
• faints because she is in           Zarife says, “We shouldn’t
  shock to see him. Then she       stop.”
                   THE KID JINNI
• “What should we do?”
  Keloglan asks.
• “You act like a kid jinni” she
•   “Soo..” Keloglan says.
  “When he comes, tell him that
  I am taking her to the toilet
  and we will be right back. Is it
  all right?”
•   The jinni comes and you
  can hear his breath!
•   Keloglan uses his high
  pitched voice,
•   “Hey, clever jinni, don’t
                  THE KID JINNI
• come here! Zarife needs to go       All of them are awake now.
• to the toilet and we will come     They start to run after them
  back.”                             but they cannot catch them.
•   The jinni stops. He feels      •   Keloglan comes home with
  better now. Because he will        Zarife. His mother is still
  be able to chat with Zarife        awake and her voice is lost
  when they come back to the         because she called out to him
  camp. He waits but nobody          all night long. She is very
  comes back. He calls out to        angry. She shouts at him and
  Zarife. There is no respond.       she sees the woman. His
  He gets very angry again.          mother is about to ask, “What
•   “Heey friends, come here,        are you doing here?”, but
  Zarife is taken from the camp.     Zarife talks before her:
  Why are you still snoring?”
  he shouts.
       •   “Hey old woman, don’t
         shout at Keloglan because he
         saved me from the jinnis. I
         would be with them right now
         if he hadn’t rescued me. I owe
         him a lot. I will give his award
           Well, who don’t like these
       •    “Welcome to our home girl.
         Please sit down here.
         Keloglan, don’t stand there,
         bring some hot milk to your
         sister” says his mother.
       •    She is very pleased.
                  THE KID JINNI
•   Zarife stays in Keloglan’s    •  “What kind of award is this?”
  home for a couple of days.      •   “It’s a surprise” says Zarife.
  But she feels so sad to see
  their conditions. Because       •   The old woman says,
  they are poor. She tells the      “Allright”
  old woman, “I have to go now.   •   Keloglan kisses his
  I will never forget your          mother’s hand, as if he will be
  favour. I should take
  Keloglan, too.”                   away very long.
•   The old woman says, ”No       •   “Come back home quickly
  way!”                             son” says his mother.
•   Zarife says, “But, I should   •   Zarife and Keloglan start
  give his award.”                  walking. They talk when they
                                    walk. They come to a big
       • The mension has got
         beautiful gardens around it.
       • The mension belongs to a
         popular bey.
       •   The bey appears at the
         door of the mension and
         starts to shout.
       •   “Welcome home, Zarife!.”
         He says. I almost lost my
       •   Zarife is the wife of the bey.
       •   The bey sees Keloglan. He
         likes him. They haven’t got
         any kids and they want to
         adopt a kid.
                     THE KID JINNI
•  “I’ve found him, I’ve found      •  Zarife asks him to stay,
  my son” he talks to himself.        “Please Keloglan, you are the
•     Zarife talks good things        one who saved my life. Your
  about Keloglan. She tells her       mother can wait. She will be
  husband how he saved her            happy to see the presents.”
  from the jinnis.                  •   Then he says, “ok” half
•    The bey says, “Hey, bald         happily.
  kid, shining eyed boy, you        •   The bey organizes a song
  are a merry boy. Please stay        contest. Only the kids can
  with us.”                           join in the contest.
•    Keloglan says, “No, I can’t,   •   The bey says to Keloglan,
  my bey, I have to go home. I        “Hey bald boy, your voice is
  cannot leave my mother              pretty. There is a song
  alone. She misses me, please        contest very soon, join in.”
  let me go.”                       •
                    THE KID JINNI
• Keloglan says, “No, I can’t do
•   The bey asks, “Why?”
•   Keloglan answers, “I am too
  shy and my voice is too bad.”
•   The bey says, “We can find
  a solution, there is no
  solution to death only.”
•   Zarife says, “It is a very
  nice chance for you and you
  will get the big prize.”
•   “I told you that I am too
  shy, and my voice is terrible.”
  He says.
                   THE KID JINNI
• Zarife says, “I know an egg     •  “With the phoenix” answers
  which will make your voice        Zarife.
  beautiful. And if you eat the   •   The bey laughs, “It is just
  neva herb, your shyness will      like a fairy tale! It is more
  go away.”                         than a tale. Where is Kaf
•  Keloglan is happy and            Mountain? Where will you
  asks, “Where is the egg? And      find the phoenix?”
  Where is the neva herb?”        •   “Let me do this” she says
•  Zarife answers, “The egg is      and leaves the house with
  on a tree. The tree is on Kaf     Keloglan. They walk for a
  Mountain. The neva herb is        while. They sit at by the small
  near.”                            river. It is midnight.
•  The bey asks “Well, how will   •   The jinnis play music again.
  we get this egg?”
       • When Zarife sees the jinnis,
         she says, “You are having
         fun, you are very happy.”
       •   The jinnis are pleased to
         see Zarife. They say they
         miss her a lot after a long
       •   She tells them, “If you bring
         me the phoenix, I will join you
         and I won’t leave you.”
       • Oooh! Who can stay with the
         jinnis? They are very happy
         and they sing happy songs.
         Their songs can be heard
         from the seven mountains.
                     THE KID JINNI
•    The wisest jinni says “We       •   The humpbacked jinni tells
    will bring Kaf mountain here       the phoenix, “Heey, the bird.
    for you, if you stay with us.”     It is so nice that you arrive
•     Keloglan cannot                  here very soon. That woman
    understand what’s                  will give you an order!”
    happening.                       •    “Allright” says the bird.
•     A humpbacked jinni shouts      • Zarife gives a kiss to his
    “Heeey, phoenix, come here         beak. She says “You will go
    from where you are and sit         to Kaf Mountain with
    upon my hump.”                     Keloğlan. There is a red egg
•     After a very short time, the     in a silver nest on a branch
    phoenix comes and sits upon        of a tree. You will get the egg
    his hump.                          to me.”
•   Keloglan gets surprised.         • The phoenix says, “Yes,
•                                      ma’am”.
                   THE KID JINNI
•   The bird takes Keloglan and
  they fly over the forest.
•   When they leave, Zarife and
  the jinnis start talking. Her
  wish is to get the egg and
  then run away again.
•   One of the jinnis asks,
  “What will you do with the
•   “That egg makes the bad
  voice wonderful. Keloglan
  has to join a song contest.
  But he told me that his voice
  is terrible. That’s why he
  needs the egg.”
                    THE KID JINNI
•   When they talk, Keloglan        •  Keloglan first eats the neva
  and the phoenix find the red        herb and then the egg. He is
  egg on the silver nest of a         no more shy and his voice is
  branch of a tree on Kaf             beautiful. He sings a song.
  Mountain. They return very          The jinnis have fun. They
  fast.                               have so much fun that they
• One of the jinnis, “Ok,             all fall asleep.
  Keloğlan, sing your first song    •   But one of them is awake.
  for us!”                            He watches Zarife. Zarife
•   Zarife asks one of the jinnis     realizes that he is awake. She
  to bring the neva berb from         wispers to Keloğlan, “Go up
  the small river below.              on hill. Sing a nice song. All
•   The jinni brings the herb.        of them will go with you.
                                      Because they really like your
       • voice. Meanwhile, I will go
         away. They fall asleep again.
         And then you will run away
         too. We will meet at the flat
         area near the forest.”
       •   Keloglan says, “Allright, the
         wife of the bey”.
       •   He goes a little up on the
         hill. He starts singing a song.
         The song is so beautiful that
         all the sleeping jinnis wake
         up and run up on the hill.
       •   When the song is finished,
         the jinnis come back. They
         don’t see the woman there.
                    THE KID JINNI
•   Keloglan runs away too.        •    They start talking “Look at
•   He runs through the forest         that bald kid! Why do they
                                       take him to the contest?”
  and meets Zarife at the flat
  area. Then they arrive at the    •     “I bet his voice is as bad as
                                       his appearance.”
                                   •     “Maybe, they take him to
•   The bey gets very happy.           choose the worst singer.”
• The concerts starts. The kids    •   Keloglan comes in front of
  sing beautiful songs. It’s           the stage. With feeling no
  Keloglan’s turn. Audience            shyness, he sings a very nice
  make fun of him because he           song that all the crowd
  has no hair and his clothes          apploud with great surprise
  are very old. They believe           and happiness.
  that he cannot sing very well.   •     “Bravo! Wow! What a
                                       wonderful voice!” they say.
       •  Keloglan is chosen as the
         best singer. After this
         success, Keloglan says,
       •   “Please let me go home. Let
         me kiss my mom’s hand and
         drink our hot milk.”
       •   The bey and Zarife beg a
         lot. “We haven’t got a child.
         We will have you as our own
         child. You can get married to
         a beauful girl. Stay with us.”
       •   “I can’t” says Keloglan.
         “Nobody can replace my
                THE KID JINNI
•  They give him a lot of
 gold, kiss him and let
 him go.
• When his mom sees
 him coming home with
 gold, she gets very
• Keloglan and his
 mother live happily with
 their gold ever after.     • THE END

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