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									                                             52nd Western Poultry Disease Conference
                                                               March 9-11, 2003
                                               Capitol Plaza Holiday Inn – Sacramento, California

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                                                                    Welcome Reception
Dr. David Willoughby                                           Sunday, 9 March 2003, 6:00PM – 9:00PM
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                                                52        WPDC SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM

SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 2003                                                8:00   J. Odani – Pathology of END in backyard chickens
                                                                              during the 2002 California outbreak
7:30 – 8:30AM    ACPV Registration                                     8:15   P. Woolcock – Detection of END virus in California
                                                                       8:30   A. Whiteford – The California 2002-03 END
8:00 – 5:00PM    ACPV Workshop – Molecular Biology Made                       investigation
                 Easy                                                  9:00   Panel discussion on END
                                                                       9:30   BREAK

SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 2003                                                 TOPIC: Avian paramyxovirus, Pneumovirus, IBDV, CAV
                                                                      10:00 D. Kapczynski – Vaccination efforts with virosomes
7:30 – 5:30PM    Registration                                                produced from NDV
                                                                      10:15 E. Haddad – In ovo vaccination against ND: field
7:50    D. Willoughby - Welcome and opening remarks                          safety evaluation
                                                                      10:30 K.V. Nagaraja – Role of wild birds in the transmission
TOPIC: Avian Influenza                                                       of APV
 8:00  D. Castellan – Low pathogenic H6N2 AI in California            10:45 H. Medina – APV and other respiratory challenges in
 8:30  M. Smeltzer – Control of low pathogenic AI in Virginia                turkeys in the Midwest
 9:00  R. O’Connor – The industry’s perspective on AI in              11:00 C. Hon – DNA vaccine against IBDV using highly
       California                                                            expressed VP2 fragments
 9:30  D. Halvorson – Economics of AI control                         11:15 D. Link – IBDV variants Delaware E and Mississippi
10:00 BREAK                                                                  challenges in SPF chickens vaccinated with an IBDV-
                                                                             antibody complex vaccine
10:30   D. Swayne – Vaccines and their use in control or              11:30 K. Cookson – IBDV protection in commercial broilers
        eradication of AI                                                    vaccinated with Marek's disease vaccine +/- IBD
11:00   I. Capua – Novel perspectives for the control of AI                  vaccine
11:30   Panel discussion on avian influenza                           11:45 A. Zanella – CAV: subclinical infection in broilers
12:00   LUNCH                                                         12:00 LUNCH; Poster viewing

1:25   Call To Order                                                  1:25   Call To Order
TOPIC: Avian Influenza (cont.)                                        TOPIC: Miscellaneous viruses, Bioterrorism
 1:30  T. Tumpey – Protective efficacy of an inactivated AI           1:30   R. Munoz – Use of a CAV antibody test for
       vaccine against challenge with a 2002 H7N2 AI                         monitoring protective antibody titers
       isolate                                                        1:45   H.S. Sellers – ILTV diagnostics revisited
 1:45  N. Reimers – The influence of strain and the effect of         2:00   M.I. Khan – Development of multiplex PCR for avian
       vaccination on the clinical signs of low pathogenic                   enteric pathogens
       H6N2 AI virus in commercial layers                             2:15   J.F. Heijman – Hydropericardium-hepatitis syndrome
 2:00  B. Charlton – Serologic response of chickens to AI                    (Angara disease) in broilers in the Netherlands
       vaccination                                                    2:30   H.M. Hafez – Marek’s disease in turkeys: history and
 2:15  C.-W. Lee – Genetic and virologic characteristics of                  current status
       recent H5 subtype AI viruses in North America                  2:45   B. Zekarias – Intestinal mucosal pathology, epithelial
 2:30  E. Spackman – Evaluation of molecular markers for                     apoptosis and proliferation in malabsorption
       pathogenicity in recent H7N2 AI isolates from the                     syndrome affected broilers
       Northeastern United States                                     3:00   BREAK
 2:45  G. Cattoli – The H7N3 AI outbreak in Northern Italy in
       2002                                                           TOPIC: Mycoplasma, Salmonella
 3:00  BREAK                                                          3:30   H.L. Shivaprasad – MG outbreak in primary turkey
TOPIC: Avian Influenza (cont.)                                        3:45   D.E. Zellner – Case report of mycoplasma in a turkey
3:30   H. Lu – Rapid diagnosis of AI by a combination of                     breeder flock
       dot-ELISA and virus isolation                                  4:00   H.M. Hafez – Investigations on salmonella in meat
3:45   D. Senne – Chile AI outbreak; END virus                               turkey flocks
       characterization                                               4:15   J. Maiers – Evaluation of Poulvac-ST in commercial
4:45   Adjourn; Poster Viewing                                               broilers
                                                                      4:30   R.A. Norton – The threat of bioterrorism to the
6:00    Welcome Reception                                                    poultry industry: the veterinary response
                                                                      4:45   Adjourn; Poster Viewing
                                                                      5:00   WPDC Business Meeting
MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2003
                                                                       6:30   WPDC Banquet
7:30AM Registration And Poster Viewing
7:50    Call To Order                                                 TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 2003
MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2003 (cont.)
                                                                       7:50am Call To Order
TOPIC: Exotic Newcastle Disease (END)
TOPIC: Antibiotics, Bacteria, Management
Moderator:                                                        T. Abdul-Aziz – Hemarthrosis in turkeys
8:00   S. Clark – Antibiotic issues definitions: for the record   D.H. Baum – Understanding serology results with process
8:15   H.M. Cervantes – The antibiotic resistance debate:         behavior (Shewhart) charts
       an industry perspective on the use of virginiamycin        C. Buscaglia – Serological survey for Newcastle disease in
       (Stafac) in poultry                                        non-commercial layers that belong to a social program from
8:30   A.S. Dhillon – Campylobacter jejuni oral gavage in         Argentina called "Pro-Huerta".
       young broiler chicken                                      H.D. Chapman – Efficacy of salinomycin following use of
8:45   J. Jeffrey – Comparison of pathogenic or                   Diclazuril and Coccivac-B in broilers
       environmental E. coli from broiler chickens and broiler    T. Cherry – Evaluation of coccidiosis vaccines by different
       house litter                                               methods of administration
9:00   B. Perelman – The multiple faces of clostridial            R.P. Chin – Airsacculitis in turkeys associated with candidiasis
       infections in ostriches                                    R. Crespo – Effect of onion ingestion in white chinese geese
9:15   H.D. Chapman – An Analysis of the performance of           R.P. Fernández – Hemagglutination-inhibition antibodies and
       commercial broilers in the USA from 1997 to 2001           protection conferred by bi- or trivalent vaccines of
9:30     BREAK                                                    Haemophilus paragallinarum against isolates of the prevalent
                                                                  hemagglutinin serovars identified in Mexico
TOPIC: Coccidiosis, Management, Case reports                      D. Gallazzi – Salmonella spp. in broiler breeder flocks and
Moderator:                                                        hatcheries in northern Italy: 2 years of bacteriologic monitoring
10:00 S. Fitz-Coy – Coccidiosis immunity in commercially          S.J. Gustin – Reducing DOA’s at processing plant: time of
        grown broiler chickens                                    death determination
10:15 P. Davis – Nicarbazin in shuttle programs using             J. Hatkin – Squamous cell carcinoma in a chicken’s crop
        environmental housing                                     J. Ihle – Evaluation of avian Escherichia coli's ability to survive
10:30 J. Dibner – The use of a viability assay to formulate a     within macrophages
        high definition coccidiosis vaccine                       L. Lauerman – Comparative evaluation of duplex PCR assays
10:45 T. Cherry – Comparative efficacy of a high definition       for MG and MS
        coccidiosis vaccine and ionophores in broilers on         K.S. Macklin – Pine shavings and sand used as poultry litter
        used litter                                               and their respective bacterial levels
11:00 S. Kakarla – Incidence of breast blisters in turkeys        R.A. Norton – The threat of bioterrorism to the poultry
        and their effect upon meat quality                        industry: the veterinary response
11:15 F. Sommer – Laying hens in Europe: coping with EU           R. Saini – Oregano essential oil reduces necrotic enteritis in
        regulations                                               broilers
11:30 M.A. Hammarlund – Poultry production near Tomsk,            R. Saini – Oregano essential oil reduces the expression of
        Russia (Siberia)                                          coccidiosis in broilers
                                                                  R. Saini – Organic acids effective in preventing necrotic
11:45    CONCLUDING REMARKS, ADJOURN                              enteritis
                                                                  F. Sommer – Pelistega europaea: a “new” bacterium in
                                                                  K. Tonooka – Prevalence of campylobacter and salmonella
                                                                  spp. in commercial meat ducks

                                             Mark your calendars!!!
                                      53 Western Poultry Disease Conference
                                         Tentative dates: 7-9 March 2004
                                             Sacramento, California

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