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Controversies concerning cellular phones


									Controversies concerning cellular phones

We are all aware of the benefits of the cellular phones. They make lives
more convenient; lines of communication become more open due to them but
there are controversies that could not be overcome. These are
controversies from different angles. We have to be aware of these
controversies; they could be factors to consider in the use of your
cellular phone.

* Use of cellular phone while driving

According to studies in the US, there are more incidences of road
accidents caused by the use of cellular phones while driving. They equate
the instance to driving while drunk. In some parts of the world, it is
totally prohibited to use. There are even further studies that show that
“hands-free” phones is not that much safer as well. In other European
countries, hand-held phones are highly discouraged.

* Use of cellular phones threats security

In most cases, cellular phones are media for identity theft. As mentioned
in Wikipedia, it is due to "scanning" whereby third parties in the local
area could intercept and eavesdrop in on calls. Another point is that
Analogue phones could also be listened to on some radio scanners. This
must be a warning to all cellular phone users; we have to be very careful
in our use of our cellular phones. We could enjoy all the services these
innovations offer but we have to see to it that we protect ourselves from
untoward outcomes as well.

* Use of cellular phones in aircrafts

It is a general knowledge that the use of cellular phones while one is in
an aircraft is impossible. This all rooted from an incident way back in
2000 when it was aired that an aircraft crashed due to a passenger’s
cellular phone use. Studies tell that Cellular phones and other mobile
devices could be used to detonate remote Improvised Explosive Devices.
Though there is not much proof about it yet, it has been an
internationally-known policy not to use cell phones in flight.

These are really important points to take note of. Though some of them do
not have concrete proofs, it must still be taken with importance and
caution. There is no harm in doing so.

Cellular phones are helpful but in one way, be careful.

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