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					                 Bradford College 2011/12
                 Application for Admission to Halls of Residence
To be returned to:
Accommodation Services | Bradford College | Grove Building | Great Horton Road | Bradford | BD7 1AY
t: (0)1274 436 400 | e: accommodationservices@bradfordcollege.ac.uk
w: www.bradfordcollege.ac.uk/accommodation

Please read the guidance on the reverse of this form before completing it. Please use BLOCK CAPITALS and
tick appropriate boxes.
Completion of this application form should not be taken as a guarantee of a room in a Halls of Residence.

1. Personal Details
Surname                                                         First Name                                   Title

Sex                                                             Nationality
           Male           c          Female             c
Home Address



Tel no                                                          Mobile Tel No

Address for Correspondence (if different)

Date of Birth

Details of next of kin who can be contacted in an emergency (This section is compulsory for under 18s)
Name                                                                Relationship to student



Tel no                                                              Email

2. Course Details
Name of course

2011/12 year of study    1st year     c      2nd year      c        3rd/Final year    c       Postgraduate   c
(Further Education, Postgraduate and International Students only)
Application/Enrolment number (if known):
(Undergraduates only)
UCAS application number (if known) :
Tick appropriate box to indicate UCAS admissions status at the College
Unconditional (Firmly accepted)                c           Conditional (Firmly accepted)               c
Insurance                                      c           Clearing                                    c

                                                                                                         Continued Over u
3. Accommodation
 Please tick preference
 c Standard room (shared bathroom) - £64.57 per week
 c Ensuite Room - £71 per week
42 week contract from Saturday 10th September 2011 - Friday 29th June 2012
If you are studying an FE course please tick this box                       c

 Please tick preference
 Female only                 c               Male only                 c                         Mixed Sex               c
 Postgraduate/Mature Students                           c            Returning Undergraduates                            c
 Do you have any disability or medical condition which might necessitate special arrangements?                           Yes c        No    c
 If so, please give brief details in the space below.

The information I have provided is correct. I understand that my preference of accommodation may be oversubscribed and I acknowledge that the
final room allocation rest with Accommodation Services.
I understand that under UK law, if I am aged under 18 at the commencement of my tenancy, a responsible adult aged over 18 who is a UK citizen
will need to sign a Tenancy Agreement on my behalf and act as a rent guarantor.

Signature: __________________________Print: ________________________________ Date:                                      _____ / ____ / ______

Please attach a stamped, self addressed envelope should you require acknowledgement of receipt of this application form.
The result of your application will be sent to your EMAIL address within 10 working days of Bradford College receiving your application. If you would
prefer it to be sent by post to your correspondence address, please tick here c
The criteria for allocation of residential accommodation include year of study, whether you are an International student, distance between home and
college, personal needs and time of application.
If you have any special circumstances which might justify preferential consideration, note these in section 3
Upon signing a Tenancy Agreement, you will need to pay a non-refundable Booking Fee of £250. This reverts to a damage deposit upon moving
in. Your deposit will be protected under the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme and you can find out more details about the scheme by contacting
Accommodation Services.
If you wish to pay your rent in three instalments throughout the year you will need to provide details of a UK citizen who would act as a guarantor
should you fail to pay your rent. If you cannot provide details of a UK based guarantor, you will need to pay all of your rent in one advance payment,
as detailed below:
En-suite room: £2982 for 42 week tenancy
Standard room: £2711.94 for 42 week tenancy
Under 18’s
If a student will be under 18 at the start of their tenancy, a responsible adult aged over 18 (normally a parent) must sign the Tenancy Agreement on
their behalf. Please contact Accommodation Services as early as possible if you are under 18 so that we can discuss your residential options.

 Data Protection Act 1988
 By returning this form, you are giving consent that any information given by you shall be processed and held on systems operated by Bradford
 College and Unipol Student Homes, who provide specialist services to Bradford College and may also be shared with our housing partners,
 for the purpose of allocating your accommodation, administration, property management, marketing and statistical analysis. We will reasonably
 endeavour to protect the information we obtain from you from loss, misuse, or unauthorized access, leading to disclosure, alteration or destruction.
 Information may be disclosed to statutory authorities on request.

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