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...everyone’s dreams
give values, wisdom, health, caring and creativity
 Dreams guide us to eat, or avoid eating, for our best health,
and for success and health of family relationships.
  Dreams suggest to give people and work our valued time,
be creative in our work and not to tire ourselves unduly.
 The key to benefitting from dreams is writing what you see or
experience then finding analogies within the words you used.
 Be in integrity when you say ‘I love you’ . Show you really
care, not just in words... little considerations count.
 Do not believe everything your dreams convey. Some are
cautions of what could happen so if you take action probably
won’t, and the rest is largely suggestions and hints.
 NOTE: First impressions from the images often mislead
us. Yet analogies in the words can guide us as we read them.
  Believe in love. The Creator gives us dreams to
guide us to build relationships and love.

   Never ignore dreams. They are a goldmine for
people aware of what they are saying. Some who
ignored dreams have perished before their time.

    Love deeply and passionately. You may get hurt,
but it is the only way to live life completely. The
commitment is more valuable than you can imagine.
It doesn’t always work, yet it stands a better chance.

  Tackle disagreements cleanly, do not offend, yield
when you are wrong, and sometimes you are wrong.
Knowledge ensures we are wrong less often.
  Medicine men, gurus, lamas, prophets, kahunas, dukuns,
shamans and druids profitably gleaned more from dreams.
Like countless others, they profitted from the information for
creativity, relationships, social values, discoveries, direction,
health and cautions dreams conveyed.

   Most learned to trust the Source, not weapons or excesses
we clutch in our weaker moments. We learn our protection is
in being strong willed, directed and vigilant, not in resorting
to weapons, violence or war. Mahatma Gandi showed how.

   Our days are busy, so can we find what many indigenous
peoples already benefit from? Some societies use dreams to
live as long as ‘civilized’ countries do... without high tech
medical technology. Yes, they know it’s the Creator speaking
to them. It is a Universal connection directing life.

 ‘Physician heal thyself’ is about dreams, used for wellness.
 The Cheyenne voice said ‘Forget about how we
have made mistakes in the same way as we forget
about those who have wronged us...’ Matt 6:12

  Dreams guide us to the 3 R’s: Respect yourself
and others, Revere all life, and be Responsible for all
your actions.

  If you make a mistake, fix it... as soon as possible.

  Smile whenever you answer the phone, the caller
will notice. Be in negative moods on your own time...
or learn the hope dreams convey for your future, it
will improve your attitude.
  This was in the original slideshow before Sept 11 2001,
with misgivings and a sense of foreboding, yet it represented
a focus in our world clearly within realms of our creativity
even if the tower are now gone.
  No terrorist or criminal group can destroy creativity, only
creations of people and possibly of the Creator. They reflect
destruction, not Creation. They did not know God. Violence
is not a solution. They fail to realize we’re all communicated
to by God. Hate reflects in weaker members of our society
when they stoop to attacking other faiths. They have been
lied to by those who incite violence. God does not sanction
any willful taking of life. They are a disgrace.
  We always need to be vigilant. Hijacking and terrorist acts
are not over. Our dreams convey to us what we need to know
to preemptively deal with disasters, attacks and any other
manner of danger. It is up to us to act preemptively on what
we find to protect or apprehend. Will you know what is
happening in advance? Will you be ready to act in advance?
  Spend time reasoning through your dreams to find the
words that bridge the visual analogies to the literal reality.
   Embrace changes, but avoid rejecting your values. Our
dreams supply values and seeds for change... and creativity.
 Partners are equal even if they aren’t equal in everything,
be it boardroom or bedroom...
  Men: if intelligence and success are desirable for your
children then make sure your wife is well educated. Being so,
she is likely to teach the children far more than half of what
they will know by the time they have finished school.
   Read more books, laugh more and share affection.
 Our dreams and visions all originate from the Creator.
Most faiths share that He communicates with us this way.
  Do what is needed to keep your home peaceful and
harmonious, or the stress will shorten your life.

   If you must quarrel with someone close, solve the present
issue only. Pick battles carefully and as seldom as possible.
The real winners discuss and negotiate for solutions.

  Remember the past. Live for the present. The present is
our greatest gift. Plan for the future our dreams supply.

    To read between the lines, use reasoning. Not everything
is said in dreams that you need to know or see.

  Be immortal: share dreams or their fulfillment... prophets
or profits, depending on the results you sought. Dreams
turned to profitable or useful avenues are well received.
Either way requires meaning then action... planned action.
    Did you see the analogy in this picture? ‘Look far ahead,
see your role or plans in the future, as dreams show. Accords
may ‘not’ be reached at the end. Many old directions are
considered and on the surface it ‘wool’ seem fuzzy. (binoculars, roll
of plans, cord, compass, on wool blanket) Do you hear a cat purring nearby?
Cat is an anagram for ACT! Would you act, or not ‘see’ it?

  Keep yourself busy following your dreams. Important
information was given to us as dreams as we grew and went to
school. Without that record to refer to... nearly all the nuggets
in the mine were lost, yet we were given so many to start with.

  Be directed, and directive when required, not controlling.

  Life is about variety, what have you recently tried, done or
seen that’s new? Dreams show us ‘new’ and where to go or
what to do. Some of what was new was for you to create.
  Learn ‘the rules’, so you’ll know how and when to bend or
break them in a proper way. Guidelines and consequences
for ignoring them were given by the Creator to us, not laws.
(Society makes and needs some laws.) His laws were given to
sciences and mathematics ... and they still find new laws.
  Great relationships show that caring matters more than
the need to be together. Dreams show if you are in the right
relationship, or how to improve it.
  What you see and learn from dreams is what you need to
know, not always what you want to know, otherwise you may
not act... Concepts are not facts or real until you prove them.
  Face love with total commitment, and avoid expecting too
much in return. Some were abused or neglected and find it
difficult to return love given them.
  A well known teacher of this method to improve one’s life
opened a lesson showing it was based on a use of words. ‘In
the beginning was the Word, and the word was the Creator
and the Creative’. The method was lost to politics later.
Recall your dreams... your life will improve.
  1 or 2 dreams a month is a start. You’ll get some benefits and
see how they’re based on words: homonyms, synonyms, anagrams
  1 or 2 dreams a week, you’ll see many things in life your dreams
have shown. Self-discipline gives you 7 a night to choose from...
  1 or 2 dreams a night, your gold nuggets will be mined for your
success, in many ways. (Homonyms, Gold=goaled Mined=mind)

  3 or 4 dreams a night: you’ll create, gain health, love, fame and
fortune when you learn to put the suggestions and cautions to use.

 Teach others this, how the Living Creator speaks to all. See how
your life improves, and the world too, not instantly yet quickly and

  Prophecies are long term cautions. Few people understand what
they really are saying or what to do with the information. Do we
plan ahead or stand idly by while disaster befalls us? Your choice.
   Dreams provide glimpses of our Future
  Belief in a Creator and His ‘Word’ to us is relevant. Reverence
for past teachers is not relevant, only respect is due.
  Belief is not about history, geography, laws, building, form of
worship, dress code or a teacher (who showed how to grasp the
‘messages’). Those not knowing this may turn others from their
dreams’ aims.
  Dreams and visions are supplied to ALL of us by the Creator,
and it’s up to us to learn to benefit from them. The messenger-
teachers each conveyed it in their way, in the best way humans do.
  Do your children or grandchildren know how to use dreams?
Isn’t it time they knew? Everyone dreams. Few use them well or
regularly. Did we not pay attention to those who used theirs?
   The Creator speaks more than scriptural languages. He speaks
all of them, yet His sensory analogies to us are cross cultural.
A Few Known Benefits of Using Dreams
Creativity   Personal paths       Values learned     Discoveries        Health
Plays        Problem solving      Self-confidence    Scientific         Diagnosis
Movies       Being proactive      Self-esteem        Mathematical       Suggested diet
Inventions   Responsibility       Observation        Archeological      Cures/remedies
Music        Career goals         Memory recall      Lost articles      Reminders
Art          Planning             Tolerance          Murderers          Guidance
Literature   Reasoning            Hope/optimism      Assassin plots     Builds relations
Poetry       Timely action        Respect            Future events      Consideration
Sports       Foresight            Caring             Oddities/Facts     Integrity
Personal Improvements     Life Lost/Risked due to Inaction/Disbelief    Cautions against
Improved Vocabulary       Ship Sinkings: Titanic & others 1000’s lost   Dangers to self
Action against bullying   Airlines Crash:KoreanAir 007, EgyptAir 990    Dangers to others
More laughter/humor       Assassinations:Julius Caesar, Lincoln, John   Accidents/Disasters
Preemptive action         Kennedy,Anwar Sadat, Archduke Ferdinand       Detrimental diet
Longer lives/more trust   Earthquakes: 100,000’s died, many places      Violent encounters
Inventors/Creators        Volcanoes: Mt St Helens, Montserrat,          Financial failure
Edison, Ben Franklin,     Krakatoa, Vesuvius, more coming               Misplaced trust
                          Tsunamis:Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia 1000’s
Alexander Graham          Storms/Tornadoes/Typhoons: 1000’s of lives
                                                                        Relationship perils
Bell, Darwin, Einstein,   Kidnapping/Abductions:too few thwarted        When to avoid, avert
innumerable others        Nuclear accidents: Chernobyl 125,000+ lives   or prevent problems
•This isn’t about any denomination or faith. It’s about the
Origin of most beliefs, dreams.
•All beliefs have strayed from the main message… that the
Creator speaks to us regularly through dreams.
•We’re handicapped if we fail to understand what was said,
or fail to apply the concepts and knowledge.
•That can be taught. We have all the information necessary.
Some of the training is to be Subjective or experienced, some
Objective or reasoned. It’s learned easily, yet never perfectly.
• Books, courses, software and documentaries are either
created or planned to expand this lesson.
•This presentation can be found at www.pacificway.org/.
                                Picture Locations
1. Taj Mahal Agra, India, a tomb of a much loved wife, a symbol of eternal love
2. The Kaaba Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a holy site for Muslims, one corner of black
      block holds a meteorite, a relevant object in‘End Times’ (compare biblical ‘signs’)
3.    Lynn Canyon Vancouver Canada, a place of tranquil natural beauty
4.    The Golden Temple Amritsar, India, a holy site of Sikhs
5.    Sistine Chapel Rome Italy, painting represents God creating Adam (first man)
6.    Brooklyn Bridge New York USA, suspension bridge, credit to Didier Forray
7.    Bridge
8.    Vargas Island Clayoquot Sound, Tofino Canada, a pristine clamshell beach
9.    Unknown found on our email, the analogical value was too good to pass up
10.   Bonsai photo, from ‘Miniature Bonsai’, Herb L Gustafson, Sterling Publ. NY
11.   Logo, from cover design in Alan Harmony’s first book, published in 1984
12.   Masada Dead Sea, Israel, ancient Jewish settlement and synagogue, laid siege
      to by Rome. Some residents are rumored have committed suicide to avoid capture.
13.   Galloping Gertie Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge (USA) , collapsed in
      high winds November 7 1940 Still used as an example for engineering students.
14.   Optical Illusion, to show what you see isn’t always real, as our eyes and mind
      do play tricks on us. Reality is a fact and logic based perception, and illusions and
      allusions are analogical and perceptual anomalies within reality.
15.   Baha’i Temple New Delhi India, creatively designed to look like a lotus flower
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