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									                                                Global Heart • Sacred Space
                                                      Building a Personal Altar

         Global Heart Connection:
          We see life as a continuous exploration of choices and opportunities for enhancing our evolution as
         spiritual beings. We support individuals in their personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Theme: Evolution
Core Concept: Wholeness
Lesson Topic: The Truth That Empowers

                                             Unit Twelve, Lesson 1
Teacher/Facilitator            Grade(s): Preschool
Global Heart                   We make our decisions and guide our growth by continuous sensitivity to the
Value: Growth                  unfolding vision of God for our community and by devotion to our shared values
                               and guiding principles.
Materials Needed:              BOOKS
                               I Like Me by Nancy Carlson
                               I Believe in Me by Connie Bowen
                               Something Special Within by Betts Richter, Alice Jacobsen
                               I Am by Steve Viglione, available at:

                               MUSIC: Imagine (there are various interpretations of this song – all are great!!)
                                    “Imagine” – John Lennon on “Imagine”CD
                                    “Imagine” – Eva Cassidy on “Imagine” CD
                                    “Imagine” – Jami Lula on “Something’s Calling Me” CD, or “Light of the

                                Wooden hearts (3-4++”) with hole for stringing on yarn (or hearts cut from
                                 construction paper, cardstock or poster board)
                                Plastic tipped yarn
                                Peel and stick foam shapes
                                Light Colored Markers (quick drying if possible)
                                Sharpie pen
                                I Am Lovable Coloring Page (on lessons page – if did not use last month)
                                Heart Coloring Pages:
                                Construction paper and tape to place on everyone’s back for personalization

Set-up:                         Arrive 30 minutes before class starting time to make room clean, neat and orderly.
Time: Minimum 20                Do a treatment for the class fulfilling the Highest Purpose for all present and that
minutes and up to 30            you are Divinely Guided in thought, word and action during it.

UCRS Youth Curriculum – Preschool – Unit Twelve- Lesson One: Truth That Empowers                                   1
Purpose: To prepare             Gather all materials needed for lesson, treatment container, offertory/gratitude
the teachers’                   container and activities centers
consciousness                        Set up table or box with altar cloth, special stones and shiny objects
and physical                         Put the books for lesson on the altar and hearts
environment for
maximum benefit                 Set-up activity center items:
of the children                  Set out hearts for decorating with light colored markers (will be writing over
                                    decorations with words of their special quality or gift)
                                 Set-out coloring pages of hearts or I Am Lovable Coloring Page.

Pre-session:           Method: Greeting, sign-in, activity time, crafts
Time: Up to 20
minutes into the hour  Parents sign their children in as they arrive and inform teachers of any
depending on arrival      concerns, needs for the day.
of children.            Welcome each child as they arrive and engage him or her in light conversation
Purpose: To build         about themselves to establish rapport.
rapport and begin to    Let children begin to use coloring pages
engage them in          If time, encourage children to begin to decorate hearts with light colored pens
lesson and craft.
Opening:              Method: Music, centering, offering, prayer, acknowledging each child
Time: 10 minutes
                       Bring all children into a circle and welcome them to the lesson time.
Purpose: To connect  Do a teacher-led or practitioner-led treatment short opening prayer realizing the
with each other,         quality of Wholeness for each child, family, community and the World.
become centered        Check-in: Invite the children to share their names and ages, etc.
                       Pass around the Gratitude Jar and bless the offerings the children have placed in
                         it or on the altar.

Lesson Core:                   Today we begin a month on Evolution – Our Growth process to remembering our
Time: 30 minutes               Wholeness – that we are perfect, whole and complete just the way we are!

Presentation:                  Our theme today is: The Truth That Empowers
(10 minutes)
Purpose: To share              Read Book of choice:
the theme and                  I Like Me by Nancy Carlson
content of the lesson          I Believe in Me by Connie Bowen
                               Something Special Within by Betts Richter, Alice Jacobsen
                               I Am by Steve Viglione (read and have children repeat the affirmations)

                               What is special about you?
                               What is unique about you?
                               What do you believe about yourself?

                               Teach: We teach in Science of Mind that we are all special and unique. That each
                               one of us possesses the Divine Light within us and has something special to offer
                               the world.

UCRS Youth Curriculum – Preschool – Unit Twelve- Lesson One: Truth That Empowers                                   2
Expansion/                     Method:        Song of Affirmation
(10 minutes)                    Help children pick a quality that starts with the same letter of their names .
Purpose: To make                Make up an easy tune and have each child sing about themselves like:
the lesson point
personally relevant                      My Name is ____________ and I am _____________.
to the students so                       As God Is, So I Am
they internalize it
                                         “My Name is Sandy and I am Sweet - As God Is, So I Am”

                                (Repeat for each child – make it lively and fun.

                                OR – if you remember the old camp song “Hey Loddy” – teach the children the
                                following song --- they may have trouble with the rhyming of their name and a
                                quality – either encourage them to rhyme with their name or pick one that starts
                                with the same letter. Either way – make it fun!

                                         Hey Loddy Loddy Loddy
                                         I have a friend whose name is Pete
                                         Hey loddy loddy loddy
                                         I think he is really neat
                                         Hey loddy loddy lo

                                         Hey loddy loddy loddy
                                         Hey loddy loddy lo
                                         Hey loddy loddy loddy
                                         Hey loddy loddy lo

                                (Repeat song, continuing to make up verses and putting in peoples names. Repeat
                                the chorus between verses.)

Creative Expression:           My Heart Is Filled With…
(5 minutes)
Purpose: To make               Help children write their quality on their hearts and tie them around their necks.
the lesson point
clearer through some
space & time
Closing:                       Method:        Review, Closing Circle, song
Time: 5 minutes
Purpose: To verify             Review of Personal Altar:
and confirm the                Ask if they have their Freedom items from July on their personal altars at home.
understanding and              Remind them that this month they will learning about Evolution, Growth and
acceptance of the              Wholeness and bringing home items that represent their Wholeness for their altar.
lesson point and its
application in daily
life and reground
UCRS Youth Curriculum – Preschool – Unit Twelve- Lesson One: Truth That Empowers                                    3
                               Closing Circle:
                               Have each child share what is written on their hearts by saying:
                                      “My Heart is Filled With….” Or
                                      “God is (quality on heart) – I Am (quality on heart)

                               Closing Prayer/Song:
                               Have children sing along with “Imagine” for the month – so they can see the world
                               they dream of is the world many dream of – and is possible!

                               Affirmation: “God Is – And So Am I!”

Post session:                      Tell each parent/guardian something positive about his/her child.
                                   Give each parent a family “Heart Note.”
                                   Put away materials and tidy the room.
                                   Review the lesson and activities with the other volunteers to determine what
                                    was successful and what improvements to make for the next time.

UCRS Youth Curriculum – Preschool – Unit Twelve- Lesson One: Truth That Empowers                                   4
           United Church of Religious Science                                                    FAMILY HEART NOTE
           GLOBAL HEART ~ SACRED SPACE                                                           To place on your refrigerator
                         Building a Personal Altar                                                         Wholeness

Dear Parents,                                                                      Things to do with your child to enhance his/her Sunday
Today we began a month on Wholeness. We read a book about
our unique and special qualities.                                                   Find a place to hang/place your child’s paper with her or
                                                                                     her divine qualities as seen by his/her friends.
Our friends acknowledged our positive qualities by reminding
us of them by writing them on a paper on our backs.                                 Remind your child of these special qualities

We then choose one special quality and wrote it on a heart to                       Reinforce to your child that s/he has all the qualities of
remind us that our hearts are filled with this one quality and                       God within him/her
we see that quality within ourselves.
                                                                                    Encourage them to affirm these qualities everyday,
Today’s affirmation acknowledges that the qualities of God are                       knowing the Truth of their being.
the Truth of who we are:

                               “GOD IS – I AM”                                            Thank you for sharing your child with us.

           Thank you for sharing your child with us.

UCRS Youth Curriculum – Preschool – Unit Twelve- Lesson One: Truth That Empowers                            5

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