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Unit I

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.
      Suspicion          deputy           fantastic      considerate
      Substantial        furnish           notify        justify
      Inherit             commission      deposit         restore

1. The police’s _________of Anthony Williams was aroused when they discovered that his
     deposits in the bank were very large.
2. Some sufferers will quickly be _________to perfect health, whereas others will take a longer
3. She was everywhere, smiling, busy, soft-footed, always _______________for others, and
     therefore she was very popular among us.
4. After his uncle died, he_________ the beautiful estate with which he changed from a poor man
     to a wealthy noble.
5. It isn’t wise for you to take pains to _____________ your house than your mild.
6. There is no way to _________ his stealing money from his office and pouring it into this
7. Demands for change will continue, but it is difficult to imagine _________ progress being made
     in the immediate future.
8. She was sitting by the window, watching the light casting___________ shadows on the white
     brick wall.

Translate the following into English.
1.我还要感谢那些在我处境艰难时支持我的人。                (stick by; fall on hard days)
2.他出版了一本通俗小说,赚了很多钱,所以有能力买新房和轿车。                             (now that)
3.警察说,他们产生怀疑是因为姑娘的尸体上还有其他印记。                         (suspicion)
4.你怎么能这样对她说话?是她把你养大,帮你完成学业。                       (like that)
5.尽管这些学生毕业后的道路会很艰难,但他们的前途却是光明的。                             (as)

Now try to write you own short composition, which starts with a general viewpoint that is
supported by specific details. The topic has a detailed outline that you can follow if you choose.
Topic:            Mr. Williams deceived everyone.
Specific details: Mr. Williams told people that he inherited the money from a rich uncle; the
                  truth-no uncle, have a few debts…
                  Mr. Williams called himself Lord Williams; the truth-only a government
                  employee, a £65,000 a year position, buy noble titles…

Unit II
Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.
      moderate           evidence           consume          restrict
      remedy              calculate        typically        modify
      respectively       derive             bounce          indicate

1. Church Mill, although of fairly_________ size compared with some of its neighbours, is a
     delightful two-storey building of brick and stone.
2. If you weight remains constant you must be using up all your calories(卡路里), but if you are
     gaining weight then some of the calories you __________ are being stored as fat.
3. I do ___________, however, have a need to describe it to total strangers.
4. Meals also have to be _____________ so that they will have a beneficial effect on the body.
5. His face was very red, which was clear __________of his fever.
6. Families with children tend to be _________, for their main holiday, to one of the three main
     school breaks.
7. They____________ that the aging population is adding 1 per cent yearly to health service costs.
8. In the case of a polluted river, the ____________ lies in the hands of a national government.

Translate the following into English.

Now try to write you own short composition starting with a result or an effect which is followed
by causes to explain how the result or the effect comes about. The topic has a detailed outline that
you can follow.
Topic:          Mosely has corrected her iron deficiency.
Effect:          Miss Mosely, correct, the iron deficiency
                Accept the doctor’s advice, take good care of the food she eats. Include in her diet
                meat, fish, dates, beans, and some leafy green vegetables, good sources of iron,
                readily absorbed.
                In addition, select breads and cereals, ‘iron-added’, the label, vitamin C,
                enhance the amount of iron absorbed.
                What is more, stop drinking coffee or tea, meals, interfere with, iron absorbed, the

Unit III

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.
    cultivate           suspend             conventional          insult
    preliminary          seminar            worthwhile            controversial
    strain               reform              curse                 comprehensive

1. Education should aim to _________ children’s mind to its utmost potential.
2. We have tried to make the questions simple but__________ so that it won’t take many minutes
    to fill in but your answers will give us a good idea of what is wanted and what is not.
3. This ___________book was widely discussed but whether it was read by artists I leave to
    further research.
4. Three independent daily newspapers had been ordered to _____________ publication on
5. The children were expected to do well, carefully encouraged, but never laid under __________
to do or be the best.
6. Finally, it became clear that no _________ conference would be possible without widening
    the discussions.
7. They must know how to make use of and when necessary to discard the old ____________
8. It is made quite clear in the document that China will stick to its ____________ and opening
    up policy.

Translate the following into English.

Now try to write you own short composition,which starts with a general viewpoint that is
supported by some specific examples. The topic has a detailed outline that you can follow.
Topic:         There are serious security problems in Brooklyn, New york..
Example:        Marissa parry, 28, return home, at about 9 in the evening; she, walk, the 100 feet
                distance, the parking lot, the entrance of her apartment; suddenly a man, attack;
                he grab, stab, a knife; Miss parry, struggle, scream, for help; no one, come, to
                help; the man, stab again; the man, get into car, drive away; Miss parry, not
                stagger to her feet; she, lie, a few feet away, her apartment, die…

Unit IV

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.
      universal            version           interpretation       solemn
      alongside           inspect            grave               recruit
      assemble             stretch            exaggerate          inspire

1.This means they have been _________ by a team of professional experts and the standard of
     their work has been approved.
2. The Statue of Liberty had just arrived from and was being _________ so it was not in New York
     harbour when they arrived.
3. This reaction to the event is rather___________ but on the other hand there’s something in it.
4. Officials say it is because the two sides have different _____________ of what was dicided at
     the previous negotiations that the ceasefire(停火)has broken down..
5. I talked to some of my friends and it seemed to be a __________ problem.
6.Wright is correct to see Paisley’s _________ of liberty as a development of this view.
7. Then Miss Harker lifted her head and addressed them all in ____________ tones.
8. Between 1909 and 1915, the Futurists 未来派艺术家) Italian group who exhibited in paris,
     were ____________ by moving pictures.

Translate the following into English.
4.这位小说家于 1950 年因出版《再见,亲爱的》一举成名,小说的灵感来自于他和一位姑

Now try to write you own short composition,with the details organized according to the time
sequence. The topic has a detailed outline that you can follow if you choose
Topic:          Barbie Dolls.
Outline:         the ideas, Barbie dolls, come to, Ruth Handler, after, watch, her daughter,
                 Barbara, play with, paper dolls; that, sometime, before 1959; the original model,
                 Barbie, come from, a German doll; Ruth Handler, her company, Mattel Toy
                 Company, refashion, the doll, a decent, all-American version; name, Barbara,
                 then a teenager.
                 In 1959, Barbie dolls, introduce, the public; become, the universally, recognize,
                 Queen of the Dolls; two, sell, in the world, every second; Barbie dolls, love,
                 Americans of almost any age
                 Barbara more than, sixty years old, decline, interviews; but, say, love, the doll

Unit V
Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.
      graceful            decay            preceding             naked
      secure              episode          slide                 privilege
      interval             hint            drip                  injure

1. I knew that he had been in Cuba the _________ year.
2. The cabbages have already started to _________and we have to throw them away.
3. A plastic box was ___________ to the wall by nails.
4.We were caught in the rain the other night and the rain was _____________ down our necks.
5. They went up to the gate, which __________ open at the push of a button.
6. He had dropped several _________ that he knew where Mary had spent the previous evening.
7. The baby had woken up for another feed after an ____________ of 3or 4 hours.
8.During the colonial period, the church was closely allied with the government, giving full
     support to the government and, in return, receiving special ____________ .

Translate the following into English.

Now try to write you own short composition,with the dominant impression supported by details,
The topic has a detailed outline that you can follow if you choose.
Dominant impression: Mrs. Clark is seriously ill
Details:               skin and bones; skin, hang, loosely; she, small, light, seem like, a victim; I,
                       rub, cream, her skin, feel, the outline, each bone, in the back
                       Too weak for anything; she, move, her mouth, a bit, like, whisper, I,
                       scarcely, hear, at all; with much effort, I, understand, want, some water; use,
                       a straw, allow, a few drops of the cool moisture, slide, mouth; hardly
                       possible, take in, anything, at last, swallow, some liquid, last ounce of

Unit VI

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.
      resistant           withstand            sensible            destructive
      fasten             enclose               precaution          chaos
      forecast            occurrence            handy
1. A politician must be able to _________ public criticism.
2. We _________the robbers as they entered the store.
3. The majority of the people at the meeting were___________ to the proposal.
4.We should always keep the flashlight _____________ in case the fuse(保险丝)blows again.
5. Without rules, people would live in a state of __________ .
6. Experts have_________ an upturn(翻转)in the stock market.
7. The doctor advised us to take every ____________ so as not to catch cold.
8. It was the strangest____________ I can remember in my university days.

Translate the following into English.

Now try to write you own short composition with a general statement supported by details. The
topic has a detailed outline that you can follow if you choose.
Topic: Mrs. Successful earthquake prediction by animal abnormal(异常的)behavior
Details: the Chinese, predict, a major earthquake, in Haicheng, on February4, 1975; the local
                       people, note, chickens, pigeons, not enter, cages; cattle, not eat; dogs, bark,
                       in chorus(齐声), all over town; rats, run out, hideouts(躲藏处), march,
                       fearlessly, houses; some fish, leap out of, ponds, to die; horses, run, around
                       their fields; snakes, come out, from their ground holes, freeze to death, on
                       winter ice.
                       In 1964, before the great Alaska earthquake, notice, bears, come out of,
                       hibernation(冬眠), two weeks, before, normal winter sleep, end, head, for
                       the hills

Unit VII

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.
      distribute           via           discount              circulate
      launch               spray          release             soar
      bankrupt             bloom         margin                chase
1. The heart _________ blood round the body.
2. The postal department _________the mail by districts.
3. The convict(囚犯)was ___________ from prison after serving his sentence.
4.The students wrote notes in the _____________ of the book.
5. The firm __________ the new product with a big advertising campaign.
6. Students get a _________ on air fares, which may save them a lot of money.
7.Mother ____________ the cat from the bedroom.
8. Severe business losses left the company____________ .

Translate the following into English.
   掉 100 多万枝玫瑰。
4.由于进口玫瑰花占了美国全部市场的 57%,国内玫瑰种植商的利润率已大大地下降。

Now try to write you own short composition with a problem-solution pattern. The topic has a
detailed outline that you can follow if you choose.
Topic: U.S. rose selling companies have managed to survive amid severe foreign competition
Problem: U.S. rose selling companies, threaten with, the danger, chase, ou of business, imported
           roses, at lower prices, flow into, the country
Solutions: adapt to, the changed conditions, in the marketplace, the rose selling companies, move
           overseas, have their own rose farms, in some foreign countries, grow roses, low labor
           costs; at the same time, U.S. rose selling companies, buy, roses grown, in other
           countries; they, delivery, via, overnight mail, anywhere, in the country, bring, roses,
           better, fresher, cheaper; in addition, as a replacement for, lost rose sales, the companies,
           start, sell, other types of flowers; manage, survive, amid severe foreign competition

                                      KEY TO EXERCISES

Unit I

1.suspicion        2.restored        3.considerate         4.inherited
5.furnish          6.justify         7.substantial         8.fantastic

1. My thanks also go to shoes who still stuck by me when I fell on dark days.
2. Now that he has published a popular novel which earns him a large amount of money, he is able
   to buy a new house and a car.
3. The police said that their suspicions were aroused because the girl had other marks on her body.
4. How can you talk to her like that? She is the one who brought you up and helped you finish
5. Hard as the road for these students after school will be, their prospects are bright.
6. In order to have enough money to run the business, he sold his newly-bought house at auction
   even at a substantial loss.
7. He is fully justified in criticizing the police commissioner for poorly supervising his
8. These ancient buildings which are protection have been restored beautifully to attract

Unit II

1.moderate        2.consume           3.typically         4.modified
5.evidence        6.restricted        7.calculate         8.remedy

1. Most people with low iron reserves don’t know they have an iron deficiency.
2. It is not sufficient only to check levels of the blood protein that transports oxygen.
3. Men are not safe, especially those who eat little meat and have a high level of physical activity.
4. It’s advisable for people in these groups to have a yearly blood test to check blood iron reserves.
5. Iron supplements may produce a feeling of wanting to throw up, and may be poisonous in some

Unit III

1. cultivate       2.comprehensive           3.controversial           4.suspend
5. strain          6.preliminary             7.conventional            8.reform


1. Our school operates on the principle that moral values and academic achievements are equally
2. The mew teaching program was suspended last term because the teachers in the department
   protested its demands and the strain associated with more intense work.
3. We see ourselves as preparing our students for a way of life by cultivating a comprehensive set
   of principles that can affect all of them.
4. The basis of the Character First idea is that every human being has a unique potential that is
    based on character, not intelligence or wealth.
5. We were warned by the teacher in the first lesson that students got a grade not only for
   academic achievement but also for attendance and best effort..

Unit IV

1. inspected        2.assembled              3.exaggerated           4.versions
5. universal        6.interpretation         7.solemn                8.inspired


1. His parents did not approve of his plan to go and study abroad with a girl they had never met,
    but he went ahead and got to New York with her.
2. It is said that the painter used his aunt as the model in the painting whose face represented
   suffering yet strength.
3. The real Ken did not like the three-dimensional Barbie dolls, which were described as having
   the appearance of ‘a woman who sold sex’.
4. The novelist instantly rose to fame in 1950 with the publication of Good-bye, My Dear, a novel
    inspired by his experience with a girl on his older brother’s farm.
5. After the war, a character called Uncle Sam began appearing in political cartoons, and soon
   became American’s most popular symbol.

Unit V

1. preceding         2.decay             3.secured           4.dripping
5. slid              6.hints             7.interval          8.privileges

1. Mrs. Clark lies in bed motionless, and I wonder briefly if she is still alive.
2. In the final phase of his journey, the traveller in the desert depended on chewing tree leaves to
   ease his thirst.
3. These soldiers have received very strict training and been well equipped to fulfil the new task..
4. I clean her body carefully, tying to avoid hurting her, as she is only skin and bones.
5. Time seems to stand still. Mrs. Clark and I both become aware that she is dying, leaving this

Unit VI

1. withstand        2.detected              3.resistant           4.handy
5. chaos            6.forecast              7.precaution          8.occurrence

1. The world has leaned something concerning earthquake prediction from the Chinese, who have
    noted that before an earthquake, some animals would change their normal behavior.
2. As most of the people who die in earthquakes are killed by falling buildings, building structures
   must be improved so that they can withstand the power of earthquakes.
3 .Besides working to improve building structures, people in areas where earthquakes are common
   should also prepare for the possibility of a great earthquake in several other aspects.
4. Keep an English-English dictionary handy, and when you cannot interpret a word with accuracy,
    you may refer to it any time.
5. It is sensible for every family to make earthquake emergency plans and all the family members
should know how to leave the area during the chaos following an earthquake.

Unit VII

1. circulates         2.distributes            3.released           4.margin
5. launched                7.chased             8.bankrupt

1. Valentine’s Day is the biggest day for the nation’s rose industry, as on this day the rose retailers
    will sell more than one million roses.
2. As for traditional flower shops, selling roses is no longer such a beautiful experience as before,
   because intense market competition has chased them almost out of business.
3. While discount rose retailers watch their business bloom, U.S. rose growers are going bankrupt
   as large amounts of foreign roses get into American markets.
4. As the imported roses account for 57% of the total American markets, the profit margin of the
    domestic rose growers has dropped substantially.
5. Some smart domestic rose growers have begun to work with the overseas rivals, instead of
    fighting them.

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