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					What would be the first city that pops up in your mind once you hear the
country of Malaysia? Many would think about Kuala Lumpur, the main city
of Malaysia. Many tourists would come to Malaysia and explore only the
main city and some nearby cities as well, which is common to many
tourists and is quite acceptable. However, those who really love to
explore go beyond the main land of Malaysia and visit nearby islands
which belong to other states under Malaysia. One state of Malaysia, that
is seldom visited is Kedah. This place is a state of Malaysia located in
the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia.This state holds one of the
best cities you must see in Malaysia. This city is called Langkawi.

Hello, Langkawi!

Langkawi is a cluster of 99 islands which is separated from Mainland
Malaysia. It holds some of the best beaches in Malaysia and is considered
to have of the best views in the country. Langkawi's economy is centered
on tourism and this is one of the reasons why this place is well kept and
maintained by its local government. Langkawi is 30km away from the
northern mainland part of the country. Getting to Langkawi is not a
problem since the place can be reached by air and sea. They have an
international airport that serves as gateway to various cities in Asia
like Singapore, Phuket, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. This means you can
always get to those places and just fly to Langkawi. Aside from that a
ferry or a boat would do land transfers from various cities in Thailand
and mainland Malaysia as well. If you plan on getting here,
transportation is not a problem.

What's in Store for You?

One of the things you need to know about this place is that, it was
awarded a World Geopeak status by UNESCO, due to its various conservation
areas. Langkawi is close to nature and people who love to trek and
explore would have fun in this place. One of the place you should see is
The Kilim River. This area showcases three river strips that are
interconnected. The next one you should see is Pregnant Maiden Lake which
is a simple lake yet is stunningly beautiful and is one of the major
attractions in the Island. The last thing to visit is the Langkawi
Islands where it holds the 99 islands of the place. Along with those
islands are top beaches that offer the best resorts in town.

One place you shouldn't miss is Burau Bay which holds a lovely beach and
a very attractive shoreline. Resorts are near the beach and offers you a
luxurious stay with a very ambitious accommodation. The food is well
served and people love to come back here from time to time. There you go,
this is Langkawi and this is all you should know for now. Explore the
place now and you wouldn't regret spending a dime.

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