BIG TENT - ATTENDEES

Invited                            Groups Organisation
Michael Napier                     CHAIR   - Irwin Mitchell
Professor John Peysner                     - Nottingham Law School
Bob Musgrove                               - Private Secretary to the Master of the Rolls

Tim Wallis                           A     - Crutes Solicitors
Garry Barker                         A     - Law Society
Roger Charter                        A     - Churchill Insurance
Peter Graham Harris                  A     - Legal Services Devt Div
(Represented by Kevin Rousell)
Andrew Hopper QC                     A     - Accident Group
Peter Hurst                          A     - Senior Costs Judge
(Represented by Peter Rogers)
Rachel Sarfas                        A     - Thomson Solicitors
Neil Rickman                         A     - University of Surrey
Jason Rowley                         A     - Vizards Wyeth

Laura Wilkin                         B     - Weightmans
Dominic Claydon                      B     - Norwich Union
Graham Gibson                        B     - Groupama Insurance Ltd
Ashley Holmes                        B     - Consumers’ Association
Paul Hurley                          B     - Law Club Legal Protection
(Represented by Eileen Phillips)
David Marshall                       B     - APIL
John O’Hare                          B     - Costs Judge
Robert Thorneycroft                  B     - Thorneycroft & Co.
Russell Wallman (AM Only)            B     - The Law Society

Frances McCarthy                     C     - Pattinson & Brewer Solicitors
Michael Cook                         C     - Circuit Judge
Andrew Wood                          C     - Zurich Commercial
David Hartley                        C     - Accident Line
Toby Hooper QC                       C     - Barrister
Antonia Romeo (n/a)                  C     - LCD
Kerry Underwood                      C     - Underwoods Solicitors
(Represented by Robert Males)
Frasier Whitehead                    C     - Russell Jones & Walker

Monty Trent                          D     - District Judge
Roger Bolt                           D     - Bolt Burdon
Tony Girling                         D     - Girlings
Tamara Goriely (n/a)                 D     - Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Matthew Harman                       D     - The Association of Law Costs
Alistair Kinley                      D     - ABI
Owen Tudor                           D     - TUC
Valerie Jones                        D     - Berrymans Lace Mawer
Linda Sohawon                        D     - Amicus - MSF

Patrick Allen                        E     - APIL
Graham Codd                          E     - Irwin Mitchell
Tony Guise                           E     - Fairmays
Chris Lethem (n/a)                   E     - District Judge
Christine Malkin                     E     - AMICUS Legal
Brian Raincock                       E     - Litigation Protection Ltd
Janet Tilley                         E     - MASS
Andrew Twambley                      E     - Amelans Solicitors
Charles Wright                       E     - DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd

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