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     ENGLISH                               MATHS
                                                                                SOCIAL STUDIES
Public Speaking                 Mapping
                                                                                   Law
 Debate                         Measurement
                                                                                   Government
 Word Study                     Estimates of distance, height,
                                                                                   Bushrangers
 Colloquialisms                  weight, etc.
                                                                                   Mapping
 Story Map
 Summaries
 Drama

                                      INTEGRATING DEVICE

                                          LAW & ORDER


                                                                        Wanted Poster
                                                                        Computer editing of
              SCIENCE                                                    narrative

  Forensic Science
  Making observations accurately -
   Using the five senses


                                                     Ballads

 Safety & the Law
 Protective Behaviours


                                                                              Draw a bushranger
                                                                              Computer Graphics
                            LOTE                                              Wanted Poster
                                                                              Identikit
                    German Laws                                              Court Artists
                                            Language Overview

Years: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7            Semester:               Term:                Duration: 9 weeks

                                            Integrating Device

                                               Law & Order

                                            Holistic Objectives

            Genres            Subject Matter            Roles and Relationships Mode and Medium

Level 6/7 - Debate            Rules                     Group Member             Debate
Level 4/5 - Public Speech     Laws                      Presenter                Story Map
                              Government                                         Poster
Review:                                                                          Thesaurus


                         Human                                              Material

Teacher Librarian                                        Law-Makers, Law-Breakers - Jacaranda

Learning Support Teacher                                 Why Should I? - M. White, L. Tan

Guest Speakers                                           Electoral Education - AEC

 Constable--------- - Adopt - a - Cop                   Living With Rules & Laws - J Dickson

 ------- - Barrister                                    Bulk Loan - School Library

                                            Orientating Phase

Read and View               Write                                        Speak and Listen
 What are Laws?             Word Bank for word Study                    Discuss rules for living in a
                             Brainstorm legal terms                       society
                                                                          Review Class Rules

                                            Enhancing Phase

                  Subject Matter                                            Language in Use

Read for information                                             study grammatical conventions in
Story Map

Skim text to predict                                              colloquialisms

Sequence Events                                                   write definitions

Record Facts                                                      shared and guided reading

Read & View

Discuss to express opinions


Drama (Play)


Crime Report

6 Hats

Thinkers’ Keys

                                           Synthesising Phase

   Levels 4/5 - Public Speech                                             Levels 6/7 - Debate

    planning                               conferring and consulting                          rehearsing
                         presenting                                      reflecting

            Students will develop:

            - positive attitudes to themselves and other people

            - understanding of the key concepts related to values and adjustments

            - the ability to learn new attitudes and adjust those currently held

            Students will develop:

            - understanding of key concepts related to decision making, problem
              solving and critical thinking

            - identify appropriate information

            - plan, confer, consult, rehearse and present public speech or debate

            Students will develop:

            - the ability to use relevant communication procedures

            - the ability to learn and use new patterns of generic structure

            Students will develop:

            - an understanding of laws and how laws are made
                                       Sequence of Activities

Activities                     Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10

 Read and Discuss
“What are the Laws?”
- View & Discuss Poster 1
 Brainstorm Terms
 Create Word Bank for word
 study (Build on throughout)
 Review class rules
- View & Discuss posters 4 & 5
 The Law & You
- Adopt-a-cop & Barrister
 Strictly for kids
- Story Map
- Action / Outcome
 Shoplifting
- Roleplaying
Administering the Law
- View & Discuss Poster 6
 Government
- Time Line
- Comprehension
- Levels of Government
 Court
- Read & Discuss
- Floor Plan
 Thinkers’ Keys - ‘The Law”
                                       Sequence of Activities

Activities                    Wk 1   Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10

Outside the Law
 Bushrangers
- Read & Comprehend
‘A Trooper’s Tale
- Draw & Dress a Bushranger
- Play
 Outlaws
Upholding the Law
 Police work
- Summarise
 Forensic Science
- Make an Identikit
 Detectives
- Cloze

- Write a Crime Report
- Crossword
           Sequence of Activities

             Synthesising Phase

                Weeks 7,8,9.

         Levels 4/5 - Public Speech
             Levels 6/7 - Debate
                   - planning
- conferring and consulting (Teacher and Peer)
                 - rehearsing
                 - presenting
                  - reflecting

      Observation              Consultation          Focused Analysis        Peer and Self
       Technique                Technique                Technique            Technique

Check list             Conference                 True? False Test      Reading Log
                                                  Samples of Written
Anecdotal                                                               Writing Log
                                                  Cloze exercise

         Record                  Record                    Record               Record

Student Profiles       Notes                      Test Results          Learning Log

         Report                  Report                    Report               Report

End of Year Written


                                NOTES FOR FUTURE PLANNING

                                          Law & Order
SEMESTER ____ , TERM ____                                                            19__


What Are Laws?                                                            Activity
 The Highgate Hill Mob
 Neighbours
 Strictly For Kids                              Read and discuss
 Shoplifting                                    Story Map
 5 Finger Discounts                             Observation
                                                 What should you do?
Administering the Law                            The Present Takers
 Aboriginal Law
 White Contract                                 Read and discuss
 Tribal Justice
                                                 Response Sheet
 Law Making in Australia
                                                 Why should I?
 Politicians in Uniform
 Some Australian Prime Ministers
                                                 Some Political Parties
 Old Laws / New Laws
 Governing a Nation
 Teenager Skateboard Offenders to Face          Structures of Government
        $2000 Fines
 Points of View                                 Breaking Laws
 Guilty or Not Guilty
 Order in the Court

Outside the Law                                  What happens in Court?
 Infamous Outlaws
 The Bushrangers
 As Game as Ned Kelly                           Cooking - Baddy Biscuits
 Bail Up!
 Taking his Chance                              Response Sheet
 A Trooper’s Tale                               Outlaws - wordsearch
 Cop Capers                                     Read and discuss

Upholding the Law                                Summarise
 Police Work
 Forensic Science
 Safety House
 Neighbourhood Watch
 Matty Trakker & the Money Man
 Literature’s Greatest Detective
 War on Crime in Idaville                       Matty Trakker & the Money Man -
 What Every Good Sleuth Should Wear             Cloze
 Would you be a Good Witness?                   Crime Report
How good a witness are you?
Law Crossword
           Role Play: Five Finger Discount

                    Setting:   A toy shop.

Situation: A “friend” wants to take a video game from the shop
                    without paying for it .

            Roles: Pushy friend. Reluctant friend.
       ROLE PLAY: Five Finger Discount

               Setting: School playground

Situation: Some children are comparing toys they’ve nicked.

      Roles: One who has taken a toy but feels guilty.
      One who hasn’t taken any. Gang leader. Other.
     Role Play: Five Finger Discount

                  Setting: Park

Situation: A “leader” wants to “hit” a record shop.

  Roles: Gang; leader, reluctant member, others.
         Role Play: Five Finger Discount

                     Setting: Car Park

Situation: The group is discussing cigarettes they’ve stolen.

   Roles: Group of friends. Some smoke. Some Don’t.
  One steals them from parents. One steals from the shop.
                     Role Play: Five Finger Discount

                               Setting: At the pool.

              Situation: A group of children was caught taking CD’s.
There is a “leader” of the group. The parent has confronted this person after a store
       detective called. This person is telling the group about it afterwards.

                             Roles: Group. “Leader”.

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