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Assets wrapped in an investment bond
It is entirely possible to have a property fund inside an investment bond. This same property fund
can then be inside an ISA. Whilst inside the property investment bond the property fund will grow
and pay basic rate tax. There is a potential to pay higher rate tax at a later stage. An ISA grows free
of tax and as such the property fund will underperform inside an investment bond.

Unit Trusts
A unit trust has a tax free capital gain each year of $10.100. Meaning that the $100,000 investment
will grow at 10% and there would have be on tax on the gain. However, the majority of investments
would be less than $100,000. If investors took the growth each year they could roll that straight into
an ISA. And if there is a spouse they could too, as the allowance is per person.

Charges & fees
A god tip to remember regarding investment bond is that they have disguised charges called ‘extra
allocation’ rates which effectively hide any up-front charges by spreading them out over a period of
five years or on earlier encashment. This means that any extra gained will be taken back along with
their normal charges.

Understanding ‘the plan’ details
Investment bonds are sold as a ‘plan’ that gives the investor a 5% tax free income. With an
investment bond you can take your money back (5% over 20 years). That’s all. There is no tax break
as is often misunderstood. Remember too that a financial adviser gets paid 7% or 8% commission for
an investment bond, whereas with and ISA only 3% commission is paid.

Save money On Fees
Another great tip for using wrap account over an investment bond is that the investment via a wrap
allows access to most funds for the lowest price-often close to zero. In an investment bond the
financial adviser visits every five years includes a new set of charges, these are eliminated using a
wrap account.

Mirror Funds
Mirror funds are a fund an investment bond. In effect they are a disguised version of it. The mirrored
versions are easily recognised as they have the name of the insurance company in front of the fund
as per the AIG example. Don’t buy into these, they return less than that original funds.

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