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New Volkswagen Beetle TDI 2012

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									New Volkswagen Beetle TDI 2012

New Volkswagen Beetle TDI 2012 at Chicago Auto Show, the oneness presented as a third model series
af anvendelserne, Beetle. The VW Beetle TDI 2.0-liter Turbocharged, direct indsprøjtning clean diesel
engine producer of 140 HP and 236 lb-born af drejningsmoment. individual motor Funktion a steadfast
cylinderblokkens and an aluminum alloy cylinder head. It also udnytter Nogle subtle design elements,
where the contribution to holdbarhed and reduktion af Stoja, vibration, and hårdheden. Steel
krumtapakslen stores, for example, Bruges, only four modvægt, instead of eight, the Reduced
providence of stress and Stoja emission. Pistons indarbejde annular channels that Olie is sprøjtes to
Kolingen Zone piston ring. A couple af counter-rotating balancer is twisted under the krumtapakslen Olie

The engine is mated to a six-speed manuel transmission or VW's innovative, dual-link DSG six-speed
automatic. Six-speed, DSG tværs assembly ready enhed Funktion two våd links with hydraulic pres
Regulation. A link controls the 'ulige' redskaber - first, third, fifth and reverse - while the candidate
operates the self redskaber. It is hovedsagelig two gearboxes in one.

The Volkswagen Beetle TDI 2012 is 71.2 inches wide (3.3 inches wider), 58.5 inches tall (0.5 inches
lower) and 168.4 inches long (7.3 inches længere). New contact point C søjlen. Udvikling team also
increased the car's track widths and akselafstand. The ændrede proportions give a Beetle stærkt and
dynamic udseende. TDI external afviger from the 2.5 and Turbo in the clear 17-inch aluminum-alloy
wheels, TDI badging and a chrome trim line, begrænse top of the door sheet metal.
Indvendig, the car's distinctive format, with colors and shapes, Harken tilbage ahead of originally
scheduled for the Beetle interior. Three round gauges arranged in front af driver (omdrejningstæller,
hastighedsmåler, brændstof measures), donor Important enlightenment on a øjeblik. A multifunktions
display is integrated into hastighedsmåler, where is opstaldet the positioner centrale in the binnacle.

The Volkswagen Beetle TDI 2012 models are equipmen a stræber-type front suspension with lower
control arm and a 22-mm-diameter anti-roll bar. On the reverse, there is a twisting beam system, which
has coil springs and telescopic dæmpere. Ligesom Beetle Turbo, TDI bruger rack and pinion steering with
electric main source of energy assistance.

All models have standard Beetle Blokeringsfri brakes (ABS) with electronic brake distribution presented
(EBD). Beetle TDI have 11.3-inch-diameter front discs udluftet and 10.7-inch-diameter bagpå disc brakes.

Where the finder three Volkswagen Beetle TDI clean diesel trim lines: TDI, TDI with soltag, and TDI with
soltag, Audio, and Navigation. All three are very well equipped, with standard Funktion as power
windows with one-touch up / down, cruise control, V-Tex Leatherette siddepladser; kaeferfach
secondary Glovebox, Bluetooth ®, a leather-ombrudte multifunktions rat with lydkontrolelementerne,
three hjælpeansatte meters; Bruges installation method uden produktnà ¸ gle record with Trækkontakt
start, and a Media Device Interface with iPod ® cable.

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