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Issue 30                           NEWSLETTER                       February 2012

                                   CREATIVE WRITING                   GARDENING GROUP
                                   Joan Skillicorn                    Winifred Beesley
Anyone interested in joining the
U3A is allowed two visits as
‘Taster sessions’                  2.30 to 4.00 1st Friday in the     No further Gardening Group
FOR       INSURANCE                month, meeting room YMCA           meetings will be held until
REASONS NO MORE                    We now have a waiting list for     February 24th.
THAN 2 ATTENDANCES                 this group.
IN    TOTAL      ARE                                                     BBC Gardeners’ World
PERMITTED PRIOR TO                                                        and Good Food Show.
JOINING THE U3A.                   DAYS OUT – PLACES OF               Members who are going to
                                   INTEREST                           the above on Wednesday June
                                                                      13th at Birmingham NEC are
When you book to go on a           John Gostelow                      asked to ensure that they have
trip with any group would                                             paid the full sum of £33 by
you please always show                                                February 17th, the U3A coffee
your current membership            A visit to Port Sunlight, on       afternoon.       Booking has
card..                             the Wirrall the model village      already been in progress at
                                   on the built by Lord               the NEC for some months.
                                   Leverhulme for his workers,        We have booked a 33 seater
INTEREST GROUPS                    is being planned. Please see       coach so we still have three
When you put your name             John for details.                  seats left if you want to join
down on the list for Trips                                            us.
and Theatre you will be            FAMILY HISTORY                     The Garden meeting is on
asked for a non-refundable                                            February 24th and we will
deposit.                           Pat Grimshaw                       have a DVD of Sandringham
                                                                      House, the Queen’s Norfolk
ART GROUP                                                             home. This should be of
                                   3rd Friday in the month            particular interest to those
                                   1 p.m to 2 p.m. in the small
Marian Hulmes                                                         who will visit the House on
                                   meeting room YMCA.
01925 837124                       Who Do You Think You               our Norfolk weekend.
                                   Are? Or rather, Who Do You         The March Garden meeting is
Meetings every Friday from         Think Your Ancestors Were?         on the 30th when the speaker
10 a.m to 12 noon at the           Come along to our meeting          will be Phil Dunnett. This
Salvation Army (behind             and we will try to help you        time his talk will be on Spring
Aldi)                              find those elusive ancestors –     colour and he will again have
                                   where they lived, what they        plants for sale.
                                   did for a living, what secrets
                                   did they have? !!!
Ness Botanic Gardens                Meeting at Louvain’s house –       PUDDING CLUB
                                    ask Louvain for details.
A visit is planned to Ness                                             Anne Doyle
Botanic Gardens on the              Kaluki is a card game, a form
Wirrall for Wednesday May           of rummy, played with two          Pam Potter
16th. The cost for coach and        packs of cards where the aim
entry will be approximately         is to get rid of all your cards
£17.                                before your opponents, by          The Pudding Club meets
Non-returnable deposits of          putting together ‘sets’ or         every month.
£10 will be taken at the            ‘runs.                             We welcome everyone to the
February meetings.                  The members who attend this        Pudding Club, regardless of
                                    meeting thoroughly enjoy the       experience, all you need is an
GOLF                                game – sounds like fun!            interest in baking or creating
                                                                       a dessert. If you would like to
Arthur Hemmings                                                        know more please contact
                                    PHOTOGRAPHY                        Anne or Pam.
Jim Conboy
                                    Stewart Drummond
                                                                       READING GROUP 1
There will be no more meetings
until we resume in March            1.30 to 3.00 p.m. in the YMCA      Joan Skillicorn
although there may be a
possibility of playing on the odd   Please note that meetings will
occasion if the weather allows      start at 1.30 to 3.00 p.m. (an
                                    extra half hour)                   1.30 p.m. 1st Monday in the
us.    See Arthur or Jim for
                                    This will allow members to              month. Ashton library.
                                    have more time to exhibit their    Well supported.
                                    photographs and discuss their
HISTORY                             problems         with       the
                                    assignments. Any other U3A         READING GROUP 2
                                    members who would like to
Madeleine Hynes                     join the group, please come        Joanne Lancaster
                                    along on the 16th February
                                    and      bring     in     some     Pam Potter
We are looking at Russian           photographs and your camera
History from 1900 and are now       to our regular teach-ins.
looking at the Cold War.                                               Our December book (reviewed
 Members enjoy discussing           So, if you are a beginner, have    in January) was A WEEK IN
source materials and giving their   some experience or are             DECEMBER by Sebastian
views on past events.               experienced,       there      is   Faulks (the author of Birdsong
The group continues to be well      something for everyone to          and Charlotte Gray)
supported and there is now a        learn.                             A coming together of a diverse
waiting list.    Please contact                                        group of 21st century characters.
Madeleine if you wish to be         This month’s ‘homework’ –          An insight into the lives sof a
placed on the waiting list.         pictures of frost, ice and snow    Barrister, a Hedgefund Manager,
                                    – in the event of cold weather     a Train Driver, an Author and a
KALUKI                              not arriving, pictures of sky.     self made Asian Businessman
                                                                       and his son. Not quite what we
Louvain Grimshaw                                                       expected from this author but
                                                                       very readable.
                                    On 7th February there will be a      April 10th
Ray Miranda brought in a light      party of members going to see a      Newton-le-Willows/Sankey
hearted book of prose Bard          stage production of Oliver.          Canal
From A Pub in Wigan by David        On 22nd February we travel to        Meet at the car park on Wharf
Hawkins. A collection of very       Liverpool FACT Entertainment         Road
witty prose with a taste of Wigan   complex to watch a live
humour.                             performance of Romeo and
                                    Juliet which we will watch on        WHEN AND WHERE
                                    Large Screen Cinema, our first       DAYS OUt
                                    visit to this type of performance.   Vi France
SINGING FOR                         This sort of performance was
PLEASURE                            checked out first and found to be    Brenda Wilson
                                    a wonderful experience. Please
Joanne Lancaster                    see Kath or Irene for any
                                    available seats.
                                                                         Ask Vi or Brenda for details.
Josie Bretherton                    WALKING GROUP
                                                                         FUTURE SPEAKERS
                                    Pat Aspinall
2nd Friday in the month                                                  This month
YMCA 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
                                    Diane Heaton                         Marjorie Holt – Have You Been
The emphasis with the                                                    Served
Singing for Pleasure group is                                            March
on that last word – pleasure.                                            Norman Harris – Coast to Coast
                                    2nd Tuesday in the month,
                                                                         by Harley Davison
                                    meeting at 12 noon.
Come and join us for a couple       Sturdy         footwear is
of hours of enjoyment – we          recommended and members
guarantee you’ll come away          walk at their own risk.              GROUP OF THE MONTH
feeling on top of the world!
                                    Next walk on February 14th           This Month
STITCHCRAFT                         Birchwood Park, Risley.              Days Out to Place of Interest
                                    From the roundabout at the
Ann Aldred                          Greyhound on the East Lancs          The next group leaders
                                    Road turn right and go past          meeting will be on Tuesday
                                    Bent’s garden centre. Carry on       21st February at 12.30 at the
Meets in the leader’s home on       through Culcheth, past Risley        YMCA.
the 1st and 3rd Tuesday in the      prison. At the first roundabout
month.                              go left on to Daten Avenue.          Deadline for items to go
                                    Follow the brown signs for
This group is still going strong                                         into the newsletter –
and enjoying their love of          Risley Moss passing several
needlecraft.                        roundabouts. The entrance to
                                    Birchwood Park is on your right      March newsletter - 21st
                                    just before the entrance to Risley   February
                                    March 13th Harrow Inn/Dover          We are always being asked if
Kath Sweeney
                                    Lock.                                new groups are being started –
                                    Meet at the Harrow Inn off           ballroom dancing, local history,
Irene Augustine                                                          bowling - to name just a few.
                                    Golborne Road.
                                                                         Well, if you are interested in
                                                                         starting a group in a subject in
                                                                         which you are interested why
not give it a go! A group can       Our web site                    YOUR    COMMITTEE
consist of just two or three                                        MEMBERS
people or more. All it takes is     www.ashtoninmakerfield
an interest which others can        anddistrictu3a                  Pat Grimshaw – Chair
share. We will give any help to
start up, just ask and we will be
only to happy to help.
                                    If anyone would like to have    Irene   Augustine   –   Vice
                                    the newsletter sent by email    chair
                                    can you email
Thank you also to those
members who help with tea
                                 Freda Eaton – Secretary
and coffee, putting out chairs      If you know of any of our
and tables (and putting them                                        Winnie Burns – Treasurer
                                    members who are ill, can
away!)                              you let us know so that we
Help is also appreciated in                                         John Lyon – Membership
                                    can send them a message of      secretary
various roles to assist your        support. Also if you can
committee and we welcome            take a newsletter for them
enquiries in this respect.                                          Frieda Lyon
                                    so they know what is
So, please offer, if you can        happening at U3A.
help in any way. Don’t hide                                         Betty Coldwell
your light under a bushel!
                                                                    Bob Pye
Many thanks to John
Gostelow, our Days Out to                                           Ian Edwards
                                    Sadly, our Pilates Group has
Places of Interest group            had to finish, due to lack of
leader for his talk and                                             Doreen Glover
                                    funding. Thanks to Debbie
presentation in January on          Leigh for running it for so
India and Jordan. Stunning                                          John Gostelow
                                    long, I think all the members
photographs of     beautiful        who attended enjoyed the
places and interesting facts                                        Pat Aspinall
                                    sessions and benefited from
about them.                         them.
John waived his fee for                                             Diane Heaton
doing this and asked that it        SW LANCS NETWORK
be put into our charity for                                         Irene Hodges
this year.                          Ashton-in-Makerfield      &
Thank you, John, this will be                                       Teresa Garland
                                    District U3A is one of a
a welcome start to our fund         group of 10 member U3As
raising.                                                            Dorothy Scully
                                    which form the SW Lancs
                                    Network. If you would like      Anne Clarke
CHARITY OF THE YEAR                 to see what activities are
                                    offered by the other groups,    If you have any questions or
Thank you to those members          please look at this new
who      suggested    charities                                     concerns about our U3A
                                    website                         please do not hesitate to
which we could choose for           www.sw-lancs-u3a-
this year. As it is our policy                                      speak to any member of the
                                     committee and we will do our
to choose a local charity we
will let you know in the near                                       best to answer your queries
future which charity had the                                        and help in any other way.
most nominations.

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