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									                                Human Growth and Development
Human growth and development (birth through adolescence): 3 semester hours. Skills in this
area shall contribute to an understanding of the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual
development of children and the ability to use this understanding in guiding learning experiences.
The interaction of children with individual differences -economic, social, racial, ethnic, religious,
physical, and mental -should be incorporated to include skills contributing to an understanding of
developmental disabilities and developmental issues related to but not limited to attention deficit
disorders, substance abuse, child
abuse, and family disruptions.

George Mason University

302 Human Growth and Development (3:3:0) Introduction to educational issues; not
applicable in graduate-level teacher education programs. Examines human development
through life span with special emphasis on cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional
development of children. Emphasizes contemporary theories of human development and their
relevance to educational practice.

EDUC 539 - Human Development and Learning PK-12- 3 credits
Provides practicing teachers with foundations of psychological theory, research, and
professional practice relating to development and learning in inclusive PK-12
classroom settings.

Northern Virginia Community College

Investigates human behavior through the life cycle. Describes physical, cognitive, and psycho-social aspects of human
development from conception to death. Lecture 3 hours per week.

PSY 235 Child Psychology
Studies development of the child from conception to adolescence. Investigates physical, intellectual, social and
emotional factors involved in the child’s growth and development .

Old Dominion University
ECI 695 Human Growth and Development CRN 34933 (This is a hybrid course 50/50 online)

University of Phoenix Online

EDD 557 Theories of Growing and Learning

University of Virginia

EDLF 7160 Life Span Development

EDLF 716 - (3) (Y)Human Development

University of Virginia’s College at Wise Online Course
EDU 3600 Human Growth and Development

Shepherd University
PHED 590. Advanced Human Development for HPERS Professionals (3)
This course will familiarize HPERS professionals with the major theories of human growth and
development and the continuing research in the field. Students will develop an understanding of
human development including the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social domains of each
stage of development. An emphasis will be placed on the role that developmental stages play in
the teaching and leading of physical activities for all ages. (Students not in the physical education
strand will complete assignments based on the role developmental stages play on their teaching

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