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					Speaking in Front of Other
   The Importance of Public Speaking
• Regardless of who you are and what type of job you
  currently have or plan to have, there's a good
  chance that one day you will be required to make a
  speech in public.
      Reasons for Public Speaking
• 3 reasons why everyone
  needs to learn public
• 1. Every one of us will be
  involved in public speaking
  in some form at some point
  in our lives, so we need to
  be prepared to do a good
  job when that time comes.
               Reasons cont
• 2. Employers consistently rank public
  speaking and related communication skills as
  one of the top skills they look for in
• 3. Being an effective public speaker gives you
  the tools to make a difference in your
  business, in your community, even in the
           Overcoming da Fear
• Learn to overcome the fear and anxiety of speaking in
• Dealing With Fear and Anxiety
• No discussion of public speaking could continue without first
  addressing the problem of stage fright.
• According to a recent study, 70% of people rank giving a
  speech as the thing they are most afraid of.
• You are not alone at feeling scared when we stand in front of
  an audience.
• Your fear is normal-When the human body gets ready for
  any big event, it starts sending out signals which cause
  bursts of adrenaline to be released.
                       Fear cont
• Adrenaline causes all of the
  symptoms we associate
  with speech anxiety:
   – sweaty palms
   – feeling flushed
   – higher pulse rate
• Even accomplished
  professionals in music,
  athletics, and politics,
  experience the exact same
  thing before a
                        Fear cont
• If realizing that your anxiety is a natural reaction and that
  millions of people, here are a few additional tips they will
  lessen your speech anxiety:

• Prepare for your speech
• Don’t wait until the last minute, you will be more nervous.
  The more you practice and prepare the more comfortable
  you will be with your presentation.
                       Fear cont
• Visualize your success
• One of the reasons we fear speaking in public is that we've
  never done it. We always fear the unknown. If you close
  your eyes and visualize yourself successfully delivering the
  speech, you will literally trick your brain into believing
  you've done it before and you won't feel as nervous.
Fear cont
     • Realize that no one can
       see your nervousness
     • Even though we're
       extremely nervous, we
       don't want anyone in the
       audience to know that
       we are and the more we
       worry that they can the
       more nervous we
                       Fear cont
• You need to realize that most of your nervousness is invisible
  to the audience. To them, you just seem to be calmly
  presenting your speech.
• Understand that mistakes are going to happen
                   Fear cont
• No matter how much you prepare and practice
  mistakes will happen. While we may be devastated
  if we screw something up during our speech, the
  truth is that the audience will only realize that
  you've made an error if you draw it to their
• Instead of making a big
  deal out of the error, you
  should simply take a deep
  breath, collect your
  thoughts, and keep moving
  on as if nothing ever
  Steps to Overcome that Fear
• There are several steps of tricks to use to
  overcome the fear of making a mistake or
  looking foolish when you speak to a group:
• Be well-prepared before speaking to a group-
  leave nothing to chance
• Practice your speech-Have a backup, in case
  you forget what you want to say
  • Practice speech many times before you give it
  • Practice alone first
              Overcome the Fear
• Effects of fear-What happens to you specifically?
• Afraid of:
   • Looking foolish in front of other people
   • Mind will go blank
   • Lack of skills may lower their popularity etc…
• Ways to overcome this fear
   • Preparation
   • A safety net
   • Positive attitude toward the audience.
• Reduce the fear of your audience-Relax yourself just before
  you speak
   • Take a couple of deep breaths
   • Count to 10 before beginning
   • Use note cards in an outline format
• One method to overcome this fear is to
  visualize the people as not all that important.
• An old trick is to imagine them all in clown
  outfits. A ridiculous image will make them
  seem not all that important
• You have to realize that
  the audience is usually
  on your side. They want
  to hear what you have
  to say and to see you
  do well.
• Your material-You need to know exactly what
  you are going to talk about.

• This doesn't mean to memorize exactly what
  you plan to say. Rather, it is to have a good
  outline of facts and information that you can
  talk about.
• Know audience-It is good to be aware of what type of
  audience you will be speaking before.
• This will give you an idea of the subject matter and tone of
  your speech.
• If you are speaking before some important people or at an
  important event, that fact may increase your anxiety. But it
  is good to know up front, so that you can properly prepare
  for the occasion.
• It is good to check over the conditions under which you will
• If you can, go up to the lectern to check things over and get a
  feel for things.
• If you will use a microphone, check it out. In some
  situations, a person may simply make a
  presentation in a meeting room at work. Even then,
  it is a good idea to check out the room beforehand
  and try to visualize how you will be doing things.
• Note that going through this process will actually
  relax you and give you more confidence when it is
  your turn to speak.

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