Barn & Apartment Rules by AMQ25we7


									                    Padre Kino Bed and Barn, LLC
                              601 County Road 33
                             Quitaque, Texas 79255
                         Barn & Apartment Rules

            No smoking is permitted anywhere on the premises

  1. Keep exterior doors (front door and mudroom door) closed against wind, dust and
     unwanted critters at all times
  2. Conserve energy whenever possible
  3. Leave apartment as you found it
  4. Place soiled linens in the washer at end of your stay
  5. Secure barn doors
  6. Place barn and apartment keys on the kitchen table as you depart
  7. Lock front door before you leave the premises


  1. Horses must be loaded and unloaded inside the outdoor arena with gate closed
  2. Store and secure all grain in feed bunk in main part of barn (do not use the general
     storage room for this purpose)
  3. Horse stalls are not “halter safe.” Remove halters from horses when stalling them
  4. Outdoor arena may be used for lunging and riding only. The arena may not be
     used as a turnout lot.
  5. Horses may not be ridden on the property except within the confines of the arena
  6. Negative Coggins test results for each horse must be submitted before arrival
     along with signed Renter’s Agreement

                              Enjoy your stay!

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