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Group Mentoring Executive Summary by RKp3Ys




Created by the Leadership Academy Mentoring Program Office at
                the Defense Intelligence Agency
                              Group Mentoring Executive Summary

This Executive Summary is to be used as an introduction to the Group Mentoring Program at
XYZ by Senior Sponsors who will be championing the program. There is an entire Group
Mentoring Tool Kit to support launching and implementing group mentoring at XYZ. Please
see the Insert link to Mentoring Website for additional materials on Group Mentoring at XYZ,

      Group Mentoring Program Guide
      Group Mentoring Instructor Guide
      Group Mentoring Orientation PowerPoint presentation
      Mentee Guide for Group Mentoring
      Mentor Tactical Guide for Group Mentoring

If you have any questions about the materials or have other questions related to group
mentoring, please contact the Mentoring Program Office. Insert Contact Information/Mentoring
Program Email address

What is Group Mentoring at XYZ?

Group Mentoring isn’t the traditional one-on-one (one senior Mentor to one junior Mentee)
relationship we usually think of when mentoring is discussed. Group Mentoring happens when
experienced Mentors meet regularly over a period of months with a number of Mentees to
discuss topics that fit those employees. Often the theme is career development at XYZ. Mentors
are experienced staff, and Mentees can be either new or experienced employees.

What does a Senior Sponsor of Group Mentoring do?

The Senior Sponsor, or champion, is the face of group mentoring for the organization.
Responsibilities of Senior Sponsors include:

      Introduce Group Mentoring during town halls or other meetings (talking points are
      Announce the program and invite staff to enroll (announcement/enrollment forms are
      Remind staff about the program in ongoing organization communications
      Authorize staff time to participate in Group Mentoring (12 hours over six months)
      Encourage chiefs, supervisors, and managers to allow their staff time to participate

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                               Group Mentoring Executive Summary

      Identify staff to manage the program and make this effort a priority for them
      Oversee Mentor selection by discussing potential Mentors with staff
      Facilitate formation of groups by discussing selection criteria with staff who are
       managing the program

Why should a XYZ organization implement group mentoring?

Successful Group Mentoring helps build trust, encourages positive relationships, and provides
a forum for meaningful conversations. Group Mentoring provides structure for mentoring
conversations with materials, session topics and training all ready to go. The benefits of Group
Mentoring include:

      Connecting new employees with XYZ; studies show that mentoring increases retention
      Creating time-efficiency for Mentors; Mentors reach 12-15 Mentees at one time,
       maximizing their time investment
      Encouraging peer mentoring; multiple mentoring relationships develop in a group

What does group mentoring address?

Several tracks for group mentoring at XYZ are:

      Bureaucratic/Organizational Understanding: navigating the systems, learning who to
       contact, finding out how to get things done.)
      Career Development: Both new and experienced employees benefit from this. (Note:
       these sample topics are included in this summary.)
      Functional/Expertise Development: the classic example of a senior analyst sharing
       techniques and expertise with more junior analysts is one best practice
      Leadership Development: focused on developing leadership skills. Note: this track is
       similar to Career Development; it is focused on maximizing leadership potential.

What are mentors and mentees asked to do? (Mentor and Mentee Guides are provided)

      Adhere to ground rules that help create and maintain trust
      Commit to attend training and at least four of the six monthly sessions
      Participate fully in each session
      Complete mid-point and post session evaluation surveys

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                              Group Mentoring Executive Summary

What are Group Mentoring Task Leads or Task Force Members asked to do? (The Program
Guide is provided)

      Plan session topics and prepare materials
      Enroll/Select Mentors and Mentees (includes pre-session mentee surveys)
      Conduct training/orientation before sessions begin
      Facilitate monthly group mentoring sessions (typically 6 sessions)
      Evaluate the program (mid-point and post session evaluations)

What are the sample topics for the six monthly sessions? (Details are in the Mentor and
Mentee Guides)

      Building Trust and Relationships
      Communications and Listening Skills
      Networking and Building Professional Relationships
      Team Building Behaviors and Leadership Skills for All
      Exploring Career Opportunities
      What’s Next?

We encourage you to launch group mentoring for your staff. Please contact the Mentoring
Program at Insert Contact Information/Mentoring Program Email address if you have questions.

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