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									                                                                        API Data Sheet

Accelero™ GSM MAP API

The GSM MAP API is primarily used in the wireless net-
                                                                   Accelero™ GSM MAP Interface Features
work to provide services like automatic roaming, authen-
tication, intersystem hand off, short message service,
etc. on a GSM or UMTS network. All wireless network            •     Easy to use C++ API
elements like the MSC, HLR, VLR, SMSC, EIR and AUC             •     Platform independent and Object oriented
use this messaging protocol to communicate among                     implementation
                                                               •     Available on a number of platforms - includ-
The Accelero™ GSM MAP suite offers an extensive set                  ing Solaris and Linux
of APIs for developing traditional to next generation mo-
bile applications for a variety of network elements. Con-      •     Thread safe allowing development of multi-
venient and easy to use, it offers a host of interfaces              threaded applications.
catering to requirements for all the phases in the evolu-      •     Integrated with Accelero™ TCAP (ITU), and
tion of GSM MAP protocol:                                            SCCP (ANSI/ITU).
Phase 1 & 2 - compliant APIs may find potential usage          •     Seamless support for SIGTRAN and/or TCP/IP
in deploying:                                                        transport.
   •   Traditional VLR/EIR/HLR/AuC solutions per-
       forming MS location management, authentica-
                                                               •     Call processor agents offering value added
       tion and subscriber data management ser-
                                                                     services such as Group Calls, Broadcast
   •   Typical first generation MSC applications of-
                                                               •     Upgrades to existing programs for anytime
       fering call handling and non call related sup-
                                                                     database queries concerning updated user
       plementary services.
                                                                     profile (ProvideSubscriberInformation) or MS
   •   Short Message Service (SMS) capability lo-                    location retrieval (AnyTimeInterrogation/ATI).
       cated at HLR or a Short Message Center
                                                            Phase 3 APIs extend the capabilities of existing nodes for
   •   OAM-application for provisioning, monitoring         supporting:
       and administering cellular services.
                                                               •     Location Services logic to provide a wide ar-
Phase 2+ APIs lay down added functionalities suited for
                                                                     ray of solutions leveraging most recent posi-
more advanced mobile application development, such as:
                                                                     tion information of the subscriber, as in case
   •   Applications catering to emerging packet net-                 of emergency calls etc.
       work standards like GPRS

UMTS Services
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System,                         Standards
UMTS, is one of the major 'third generation' (3G) mo-               Do-         Series     Release       Phas      Lat-       ASN     Year
bile communications systems being developed within                  main                                 e         est        Mod-
the framework defined by the ITU and known as IMT-
2000. UMTS enables the wireless Information Soci-                   GSM         09.02      Phase1        1         3.11.0     1       1990
ety to deliver high-value broadband information, com-               GSM         09.02      Phase2        2         4.19.1     2       1995
merce and entertainment services to mobile users via
fixed, wireless and satellite networks.                             GSM         09.02      1996          2+        5.15.1     3       1996

Due to these powerful and unique features, it facili-               GSM         09.02      1997          2+        6.8.0      4       1997
tates the development of platform-independent,                      GSM         09.02      1998          2+        7.12.0     5       1998
transport-independent and vendor-independent appli-
                                                                    UMTS        29.002     3             1         3.15.0     6       1999
                                                                    UMTS        29.002     4             1         4.10.0     7       2000
Operations performed by the Accelero™ GSM MAP
APIs include the following:                                         UMTS        29.002     5             1         5.4.0      8       2002

   •   Insert Subscriber Data                                       UMTS        29.002     6             1         6.0.0      9       2003
   •   Anytime Interrogation
   •   Send Routing Info
   •   Send Information for Outgoing Call
The ITU standard defines the specification for the
GSM MAP API in the ASN.1 format with BER
(Basic Encoding Rules). The Object-Oriented API
encapsulates the details of this encoding and
presents a user-friendly mechanism to encode
and decode the operations, without the onerous
manipulation of the TLV (Tag, Length, Value)
formatting. In addition, the API provides the ab-
stractions for buffer management for the mes-
sage and prettyprinting the message contents for
debugging and tracing. A powerful C++ exception
handling subsystem provides error-handling ca-
pabilities for graceful handling by the application
when message/errors occur.

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