Notice of the Annual General Meeting Wednesday 16th May 2012 at 1930 hours at The


    1. Apologies for absence.

    2. To approve the minutes of the AGM 2011.

    3. To receive and approve the minutes of the SGM 16th April 2012.

    4. To receive and approve the Chairman’s report.

    5. To receive and approve the Honorary Treasurer’s report, including a proposal
       on Subscriptions for the 2012/2013 season.

    6. Nominations for Honorary Life Vice-Presidents.

    7. Election of Officers.
        See attached list

    8. Any other business notified to the Honorary Secretary, at least 3 days before
       the meeting on 16th May 2012.

Robert Voss
(01638) 669596

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 25th May 2011, held at 1900 hours at
The Clubhouse.

1.   Present:          See attached list.

2.   Apologies:        See attached list:

3.   To Approve the Minutes of the AGM 2011 :

     The minutes of the AGM held on 25th May 2011 were accepted as a true record of the

     Acceptance of the minutes was proposed by Ray Burt and seconded by Philippa
     Walker – accepted by the meeting.

4.   To Receive and Approve the Chairman’s Report:

     Neil Richardson, Club Chairman, addressed the meeting: the detail of his report is as

     To begin I would like to welcome you all here to the AGM and to thank all those
     individuals who have given up so much of their time to help in the running of the club,
     without their help it would be impossible to provide the opportunity for so many to
     play this great sport.

     In particular I would like to pay tribute to Louise Hansford who has been the treasurer
     of the club for so many years and is standing down at this AGM. Louise’s connection
     with the club originated through her husband Bob but has extended much beyond
     Bob’s playing days and she has fulfilled one of the most difficult tasks with great

     Another person standing down after many years service to the club in a variety of roles
     is Adrian Green, most recently Director of Junior Rugby, Adrian has also been
     Chairman of the club and is another person who has committed so much of his free
     time to ensuring the provision of Rugby at Newmarket and he is deserving of our

     After an almost unprecedented period of success for the first team over the previous 3
     years, the recent season has proved more difficult for the squad with challenges both
     on and off the field. In this difficult season, Richie Harper has led the team with great
     dignity and commitment and I would also like to thank him for his efforts, at all times
     his focus has remained on trying to do the best for the club.

     For the squad, the coaching staff and management; this season has taught a hard
     lesson, that we are so much stronger as a group when we remain focused and all pull
     together in the same direction and it will be a priority to ensure that during the close
     season we regroup and return to action in September having cast aside the distractions,
and with the same single minded approach that has proved so successful over the
previous three years.

To recreate that success we must all work as one, leave our ego’s and dislikes at home
and concentrate on the task at hand, if we do this I have no doubt that we have the
personnel to do well, after all we must not forget that despite everything, the team
finished fourth in a new division which is a significant achievement.

The development Team have also endured a difficult time in 2010/2011, a strong unit
this time last year, by the start of the season they had lost several key players and
captain Matt Lubbock faced a very difficult task in holding the team together, to his
credit he managed to do this although not without some angst, even on occasions
venturing where no self respecting centre would ever go and playing in the front row.
It is this type of commitment that is needed at all levels of the club, we need members
to offer more than just a commitment to play, being a captain with little or no support
from your colleagues can be a lonely and frustrating job.

The third team finished the season on a high with success in the Greene king cup,
albeit with a couple of unfamiliar faces in the team, for another season Lee Pooley has
put in hours of work to ensure that the art of coarse rugby is alive and well at
Newmarket. Having at last decided to pension off his Jock strap, Lee has committed
some of his time once more to the club by offering himself for a role on the committee.
As you are I am sure aware, Dave Sayer head coach for the past 4 seasons has decided
to relinquish the role, his contribution in turning around the playing fortunes of the
club should not be underestimated. I am pleased to say that Dave will continue to have
an influence within the club as he has agreed to assist with coaching the under 18
group next season.

The club has advertised for a replacement and an interview process has begun, and it is
hoped that we will be in a position to make an appointment in the near future.

Junior rugby, so often the shining jewel in our crown has added yet more sparkle this
season with the formation of the first ever girls rugby team at Newmarket, in great part
down to the drive of Claire Burt who wanted to provide an opportunity for her
daughter to continue to play the game she loved at the club she loves. The success of
this venture has surpassed everyone’s expectations to the extent that next season
Newmarket RUFC will field girl’s teams at two differing age groups.

The work that Claire has undertaken this season will have a major impact on the club
going forward, the provision of female rugby is a key issue in obtaining access to the
funding streams that we will need to bring the new ground project to completion.

Moving on to the search for a new ground, I can understand the frustrations of those
members who may feel that they cannot see any progress. I too share this frustration
but I can assure you all that it is not through a lack of effort, in particular Jim Paxton
has devoted hundreds of hours to this project, every possible site in Newmarket and the
immediate surrounds has been explored, as have some more remote locations.

The restrictions on change of use for racing related land means that it has become
increasingly apparent that if we are to maintain the club within the town, it will be
necessary for us to gain an agreement to use one of the Suffolk County Council owned
     sites, namely Scaltback, St Felix or the College field, as other suitable sites are either
     unlikely to gain approval, or have already been ear marked for other purposes.

     The pace of discussions with local government can be frustrating, especially with so
     many self interested groupings all vying to have their say and it can be difficult to
     ascertain when we are being told the whole truth. For a long period the club has
     adopted a low key approach in an attempt to win over various interested party’s hoping
     for support from within the local authorities, without it has to be said any real success
     apart from one or two notable exceptions.

     It seems clear however that the time has come for the club to be more assertive in it’s
     needs, we are after all one of the largest and most successful sporting clubs in the town
     and as a result we are entitled to expect assistance from the local authorities in our
     search for a new home or a clear and public justification of why they will not help.

     A successful campaign to establish a secure home will then see us facing one of the
     biggest challenges of all, namely the raising of the necessary funds. To be brutally
     frank, were we to be fortunate to find a new ground tomorrow we are horribly
     unprepared financially and it is to correcting this situation that we must all address
     ourselves. Any potential benefactor or supporter would be entirely fair in asking what
     have you done for yourselves before offering any commitment of their own.

     Quite simply we need to be raising amounts measured in tens of thousands over the
     next few years, this is not something that can be undertaken by the committee alone
     but is dependant on every member of the club becoming involved, if every member,
     senior & Junior raised £250 which in itself is not a huge amount, then we would have a
     balance in the region of £100,000.

     So as always there is much to do, I will finish as I began by thanking all those who
     have worked so hard over the past twelve months to move the club forward. To those
     of you here tonight who are not directly involved, I would say you obviously care
     because you came along so why not consider volunteering.

     Bodek Grzech asked why there was so much emphasis, from the local authority,
     towards football. Neil replied that the local authority did not support football per se but
     that, since the Lambton Playing Fields played host to many individual football clubs,
     they had a duty of care to re-home them, once the Lambton field had been re-
     developed. Neil conceded that there was, however, an apparent apathy, from the local
     authority, towards sport in Newmarket.

     There were no other questions of the chairman; acceptance of the report was proposed
     by Ron Walker and seconded by Ian Pountain – accepted unanimously.

5.   To receive and approve the Honorary Treasurer’s Report, including a proposal
     on the Subscriptions for the 2011/2012 season.

     The Treasurer presented a summary of the accounts for the year, the salient points of
     which are given below.
      The senior section accounts record a net deficit of £1,717, whilst the junior
       section recorded a net surplus of £5,349, although it should be noted that some
       expenses relate to the whole club but are reflected in the accounts of the senior
       section, e.g. repairs and maintenance, clubhouse hire, fixture card printing etc.

      Main areas being:
           Increased income from junior subscriptions £2,917
           Increased income from senior subscriptions £345
           Social activities: no change
           Increased sponsorship £3,408.
           Reduced expenditure on Junior Kit & Equipment , offset by increase in
              Senior Kit & Equipment
           Higher expenditure on coaching and medical provision etc. £397.

   All of the above being in line with the aims and objectives set out at the start of the
   season, in accordance with the members’ wishes expressed at last years’ AGM

      The Club Accumulated fund now stands at £31,331 (2009/10 £27,700)

The treasurer highlighted the substantial costs of putting on senior rugby: direct costs
£220 and indirect costs £184 per paid-up member, total £404. The average number of
players used was 70, giving an average total cost per player of £265 pear year. The
annual subscription reflects the continuing policy of subsidising certain playing
expenses by donations, therefore making rugby affordable. The consensus of opinion,
therefore, is that the Annual subscription is good value for money. The club ethos is
that no one is debarred from playing due to the inability to pay but those who can pay,
must pay: paid senior playing membership is up slightly, despite fielding the same
number teams, albeit on a less regular basis: we do not have 34 players on welfare! On
a more positive note, income from junior subscriptions has increased significantly.

The treasurer reminded the membership that the standing order for subscriptions is
spread across the whole 12 months of the year, not just for the playing season and the
£192 fee includes club membership at £50.

Much discussion took place on the low membership numbers: a paid-up members list
should be issued to the committee on a regular basis. This is current practice but not
being enforced. The “No Pay, No Play” message was again raised; will it ever be

It was agreed that captains should not be required to collect and chase subscriptions;
this job would be left with the team managers, where they exist! It was noted, however,
that it was in the Captains’ interest to be aware of non-paying players.

General questions included:
    Low interest, given the large bank balance. As we are all aware, interest rates
      are very low; as a club, we do not have access to some of the marginally higher
      interest rates offered to individuals.
    Junior Laundry Cost £nil? Paid within senior section account.
    Grant availability: Will need significant grants for the funding of the new
      facility; many organisations only permit one grant in three years.
Neil Rodman made proposal for the acceptance of the treasurers’ report, subject to the
accounts being formally audited; seconded by Matthew Carter.

A copy of the audited accounts for 2010/11 is set out on the next page:

                                      Full Club     Senior Section     Section
                                      £       £       £       £       £        £
BAL B/FWD AS AT 01/05/10                    27700           18838            8861

Sponsorship                      14892              12901            1991
Subscriptions                    18063               8856            9207
Match Fees                         170                170               0
Tuck Shop - Net                   1096                  0            1096
Donations Net                      623                623               0
Merchandising - Net               1218               -420            1638
Socials / Raffle                  3640               3640               0
Bank Interest                        5                  1               4
TOTAL INCOME                               39708            25772           13936

Bank Charges                       151                 48             103
Coaching Expenses                 6298               5450             848
Fitness Coach                     1420               1420               0
Physio                            2480               2480               0
Subs & Fees                        440                440               0
Referees Fees                     1310                580             730
Pitch Hire                        2793               1512            1281
Players Insurance                 1000               1000               0
Playing Kit / Equipment           8606               4113            4493
Junior Tour &
Events                             414                  0            414
Awards Night: Trophies etc         516                  0            516
Festival Entry Fees                180                  0            180
Miscellaneous                       23                  0             23
First Aid                            0                  0              0
Travel Coach Hire - Net           2443               2443              0
Repairs & Maintenance             1283               1283              0
After-Match Food                  1481               1481              0
Printing & Stationery              718                718              0
Postage/Secretarial                488                488              0
Laundry                           1825               1825              0
Clubhouse Hire                    1823               1823              0
Advertising                          0                  0              0
Web Site design & Hosting          386                386              0
TOTAL EXPENDITURE                          36077            27489            8588

BAL C/FWD AS AT 30/04/11                   31331            17121           14210

BY:                                          £                £               £
                      Cash At Bank         24873            16950            7923
                      Stock                 6458              171            6287
                      TOTAL                31331            17121           14210
     On the matter of Annual Subscriptions, the proposal, for season 2011/12, was as

                                              Current        Proposal       Note:

     Senior Playing                          £192 p.a.       £192 p.a.      1
     Social Playing Member                   -               -              2
     Vice President                          £40             £50            3
     Junior Players age 13+ years*           £50             £50            4
     Junior Players age 9-12 years           £45             £45            4
     Junior Players under 9 years            £35             £35            4
     Each Additional Child discount          £15             £15            4
     Ladies Social Membership                £10             £10            1
     Associate Membership                    £20             £20            1
     Ladies Playing Membership               -               As Above       5
     * Includes Students 18-25 yrs in Full Time Education


     1. No Increase proposed
     2. Category dropped at the 2010 AGM.
     3. Increase to come into line with similar status clubs in Eastern Counties.
     4. No change: subscription allows for 1 child, plus Associate membership for 1 parent..
     5. Ladies playing membership to be in accordance with their male equivalent e.g. 15 –
     18 age group will pay £50; adult ladies team same as senior playing..

General discussion on level of subscriptions and collection thereof, which is regarded as the
most important aspect: historically, we have not done well.. There was a proposal to re-
introduce the social playing membership, proposed by Ray Burt and seconded by John
Morris. A counter proposal, to leave the membership fee at zero but increase match fees to
include a sum towards the membership fee, was proposed by Doug Fynney and seconded
by Andy Bowers. Details of the proposal and counter proposal are set out below:

Proposal                        1                              2
Membership Fee                  £20                            £0
Match Fee                       £10                            £15 to include a proportion
                                                               towards membership
Proposed                        Ray Burt                       Doug Fynney
Seconded                        John Morris                    Andy Bowers

The amendment was voted on first and received 20 votes for, with 15 against. The counter
proposal was, therefore, adopted, and the category of social playing member is re-
introduced, with the match fee to reflect a sum towards membership, to be confirmed by
the new committee..

6.   Nomination for Honorary Life President:

Brian Carter was nominated, and unanimously elected as an Honorary Life President of
Newmarket RUFC.
7.   Election of Officers:

The full list of officers for season 2011/2012 is appended hereto.

8.   Any Other Business:

There were no other questions, relevant to the business of the AGM, notified to the
secretary prior to the AGM, although Bodek Grzech reiterated the need to keep promoting
the club.

The Chairman thanked the sponsors for their ongoing support and presented a gift to Louise
Hansford, who was retiring from the committee after many years of service. The meeting
closed at 8:40pm

Robert Voss
Hon Secretary

Item 8 Newmarket R.U.F.C. AGM 25th May 2011 – Election of Officers 2011/2012

       POST               HOLDER       NOMINATION     PROPOSED          SECONDED
President               Ian Pountain   Ian Pountain   N Richardson R Voss
Chairman                N Richardson   N Richardson   J Bradshaw        R Burt
Vice Chairman           C McKeown      C McKeown      C Deaton          P Walker
Director of Rugby &     N Richardson   N Richardson   C Hillary         C McKeown
Senior Playing
Junior Rugby            C Hillary      R Burt         R Walker          R Richardson
Clubhouse & Grounds     J Paxton       J Paxton       R Richardson      N Osborne
Hon. Secretary          R Voss         R Voss         I Pountain        M King
Hon. Treasurer          Louise         C Hillary      C McKeown         N Osborne
Hon Fixture Secretary   P Tapley       L Pooley       P Tapley          G Godfrey
Membership              Louise         C Hillary      R Walker          P Walker
Secretary               Hansford
Welfare &               P Walker       P Walker       R Burt            D Fynney
Safeguarding Officer
Press & PR Chairman     N Richardson   G Godfrey      R Voss            L Cocks
Fund Raising                           I Pountain     R Walker          N Rodman
Social Chairman*        K Lubbock      R Richardson   R Burt            L Cocks

Merchandising           C Hillary      C Hillary      N Osborne         P Walker
Volunteer Co-           N Rodman       N Rodman       C McKeown         D Fynney
Coaching Co-            A Green        A Baldwin      A Green           R Burt
VP Co-ordinator         R Walker       R Walker       I Pountain        P Walker
Communications and      R Jermyn       P Tapley       M King            N Rodman
Marketing Officer
Trustees:               A Green        A Green                    Continuing
                        I Pountain     I Pountain

     Item 1 Newmarket R.U.F.C. AGM 25th May 2011 – Apologies for Absence

Rick Cook               Trevor Peak              Lee Pooley
James Paxton            Haydn Clayton-Smith      Sherard Franklin (part)
Michael Reeves          Ben Boss                 Paul Ashbridge
Michael Fox

Appendix 1

              Newmarket RUFC AGM 25th May 2011 list of attendees

Mike King                Ray Burt                Claire Burt
Neil Richardson          Robert Voss             Philippa Walker
Chris McKeown            Raymond Richardson      Colin Bircham
Caroline Hillary         John Adams              Ron Walker
Sherard Franklin         Andy Bowers             Adrian Green
Lewis Harvey             Chris Deaton            Ian Brown
Colin Phillips           Matthew Carter          John Bradshaw
Doug Fynney              Adrian Parsley          Neil Rodman
Neil Osborne             Gareth Godfrey          Liam Cocks
Louise Hansford          Reynor Guildford        Paul Cocks
Richard Harper           Simon Guenuigault       Ben Wells
Lauren Horncastje        Josh Parry              Andy Baldwin
Peter Noone              Ian Pountain            John Morris
Mark Cooper              Danny Brooks            Paul Tapley
Matthew Lubbock          Bodek Grzech            Steve Ross

Appendix 2

    On the matter of Annual Subscriptions, the proposal, for season 2012/13, is as follows:

                                             Current        Proposal       Note:

    Senior Playing                          £192 p.a.       £192 p.a.      1
    Social Playing Member                   -               £50            2
    Vice President                          £50             £50            3
    Junior Players age 13+ years            £50             £50            4
    Junior Players age 9-12 years           £45             £45            4
    Junior Players under 9 years            £35             £35            4
    Each Additional child Discount          £15             £15            4
    Ladies Social Membership                £10             £50            1
    Associate Membership                    £20             £20            1
    Ladies Playing Membership               -               As above       5
    * Includes Students 18-25 yrs in Full Time Education


   1. No increase is proposed. New players joining at, or after the season start, will pay a
      £50 membership, thereafter payment will be by standing order.
   2. ALL players must pay a membership fee. Those choosing social playing
      membership status will pay the annual fee upon joining, plus a match fee, which
      will be set by the incoming committee. Social players, having paid their
      membership fee, will get their first 3 games free.
   3. No change.
   4. No change
   5. All membership fees, with full voting rights, are set at £50 per annum: the senior
      fee of £192 is, therefore, broken down as £50 membership fee, plus £142 match
      fees. You are reminded that the Standing Order runs for 12 calendar months, and
      not just for the playing season.

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