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 Bernard DeBuck                       Doris A. Doe                   Yolanda Yearling                     Lance Fawn

                                                                     Photo by Dan DeLong/P-I
Photo by Len Rue Jr. “The        Photo by Leonard Lee Rue III,
                                                                     “Rare white-tailed deer makes   Photograph by Sam Argo
Encyclopedia of Deer” (2003)     “The Encyclopedia of Deer” (2003)
                                                                     a comeback.”

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                  I am a
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               Mule Deer
   Bernard DeBuck                                                  How he describes himself:
                                                                   My herd thinks of me as all that and more! I am the largest deer
                                                                   in the Pacific Northwest! I may not be the fastest deer, but I take
                                                                   my time and disguise myself from those pesky predators.
                                                                   How he describes his ideal mate:
                                                                   White-tail, black-tail, any tail. No horns, please.
                                                                   My most ideal place to live:
                                                                   My first pick? Top o’ the mountain, of course but usually in open
     Vital Statistics                                              forest and sage brush meadows
     Location: East of the                                         When it comes to my space:
Cascade Mountains in OR and                                        You invada my space, I breaka you face!
WA, interior BC
                                    Tail: Dropped rope-like tail   When it comes to parties, I’d best be described as:
Summer coat: Tan to light
                 brown          Languages: None                    The one who loves to make an entrance
  Winter coat: salt &           Lifespan: 10 years in wild         With free time on a day off, I would most enjoy:
                 pepper gray    Occupation: Migrant                Chewing the cud with a few does
  Body Type: 125–330 lbs of     Drinker: Daily                     Favorite get away move:
                 muscles        Status: Single (forever)           Stiff legged jumps when all four feet hit the ground together.
      Length: 7 – 8 ft long     Have Children: 40                  When it comes to my money:
       Special                  Want Children: Always              I make the bucks. It’s her job to figure out what to do with them.
      Feature: Large, 9” long
dark edged ears that move                                          When I’m meeting a friend, I am generally:
constantly and independently                                       Eager to butt heads
                       I am a
                     White-tailed                                                                 << previous        next >>
        Doris A. Doe                               How I describes myself:

                        Deer                       I’m shy and quiet and sweet and sensitive. When I’m alarmed, my
                                                   white tail raises which shows you why I’m called the white-tailed deer.
                                                   I’m faster and more colorful than any other deer species. I can adapt
                                                   to a variety of habitats, from deserts in Arizona and New Mexico to
                                                   Mountains in West Virginia.
                                                   My ideal mate is:
                                                   Well, I said I was shy – but maybe I should be a little clearer. I’m shy
                                                   except when it comes to my ideal mate. He’s tall, somewhat dark;
     Vital Statistics                              awfully mysterious (he creeps through the wood sniffing for me). Oh,
      Location: Northeastern and southeastern      and did I mention his incredibly large rack??
                 BC; eastern WA and sporadically   My most ideal place to live:
                 throughout OR                     In a quiet place with none of you people types around! Okay, normally
           Hair: Summer coat-reddish tan; Winter   in farm lands, in low-elevation stream and river corridors and
                 coat-brownish gray                yes…near populated areas.
    Body Type: All curves, babe!                   With free time on a day off, I would most enjoy:
        Weight: None of your business              Chasing the almighty BUCK
Sexual Maturity: 2 years
                                                   When it comes to taking my picture:
     Gestation: 195 – 212 days
                                                   I am the state animal of Arkansas; Illinois; New Hampshire; Ohio;
Special Feature: Broad, 10”–11” bushy white tail
                                                   Pennsylvania; South Carolina and Wisconsin, as well as the provincial
   Occupation: Mom and teacher
                                                   animal of Saskatchewan.
 Have Children: 1 – 4, 2 average
                       I am a
               Columbian White-
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   Yolanda Yearling tailed Deer
                                                  How she describes herself:
                                                  Yes, deer. I’m exactly like you expect me to be. No, Bambi isn’t the
                                                  blond teaching aerobics down at your health club. Bambi is me, silly!
                                                  And if you have a problem with that, you’ll have to talk to my dad and
                                                  uncles. They are the ones over there with the more slender antler
                                                  curves than any other white-tailes’ antlers.
                                                  How she describes her ideal mate:
                                                  Honestly, I haven’t figured out what the word “mate” means. And, from
      Vital Statistics                            what my Mommy tells me, my life will get a lot more complicated once
                                                  I do. My goal for tomorrow? Make a date for a play day with one or
   Location: In limited areas along the lower     more of my friends.
              Columbia River in OR & WA           My fashion sense can best be described as:
        Hair: Gray                                I love earth tones, with a couple of polka-dots here and there.
       Eyes: wide black
                                                  With free time on a day off, I would most enjoy:
 Body Type: white spots on the back
              and sides                           Nibbling your petunias!
      Status: Endangered Species in WA and        When it comes to parties, I’d best be described as:
              OR in 1967
                                                  Party girl! Where are my girls?
Best feature: Large, brownish on top and
              white underneath, triangular tail   My favorite food:
  Turn ons: Salt licks                            Mom’s milk
  Turn offs: Forest Fires
                   I am a
             Columbian Black-
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    Lance Fawn  tailed Deer
                                  What I want to be when I grow up:
                                  Just like my daddy
                                  How he describes himself:
                                  I am a coastal deer! I’m the most common deer subspecies in the Pacific
                                  Northwest. You probably think I’m just a young buck. But, I’m much more
                                  than that. I’m a world class athlete! I can run faster than any human. I
                                  can jump higher than the highest Olympic athlete. Actually, I’m quite
                                  impressed with myself!

 Vital Statistics                 How he describes his ideal mate:
                                  Doe, a deer, a female deer…..(sing along!)
Location: Crest of the Cascade
                                  My most ideal place to live:
          Mountains in OR. &
                                  bushy and logged lands and coniferous forest. I might have a big ego, but I
          WA. west to the ocean
                                  still like to live close to my mommy.
 Weight: ~6 lbs at birth
                                  When it comes to television, I:
                                  Hey, just put Bambi on the screen and nobody gets hurt!!!!
                                  Things I hate:
                                  Scary things, fences and repellents
                                  When I’m not following Mom, I:
                                  Take a nap and get some rest
Uschi Rue, “The Encyclopedia of Deer” (2003)
Leonard Lee Rue III, “The Encyclopedia of Deer” (2003)
Leonard Lee Rue III, “The Encyclopedia of Deer” (2003)
Photograph by Sam Argo
Photograph by Sam Argo
Photograph by Josh Bennett
I want to thank the following people:

      Kelly McAllister, our Pierce County Wildlife Biologist, for answering all of my questions and leading me to the right resources for deer facts.

             Sam Argo, island resident, who talked me through his knowledge of the Herron Island deer and for his wonderful photographs.

                  Terrill Chilson, island resident, who provided the Herron Island Doe photo taken by her island visitor, Josh Bennett.

                       Dave Gromala, my co-worker, who helped me add a touch of humor to the date-a-deer dot com profiles.

                     Matt Setter, a wonderful graphic designer for his work on the date-a-deer dot com PowerPoint® presentation.

                                       Jeremy Cummings, a fellow van pooler, who provided me with song.

                                                             Herron Island residents

                                                Resources for Vital Stats FACT SHEET
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Desert USA,
                                                        “Wild Thing,” by The Troggs
                                                    “You Sexy Thing,” by Hot Chocolate
                                                     “We are Family, “ by Sister Sledge
                                                      “Hallaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani
                                                        “Wild Boys” by Duran Duran

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