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Study Guide Chapters 18 19 Sabrina Blair by qv5ykDyU


									                                                                               Sabrina Blair
                                                                              March 8, 2009
                             Chapters 18 -19 – Study Guide

1. Mina asks Dr. Seward if she can see Renfield. What is Renfield’s method of “tidying
up” his cell before her visit?

His method is quickly swallowing up all of the flies and spiders in his boxes. (pg. 317)

2. What is Renfield’s explanation for eating live flies and spiders?

He says he had a very strange belief that he gets life from other life. (pg. 320)

3. List the powers that Van Helsing claims Count Dracula has as a nosferatu.

Van Helsing says that a nosferatu can not die, they are as strong as 20 or so men, they are
cunning more than mortal, they have the aids of necromancy, they are brute, they can
appear in many forms, the can also direct the elements. He also says they can command
the meaner things and they can grow or become small. One last thing is that they can
vanish or disappear. (pg. 324)

4. What does Van Helsing claim is the greatest danger that the men face as they attempt
to destroy Dracula?

He claims that the greatest danger is that they may become just like Dracula if they fail to
destroy him. (pg. 325)

5. What limitations does Van Helsing say that a vampire has?

Van Helsing says that a vampire can only create a mist to cover him, his power ceases at
the coming of day, he can only change forms at noon, sunrise, or sunset, and he has
limited freedom. (pg. 328)

6. What does Quincey Morris claim he was shooting at when he broke the parlor window
at Dr. Seward’s home?

Quincey Morris claims that he was shooting at a large bat. (pg. 331)

7. What does Van Helsing tell Mina about the quest to hunt down the Count?

Van Helsing tells Mina that she shouldn’t be apart of the hunt. It is too dangerous. She
should let the men do it. (pg. 331)

8. What is Renfield’s reaction when Dr. Seward tells him that he may not leave the

Renfield wanted to leave immediately. After being rejected, he said that he had a reason,
but wouldn’t say what it was. He got down and his knees and begged. (pg. 335)
                                                                          Sabrina Blair
                                                                        March 8, 2009
9. How does Van Helsing prepare Dr. Seward and the others to go to Carfax to find the

He gives them each a crucifix, flowers, a revolver, a knife, an electric lamp, and a piece
of a sacred wafer. (pg. 342)

10. What do Dr. Seward and the others notice the most as they enter the old chapel at

They notice the smell of blood and other foul smells. (pg. 344)

11. When thousands of rats swarm the chapel, how are the men able to continue

Lord Godalming blew a whistle and some dogs came out. (pg. 346)

12. How many boxes were missing from Carfax of the original fifty boxes shipped from
Transylvania to London?

There were 21 boxes missing. (pg. 346)

13. What does Jonathan Harker notice about his wife when he returns from Carfax?

Jonathan notices that Mina’s breathing is really soft. She is also really pale. (pg. 348)

14. Describe Van Helsing’s meeting with Renfield the morning after the visit to Carfax.

Renfield was very rude. The meeting was short because he didn’t say much. (pg. 351)

15. What is distressing Mina regarding her husband’s visit to the Count’s house?

Mina is distressed because Jonathan didn’t tell her anything about what happened that
night. (pg. 352)

16. Why does Mina wish she’d never gone to Whitby to visit Lucy?

Mina wished she never took Lucy to the graveyard because then she wouldn't have slept-
walked there and never would of gotten bit by Dracula. (pg. 353)

17. What strange dream does Mina describe?

Mina describes a dream that makes her feel powerless. She sees a fog surrounding her
and it is coming from the joining of the door. Through the fog she sees two red eyes and a
white face leaning over her. (pg. 355-356)

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