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					Know Your Ecosystem

Unit of living things in the ecosystem may be individuals, populations, or communities.
Individual is a single creature. For example: a rabbit, a wolf, or other individuals.
A number of similar individuals (one species) at a particular place will form the population.
Example: a group of rabbits living out in the field of grass and a bunch of wolves.
The number of members of the population may change due to births, deaths, and migration
(emigration and immigration).
While the entire population of the community of living things that live in a certain area
between each other and interact.
Example: in a meadow mutual interactions occur between populations of grass, rabbit
populations and wolf populations.
Individuals, populations and communities occupying a particular living place is called
Community with all the factors abiotiknya form an ecosystem.
A community in an area that covers large areas called biomes. Example: grassland biome,
desert biome, and tropical forest biome.
All parts of the earth and the atmosphere that can be inhabited by living creatures called the

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