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									Health Data Specialists, LLC
                                                                                   HealthCare Information Consulting


   •   Over fourteen years of consulting and project management experience encompassing the
       development, migration, implementation, and support of information technology systems within
       single and multi institutional healthcare organizations.

   •   Certified instructor for Cerner’s Architecture, Troubleshooting, and Issue Management class
   •   Technical Leader for multi-tiered systems including Intel, Citrix, Oracle, AIX, and Linux.

   •   Installation, maintenance, and training on 724Access, Cerner’s downtime solution.

   •   Extensive troubleshooting skills that encompass all tiers of Cerner Millennium solutions.

   •   B.A., Computer Science


Health Data Specialists, LLC

Adventist Healthcare / PHNS (July 09 – Jun 10)
Technical Team Lead – Responsibilities:
   • Managed implementation, training and support of Cerner’s HNA Millennium applications.
   • Installed, supported, and trained resources on Cerner 724Access.
   • Responsible for planning, installation, and testing of all cumulative production and cumulative
       support packages via Environment Manager
   • Developed, implemented, and supported multi level architecture through implementation to post
   • Identification of timeframe for various technical events and work with Cerner counterpart to
       schedule appropriate resources.
   • Led IT to create appropriate organizational and operational structure to support and manage
       Cerner Software.
   • Led IT and respective team members to create operational policy and procedures in area of Host
       Technologies, End User Computing Technologies, High Availability, Operations and Disaster
   • Reported on progress of Technical Project Effort via weekly and monthly status
   • Prepared and monitored technical work plan including definition of tasks, task dependencies,
       estimates and resource requirements.
   • Worked with Cerner to co-ordinate and manage all installation activities.
   • Worked with Cerner to adjust hardware needs and capacity planning exercise and provided
       budget for equipment acquisition when applicable.

        13919 River Road, One American Place, Suite 240, Luling, LA 70070 Phone: 877-308-1018   Fax: 504-617-6550
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Health Data Specialists, LLC
                                                                                   HealthCare Information Consulting

   •   Responsible for ongoing system performance and stability.
   •   Management of multiple RS/6000 AIX nodes, Citrix Presentation Servers, Linux servers, and
       Oracle / MYSQL databases.
   •   Responsible for application and hardware maintenance, improvements, and upgrades of
       application, OS, and Oracle.
   •   Presented “Millennium Troubleshooting, Why Techies and Clinies Should Get Along” at
       Southeast RUG – 2010.

Cerner Corporation- Kansas City, MO

Sr Consultant, Support (Jan 08 – April 09)
    • Business analysis for operational improvement in order to delight clients and reduce response
       times on service records using Siebel analytics
    • Certified instructor for Cerner Millennium: Architecture, Troubleshooting, and Issue

Project Leader, Orders Support (April 07 – Jan 08)
   • Resource, escalation, and queue management for Order Management
   • Identified ways of improving the support experience for clients by driving polite, knowledgeable,
        and quick response to issues.
   • Measured associate productivity with near time reporting methods that were replicated to other

Solution Group Manager (SGM), Support (April 06 – April 07)
    • Technology support manager for AIX/VMS, Foundations, End User Computing, Oracle,
       Database Architecture, Print Services, and Remote Report Distribution
    • 40+ resources, 8 teams
    • Led SGMs in all statistics for support organization
    • Established a turnover process with consulting organization so clients would have a smooth
       transition from consulting to support.
    • Communicated with technology partners to establish better working relationships.

Project Manager, Performance Lab (July 04 – April 06)
   • Reduced time to perform and improved accuracy of tests by automating prep and collection of
        data. Increase in number of tests performed.
   • Developed kornshell and dcl scripts on both AIX and VMS to automate the preparation of tests
        and collection of data.
   • Testing Cerner Millennium code for functionality through WinRunner scripts and measured
        response times of these tests with RTMS data. Compared this with client data in Lights On.

Operations Manager, Technologies, FirstNet Support (October 02 – July 04)
   • Resource, escalation, and queue management for Foundations, the core infrastructure of a 3-tier
       client-server Cerner system.
   • Developed skilled resources that provided call support to consultants and clients.

        13919 River Road, One American Place, Suite 240, Luling, LA 70070 Phone: 877-308-1018   Fax: 504-617-6550
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Health Data Specialists, LLC
                                                                                   HealthCare Information Consulting

Process Architect, Operations (November 00 – October 02)
   • Developed drive layouts for system installations on IBM for more efficient sales and installations.
   • Coded compiled help (.chm) manual for system administrators managing a Cerner Millennium

System Engineer, Consulting (August 97 – November 00)
    • Certified installation specialist for Cerner Millennium platform
    • Planned and performed VMS to AIX migration of 3-tier client-server system.
    • Secured client loyalty by stabilizing system and increasing effectiveness of system.
    • Installed Oracle, AIX, and Cerner Millennium.
    • Cabled storage and configured them for high availability and redundancy.
    • Taught clients troubleshooting and performance management techniques on Cerner’s 3-tier
    • Configured and migrated printers from build to prod.
    • Ensured interfaces to other vendors were operating correctly through Open Engine and Open

Support Specialist, Support (June 95 – August 97)
   • Cerner classic phone support for Client Accounting, Infection Control, Microbiology, Service
      Management, Management Reporting, and Charge Services.
   • Wrote electronic billing interfaces (EBI) for multiple sites.
   • Balanced Aged Trial Balance for clients by analyzing the AD file with CCL reports.

        13919 River Road, One American Place, Suite 240, Luling, LA 70070 Phone: 877-308-1018   Fax: 504-617-6550
                                    Revised 04/22/10

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