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									                      Rubric for the Friendly Letter

Score             1                    2                    3                  4
                  Letter is            Letter appears       The letter is
                                                                               The letter is
                  unattractive or      busy or boring.      eye-catching
                  inappropriate.       Text may be          and attractive.
                                                                               designed with
                  Text is difficult    difficult to read.   Text is easy to
Layout/                                                                        easily read text.
                  to read. It does     May have some        read. Grammar,
Design                                                                         Grammar, style,
                  not have proper      grammar and or       style, and
                                                                               and purpose all
                  grammar or           punctuation that     punctuation is
                                                                               excellent for a
                  punctuation for      indicates it is a    indicative of a
                                                                               friendly letter.
                  a friendly letter.   friendly letter.     friendly letter.
                                                                         Information is
Information,                           Some                              accurate and
                  Information is                        Information is
                                       information is                    complete, is
style,            poorly written,                       well written and
                                       provided, but is                  creatively
audience,         inaccurate, or                        interesting to
                                       limited or                        written, and is
tone              incomplete.                           read.
                                       inaccurate.                       cleverly
Accurate                               Most friendly                        Letter is
                                                            Some friendly
Parts of the      Improper form        letter elements                      complete with
                                                            letter elements
Friendly          is used.             out of place or                      all required
                                                            may be missing.
Letter                                 missing.                             elements.
                                                            Style, purpose,
Grammar,                           Information
                  Grammar,                                  audience,
                                   mislabled or                                Excellent job on
Punctuation,      punctuation, and                          grammar, and
                                   missing.                                    presentation,
and choice of     choice of words
                                                            punctuation all
                                                                               style, grammar,
words for the     poor for a                                fair and
                                   punctuation or                              and punctuation.
friendly letter   friendly letter.                          indicative of a
                                                            friendly letter.
                                                                             Students are
                  Students are                                               always on task,
Following         often out of         Students             Students stay in stay in their own
Classroom         their area           occasionally         their area and   area, and work
Guidelines        without              leave area           talk quietly to  quietly. Students
and               permission and       without              their own        followed project
Directions        are disruptive to    permission.          partner only.    directions and
                  the class.                                                 classroom

                              Note: For those teachers that
                                 have to use letter grades, you
                                 easily can convert the scores
                                 or an average of the total
                                 score to a letter grade.
                                 1 = "D", 2="C", 3="B", and
                                 Anything below a "1"
                                 obviously constitutes the
                                 grade "F".
                                 If you need number grades,
                                 use 1=74, 2=83, 3=92, and
                                 4=100. Use judgement for
                                 below 74 projects.

I also use this point scale for grading business letters as an alternative to the rubric shown below.

                              Suggested Point Scale

                           Heading             15 points

                           Inside Address 15 points

                           Greeting            10 points

                           Body                40 points

                           Closing             10 points

                           Signature           10 points

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