Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner/Meditech EHRas of May 3, 2012

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					Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner/Meditech EHR
as of May 3, 2012

Below is the list of order sets that are currently scheduled to be developed to be built into
Cerner and Meditech for the EHR go-lives at Chattanooga and Little Rock. This list is subject to
change. Beyond this initial group, development will continue in an iterative fashion with updates
every 90 days. Each quarterly update will include not only additional order sets but also
enhancements to existing order sets. Please submit questions about this list to

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner/Meditech EHR

Phase 1

Order sets delivered to Cerner/Meditech build teams January 15, 2012

ED Order Sets

   ED ACS-STEMI Order Set
   ED Acute CVA Stroke Order Set
   ED Acute Ischemic Stroke Order Set
   ED Alcohol and Substance Abuse Order Set
   ED Allergic Reactions Order Set
   ED Anemia Order Set
   ED Antiarrhythmia Medications Order Set
   ED Antiemetic Medication Order Set
   ED Antihypertensive Medications Order Set
   ED Arthrocentesis-Paracentesis-Thoracentesis Order Set
   ED Asthma Bronchitis Order Set
   ED Behavioral Health Order Set
   ED Cellulitis Abscess Wound Order Set
   ED Chest Pain-Cardiovascular Order Set
   ED Chest Tube-Thoracostomy Order Set
   ED Endocrinology Metabolic Order Set
   ED Fever Order Set
   ED Gastrointestinal Bleed Order Set
   ED Gastrointestinal Medications Order Set
   ED GI-GU Workup Order Set
   ED HEENT Order Set
   ED Hyperkalemia Order Set
   ED Lacerations Order Set
   ED Lumbar Puncture Order Set
   ED Major Trauma Order Set
   ED Nausea-Vomiting-Diarrhea Order Set
   ED Nebulizer Treatment Order Set
   ED Needlestick-Body Fluid Exposure Order Set
   ED Neurology Workup Order Set
   ED OB Trauma Order Set

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner Meditech 5 3 2012                                    Page 1
   ED OB-GYN Order Set
   ED Orthopedics Order Set
   ED Pain Medications Order Set
   ED Peds Allergic Reactions Order Set
   ED Peds Antibiotics Order Set
   ED Peds Cellulitis-Abscess Wound Order Set
   ED Peds Endocrinology-Metabolic Order Set
   ED Peds Fever-Neonate-Young Infant Order Set
   ED Peds Fever Order Set
   ED Peds GI-GU Workup Order Set
   ED Peds HEENT Order Set
   ED Peds Ingestion Order Set
   ED Peds Laceration Order Set
   ED Peds Lumbar Puncture Order Set
   ED Peds Major Trauma Order Set
   ED Peds Nebulizer Treatment Order Set
   ED Peds Orthopedics Order Set
   ED Peds Pain Medications Order Set
   ED Peds Procedural Sedation Order Set
   ED Peds Rapid Sequence Intubation Order Set
   ED Peds Respiratory Order Set
   ED Peds Seizure Order Set
   ED Peds Workup Nonspecific Order Set
   ED Pelvic Pain Order Set
   ED Pneumonia Order Set
   ED Procedural Sedation Order Set
   ED Radiology HEENT Order Set
   ED Radiology Lower Extremities Order Set
   ED Radiology Spinal Order Set
   ED Radiology Upper Extremities Order Set
   ED Rapid Sequence Intubation Order Set
   ED Respiratory Shortness of Breath Order Set
   ED Severe Sepsis-Septic Shock Order Set
   ED Sexual Assault Order Set
   ED Vasopressor Medications Order Set
   ED Workup Nonspecific Order Set

OB-Perinatal Order Sets

   OB Admit for C-section
   OB Admit for Labor
   OB Admit to Antepartum
   OB Cerclage Postop
   OB Cerclage Preop
   OB External Cephalic Version
   OB Glucose Management Intrapartum
   OB Glucose Management Postpartum
   OB HIV Transmission Reduction
   OB Hyperemesis
   OB Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
   OB Induction and Augmentation of Labor

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner Meditech 5 3 2012   Page 2
   OB Perinatal Loss
   OB Postpartum C-section
   OB Postpartum Vaginal Delivery
   OB Tocolysis for Preterm Labor
   OB Triage

Phase 2

Order sets to be delivered to Cerner/Meditech build teams by May 30, 2012

Anesthesia Order Sets

   Anesthesia Orders_EpiduralStandingOrders_PCA
   Anesthesia Orders_GI Patients
   Anesthesia Orders_Post-Op_Adult
   Anesthesia Orders_Post-Op_Pediatric
   Anesthesia Orders_Pre-Op_Adult
   Anesthesia Orders_Pre-Op_Pediatric
   Pain Service Pre-Procedure Orders
   Selective Nerve Root Block Post-Procedure
   Selective Nerve Root Block Pre-Procedure Orders

Behavioral Health Order Sets

   Behavioral Health Admit
   Opiate Detoxification

Cardiac Surgery/Cardiothoracic Order Sets

   Cardiac surgery Intermediate Care Orders
   Cardiac Surgery Post Op
   Cardiac Surgery Pre-Op
   Cardiac Surgery Pre-Screening
   Cardiac Surgery Transfer Orders
   Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) - Cardiovascular Surgery
   Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Decannulation - Cardiovascular Surgery
   Left Ventricular Assist Device
   Mediastinoscopy post-operative
   Mediastinoscopy Pre-Operative
   Post-op Cardiac surgery Insulin transition orders
   Thoracotomy-Thoracoscopy post-op
   Thoracotomy-Thoracoscopy pre- op

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner Meditech 5 3 2012                          Page 3
Cardiology Order Sets

   Acute Coronary Syndrome
   Acute STEMI
   Acute STEMI Primary PCI
   Acute STEMI Primary PCI Pre-Procedure
   Aquapheresis Ultrafiltration
   Arrhythmia Management
   Bicarb Standing Orders - Cardiology
   Cardiac Catheterization Intra-Procedure
   Cardiac Catheterization Post Procedure
   Cardiac Catheterization Pre-procedure
   Cardiac Device Implant Pacemaker ICD Post Procedure
   Cardioversion Post-procedure
   Chest Pain rule out MI
   Congestive Heart Failure Admission Cardiology
   Diltiazem Protocol (Cardizem)
   Electrophysiology Study and Radio Frequency Ablation Pre-Procedure
   EP Study with Ablation Post procedure
   Esmolol (Brevibloc) Administration
   General Admission Cardiology
   Heparin Impella Protocol
   Hypothermia Post Cardiac Arrest
   Ibutilide (Corvert) Administration
   Implantable Cardiac Devices - Pre-Procedure
   Integrilin (eptifibatide)
   nesiritide (Natrecor) Infusion
   Nitroglycerin Drip
   Refludan (lepirudin)
   Reopro (abciximab)
   STEMI thrombolytics Emergency Department
   Tikosyn (dofetilide)
   Tilt Test
   TNKase (tenecteplase) Administration
   Transesophageal Echo Post-procedure
   Transesophageal Echocardiogram Pre-procedure
   warfarin (Coumadin) initiation

Critical Care Order Sets

   Critical Care_Ventilator Bundle_Mechanical Ventilation Greater Than 24 Hours
   Critical Care_Ventilator Sedation and Pain Management
   ICU Admission Orders

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner Meditech 5 3 2012                           Page 4
   Neuro Critical Care Admission Orders
   Sepsis Intensive Care

General Medicine

   Abdominal Complaints General Medicine
   Admission Med-Surg General Medicine
   Alcohol Withdrawal Management General Medicine
   Altered Mental Status General medicine
   Anemia Workup General Medicine
   Anticoagulant Monitoring Orders - General Medicine
   Blood Transfusions General Medicine
   Bronchodilator Protocol - General Medicine
   Carbapenem Formulary Conversion, Pharmacy - General Medicine
   Chest Pain General Medicine
   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease General Medicine
   Comfort Measures General Medicine
   Congestive Heart Failure General Medicine
   Daily Lab Orders General Medicine
   Diabetic Ketoacidosis General Medicine
   Drug level monitoring protocol, automatic Pharmacy - General Medicine
   Fall Management Orders
   Fenoldopam Therapy-General Medicine
   Gastrointestinal Bleeding General Medicine
   Genitourinary Conditions General Medicine
   Glucose Management Intravenous - General Medicine
   Glucose Management General Medicine
   H Pylori Eradication General Medicine
   Hemorrhagic Stroke General Medicine
   Heparin Drip CV Low Dose General Medicine
   Heparin Drip PE-DVT Standard Dose General Medicine
   Hypercoaguable Labs General Medicine
   Ischemic Stroke without tPA General Medicine
   Pain Management PCA General Medicine
   Paracentesis, post- procedural
   Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Orders
   Pneumonia General Medicine
   Pre Surgical Cardiac Risk Assessment - General Medicine
   Pulmonary Embolism-DVT General Medicine
   Pulmonary Rehab Protocol - General Medicine
   Restraints General Medicine
   Sleep Apnea - General Medicine
   Smoking Cessation General Medicine

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner Meditech 5 3 2012                    Page 5
   Syncope General Medicine
   Tube Feeding General Medicine
   Unstable Angina-NSTEMI General Medicine
   Vaccination Protocol General Medicine
   Vitamin K Warfarin Reversal - General Medicine
   VTE Prophylaxis - General Medicine

General Procedures

   Bicarb Standing Orders Percutaneous Intervention - General Procedure
   Declotting-Central Venous Catheter
   Epidural Opiate Infusions for Pain Relief - General Procedures
   Hepatic Chemoembolization Orders- General Procedures
   Intravenous Catheter Flushing and Care - General Procedures
   Paracentesis Order set
   Percutaneous Gastrostomy Placement
   Thoracentesis Order set

General Surgery Order Sets

   Abscess and Cyst Drainage - Post-procedure
   Anorectal procedures Postoperative
   Cholecystectomy Laparoscopic Pre-operative
   Gastric Bypass Postoperative
   Gastric Bypass Pre-Operative Orders
   General Surgery Pre-operative for Ambulatory Patients
   Generic Surgery Post-Op
   Small and Large Bowel Surgery Post-Operative

Orthopedic Order Sets

   Arthroscopic surgery pre-op
   Arthroscopy surgery post-op
   Cervical Spine surgery pre-op
   Cervical spine fusion post-op
   Discharge Order Set After Total Joint Replacement
   Fracture surgery post-op
   Fracture surgery post-op
   General Orthopedic Admission - Elective Surgery
   hand surgery post-op
   hand surgery pre-op
   Lumbar Laminectomy
   Lumbar Spine surgery pre-op order set
   Sliding scale coumadin ortho

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner Meditech 5 3 2012                   Page 6
   Total joint elective pre-op
   Total joint pre-op order set
   Total Joint Replacement Elective Post-op
   Total joint replacement, discharge orders

GYN/Women’s Services Order Sets

   Bladder Suspension Post-Operative
   GYN Surgery Pre-op Order Set
   Gynecologic Surgery Post-Operative
   Gynecologic Surgery, Minor, Post-Operative
   Methotrexate for ectopic Pregnancy-Gynecology

Medication/Pharmacy Order Sets

   TPN initiation order set for Adult
   TPN order set for Adult daily
   Vancomycin Initiation, Adult, Pharmacy

Nephrology Order Sets

   Biliary_Nephrostomy Tube Change Post-procedure
   Biliary_Nephrostomy Tube Placement Pre-procedure
   Dialysis Procedure Standing Orders
   Nephrology Orders_Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Orders
   Nephrology Orders_CRRT Heparin Anticoagulation Orders

Pulmonary/Respiratory Therapy Order Sets

   Bronchoscopy intra-procedural order set
   Bronchoscopy post-procedural order set
   Bronchoscopy pre-procedural order sets
   EBUS-EBN Post Procedural
   EBUS-ENB pre procedural order sets
   EBUS-ENB Procedure Orders

Radiology/Interventional Radiology Order Sets

   Biliary_Nephrostomy Tube Change Pre-procedure
   Biliary_Nephrostomy Tube Placement Post-procedure
   CT Guided Biopsy - Pre-Procedure order set
   Imaging Protocol - CT Kidney Stone
   Imaging Protocol - MRI of the Brain
   Interventional Radiology Standing Orders
   Interventional Radiology tPA Protocol

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner Meditech 5 3 2012            Page 7
   MRI Brain MRA Head and Neck
   Nuclear Stress Test PreProcedure
   Special procedure order set, Pre,

Urology Order Sets

   Lithotripsy Post-Procedure
   Lithotripsy Pre-Procedure
   Post-op Outpatient Urology Surgery Order Set
   Post-op Urology Endoscopic Order Set
   Post-op Urology Surgery Order Set
   Pre-op Urology Surgery Order Set
   Urology admission orders set

Vascular Surgery Order Sets

   Carotid Endarterectomy Pre-Operative Orders
   Carotid Surgery Post-Operative
   Post-Op Vascular Surgery Order Sets
   Pre-op Vascular Surgery Order Sets
   PTA-PTRA Post-procedure
   Vascular - Major Pre-Operative Orders
   Vascular Surgery (Fem-Pop or Fem-Tib or Endovascular AAA) Post-Operative

Order Sets to be Developed for Cerner Meditech 5 3 2012                       Page 8

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