Logic Analyzer and pulse generator by yurtgc548


									Logic Analyzer and
pulse generator
ECE 682
The specification
   Specification was handed out in ECE 582 last quarter.
   Basics
       3 channels – dedicated output
       3 channels – dedicated input
       2 channels – configurable as either a dedicated input or output
       Signals up to 5 MHz was desired – unit from Fall 2006 ~2kHz
       Interface to host computer using USB – was accomplished
The software
   A very important part of this project is the software
    system that accompanies it
   Unit is not really usable without it!!!!
   Software
       Configure the programmable lines
       Configure the outputs and download the information need to the
        unit for generation of the signals
       Received data over the USB that can be displayed in a window
        on the host PC as to the state of the signals being monitored.
   Prior project – all 8 lines were programmable as input or
Many, Many, Many design
 What goes in the “box”
 Format of data for storage and transfer
  over the USB link
 How much local storage is needed?
 USB 2.0 standard
 Programming Language
Several systems exist in the “real”
   National Instruments has such a unit
     Check   it out on the web
   GoLogic System by NCI.

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