What Is The Best Choice If You Do Not Want A Phone With Your Internet Connection

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					  What Is The Best Choice If You Do Not Want A Phone With Your Internet Connection

With the growth in the mobile industry and the boom in the telecom sector, there is not much
use of landline phones these days. Most of the people who have an installed connection of a
landline phone do not use it for making calls. The only reason for having a landline phone these
days is to have an Internet connection. However, the disadvantage is that a user ends up
paying the charges of a fixed line even though he does not use it much. Moreover, there are
also other additional charges like taxes which result in high cost of the whole deal.

The great news is that it is now possible to have ADSL without a phone at your home. DSL has
always been updated with time. There have been many versions like ADSL, ADSL 2/2+ and
VDSL. Now, there is a new version in the market which is known as DSL provides you with high
speeds along with low costs. Moreover, the best part is that you do not need a traditional
landline connection to have an Internet connection. This saves both time and money.

Advantages of DSL

1) Economical - DSL does not keep your landline phone active. Therefore, it is actually the
most economical option in the market. The whole connection does not include a cable which
runs into the splitter. This splitter actually makes you use the phone and internet at the same
time. With the absence of a landline phone, which people do not use much these days, the
whole deal turns out to be very economical and user friendly.

2) No Fixed line charges - Due to absence of a fixed line or a landline, you do not have to pay
the fixed line rental. This way, you save a lot of money which you unnecessarily spent earlier.
DSL provides you with VoIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol. Through this protocol,
you can make voice calls from your internet connection. The Internet phone calls do not charge
much and are cheaper than landline phones. Moreover, you do not have to pay other charges
like taxes, installation fee of the phone etc.

3) Reliability - DSL is a very reliable technology. Some believe that it is even more reliable
than wireless internet connection. This is because wireless connections depend on satellite
feeds or relay stations. But DSL depends on existing phone lines. These phone lines are very
reliable and are able to provide a user with high internet speed and better connectivity.

4) Access - Internet access through DSL is easy and user friendly. The service is available
worldwide through most of the service providers. Installation is easy and does not charge much.

5) Low Maintenance costs - With the absence of a fixed landline, the maintenance costs for
DSL are also low. Moreover, you are not charged for any sort of phone cables and neither do
you have to pay for any repairs to them. If you are looking for the adsl senza telefono, DSL is
an option which should be considered.