Lesson 1 Introducing the Bible by yurtgc548


									                   Firm Foundations

Lesson 1
Introducing…The Bible!

Memory verse: II Timothy 3:16
Introducing…The Bible
 The most wonderful
  book in the world
 Like a letter from
God is the focus of our study
                   God wants us to know
                   He is the central
                    character of the Bible
                   You will learn what
                    He’s like
                     Who He is
                     What He does
                     What He’s like   – His
We will study the Bible
   Bible is history from God’s
    point of view
   We’ll study history in order
       What was there before the
       Do you know where angels
        came from?
       Where is God right now?
   Time line
       Shows things in order they
       Example: Who came first,
        Moses or Abraham?
       Next lesson is from Genesis
            Foundation of the Bible
Foundation for understanding
                  Ever seen a house
                   being built?
                    Do  builders start with
                     the roof?
                    No! Built on firm
                     foundation, one piece at
                     a time
                    What if foundation is
                     weak or built wrong?
                  Attend every lesson
                    Every lesson builds a
                     foundation for future
A look at the Bible
   What’s inside
     Table of contents
     Old Testament
     New Testament
     Chapter & verse
     Footnotes & helps

   Bible is God’s Word
     Just the text of the Bible,
      not footnotes, etc.
The Bible is the Word of God
                II Timothy 3:16
                Prophets
                    God spoke exact messages He
                     wanted in Bible
                    Sometimes out loud
                    Sometimes in visions
                    Sometimes directly into their minds
                    Exact!
                II Peter 1:20-21
                God tells us what we need to
                    No other book written this way
                Written in an interesting way
                    40 men
                    1,600 years
                    One author!
Bible came through the Jews
                  All but one Bible writer
                   was Jewish
                    Guess  which one was a
                  God’s message is for
                   the whole world,
                   through Israel
                  Isaiah 45:22
                         was God’s
                    Israel
Bible was passed down intact
               1.       God’s prophets wrote
                        down God’s exact
               2.       Original copies wore
                        out, new copies had to
                        be made
               3.       Copying done with care
                         Number of letters
                          counted, middle letters
                         More copies of Bible than
                          any other ancient book
                         All manuscripts found
                          say same thing
Dead Sea scrolls
   1947, shepherd boy
    discovered them
   Scrolls hidden in 1st
    century before Christ
   Same content as other
    scriptures found 1,000
    years earlier
Bible in many languages
   Originally written in
    Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek
   For many centuries, only a
    few could have copies
   God enabled men to
    translate Bible into many
   We now have many
    versions in our language
   Bible has been translated
    more than any other book
Bible is accurate history
                    What is an archaeologist?
                        Studies the past
                        Digs up things left by ancient
                        Archaeologists have found
                         evidence for the Bible
                             Locations of cities
                             Names
                             Dates
                    Bible never needs to be
                     updated or changed
                        School textbooks and
                         encyclopedias do!
                    Psalm 119:89
Bible is God’s personal message to us

    Different from any
     other book
      Tells us about God
      Tells us what God
       thinks of us
      God wrote the Bible
       for each one of us!
Conclusion: The Bible
                   Printed more times
                    than any other book
                   Translated into more
                    languages than any
                    other book
                   Personal message to

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