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									The Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) is a consumer rights organisation
based in Mumbai, India. It was the earliest consumers organisation in India, founded by
nine women in 1966 , and became the first to conduct formal product testing in 1977.
CGSI publishes a magazine, Keemat. Among the chairpersons were Dr. Mrs. Kamala
Sohonie, Mrs. Leela Wagh, Mrs. Krishna Basrur, Mrs. Kohli, Mrs. Indu Shirali and Mrs.
Usha Sukhtankar. Others followed. Various activities included testing the purity of food
products, weights and measures used by shopkeepers and consumer protection in
other forms.
Consumers have often been made to endure sub-standard products, very high prices,
hazardous drugs, never ending shortage of goods and many more injustices. To fight
against these odds 9 ladies in Delhi came together to form Consumer Guidance Society
of India (CGSI).

Achievements and features
   It was the earliest organization founded in the year 1966
   It pressed for Consumer protection Act and Consumer Protection Court in the year
    1975. Consumer protection court materialized in the year 1975 itself but consumer
    protection act turned into reality in 1986
   70-80% of the complaints received by CGSI are redressed
   It was the first consumer organisation to establish a formal product testing lab in the
    year 1977.
   It was the first to start a monthly magazine called 'Keemat' which provided
    information to consumers
   It promotes consumer education, undertakes training programs in rural areas and
    represents consumer interests in government and other bodies
   It is the only Indian consumer organization to be a council member of Consumer
    International for 25 years
   It won a national award in 1991 for consumer protection
   It is also a member of state consumer protection council
   It also takes part in a large number of technical committees and government
    decision making bodies.
   guides how to file the case in consumer court..

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