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Travelling the World on a Shoestring


									                     Travelling the World on a Shoestring

There are various means and methods for travelling without needing a lot of money or a
stable job to do so. Often the very fact that you don't have a regular job can work on your
side as there are plenty of casual jobs which allow you to travel.

TV extras get to travel albeit occasionally. If you get a job with a TV or film crew you
could be continually on the move and there are various positions within the television
industry for cooks, runners, electricians, costume designers, hair and makeup specialists
and drivers. It's not just for actors! Extras or runners jobs are the easiest ones to come by

Then there is the house sitter job which sounds quite attractive although I haven't actually
tried that one. As a house sitter you get to stay at locations around the world simply
'babysitting' houses for people who don't want them sitting empty.

Couch surfing offers the opportunity of a free couch pretty much anywhere in the world
which cuts your costs on accommodation straight away. Try searching for couch surfer
on Google for a list of websites who hook up potential surfers!

There are always plenty of hostels to stay at barring a free couch for the night and these
are pretty cheap. Once you start meeting people on your travels it will open up doors for
more opportunities for cheap accommodation.

Blogging is another method of making money while travelling and many people are
already doing this to make some money by blogging about their travels. Of course this
method will require a laptop, power source and internet connection to load up your new
blogs. There's plenty of scope for this as most places in the world will accommodate
unless you're totally off the beaten track. Travelling while writing offers great scope for
making money online. You always have something new and interesting to write about -
simply sign up with Google AdSense and start building a following.

AdSense allows you to place Google's adverts on your website. When people click on
them you make a small commission. You will need to set up automated payments into
your bank account so you can access it from abroad.

Other travel related jobs might include becoming a travel agent, which is the obvious one.
You can also have a great lifestyle as a SCUBA diving instructor abroad, although there's
not a great deal of demand for them here in the UK. Unless you want to work for free.

Outdoor instructors' qualifications are always useful if you want to work outside teaching
canoeing, climbing or abseiling while travelling and there are always plenty of jobs
picking vegetables, if you're not up for the training involved!

Ultimately you only really need the desire to travel to get the wheels in motion. 'The will
produces the means' as in many things in life!

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