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					As is known to all, attending to our computer properly and periodically
can greatly improve computer's performance. Consequently, we should
realize how to speed up computer. Here, I would like to introduce some to

 1. The prohibition of the unused IDE channels

 Right click "My Computer" - "Properties" - "Hardware" - "Device
Management" - " IDE ATAPATA controller " and then separately enter main
and minor IDE channel, choose " advanced set " - " current transfer mode
", after that, just change the item of " device type " to " no " .

 2. The optimization of Visual effects

 Right click "My Computer" - "Properties" - "Advanced " - "Performance "
- "settings " -" Visual effects ", adjust to the best performance, or
only reserve the necessary items.

 3. Scan hard drive and clean up undesired files at least once per week

 During the period of ordinary operation, various annoying registry
errors will gradually creep into your system, giving rise to problems
such as slow speed, blue screens, deadlock, etc. And with time, the
errors could lead to pc is very slow. This will need us to deal with it.
Then, I'll tell you how:
 Click "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "System Tools" - "Disk

 4. Clear away webpage history

 When IE visits webpage, it will produce a page history day by day.
Sometimes storing several days of webpage history may be useful, but too
many will make your computer run slowly.

 5. Remove Computer's Registry

 Registry is an important database of the Microsoft Windows for storing
system and application settings. And over time, it becomes overloaded
with duplicate files and errors. Hence, removing Registry is imperative.

 Take Registry Winner for example. Registry Winner, an advanced multi-
language registry cleaner in pc diagnosis and repair, can safely optimize
the system's speed and make your PC in perfect performance! As follows:

 Open the software
 Click "Junk Cleaner" which can help you remove unnecessary files and

 6. Update Windows

 Indeed, it's really annoyed when your computer needs to reboot after
downloading updates. Running the most up-to-date version of Windows can
keep PC running smoothly.
 Click "Start" - "All Programs" - "Windows Update" - "Custom" - "All
Available Updates" - "Install Updates".

 In brief, I hope these ways I just discussed may help you optimize
computer and let you have a preliminary understanding on why pc slow.

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