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					Let’s Face it- whether you’re a travel sports team, private school,
daycare or church group- we all need fundraisers to accomplish the
things we want to.

But the fundraising process can be tough !

It means a lot of :

      Time
      Money
      Effort
      Planning (most of all )…

Every time you want to raise funds for that trip the team wants to take
or even just to pay for the necessary equipment to keep things going !

Plus you have to keep doing it every year and constantly try to come up
with new fundraising ideas because most of them, in reality hardly
produce any money anyway.
So sit back and relax- we’ve got you covered.

A fundraiser doesn’t have to be difficult or a pain in the rear for the

We’re going to show you a way to make more money with your
fundraiser than ever before without the time, effort, sweat, and cash it
took to make it happen in the past.

We take care of everything…it doesn’t cost you or your organization a
thing and with as little as a half hour a week of effort we can raise
thousands for you team or organization.

Ashleigh And Ryan S.

If you’re interested contact us at:

Phone: (706) 818-3555 or email:

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