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How To Build Online Shop With Offline Methode


									ARINI NURSOFA :

Learn How To Build Online Shop With Offline Methode
Webstore or online store is currently growing and progressing very rapidly. Not only abroad, even in
their own country too much used the online store. The online store makes it easy for people who
want to conduct transactions without having to leave home and get stuck in traffic jams. All kinds of
products can be traded through an online store, let alone books, electronics, clothing, aksessories,
household appliances and even down to business in the service can be done by using the online web

To make an online store for a beginner is not as easy as creating a blog or a regular site like
Wordpress or Blogspot. It takes a little time to study and understand the tricks in making an online
shop. To learn to create an online store with a computer connected to the Internet network will
certainly cost a lot of internet connection. So is there a way to learn a trick arau create an online
store with low cost internet connection?

The answer to the above question, of course the answer is no. Even more encouraging is that you do
not need to spend the cost of internet connection at all. How ......? Now you can learn to create
online shops or even
Blog offline. Follow tricks online learn to make an offline store that I describe below:

Software Requirements:

Application installation support online store or shop online blog that can be run on computers using
software such as (choose one):
Xampp (
Appserv (
PHPTriad (

Script online store
On the internet there are many online stores that script you can download either a paid or free
version. Examples of the free (choose one):
Etc. ....

On learning tricks to make online store offline this time I am using xampp software to create online
shops and database script online stores using osCommerce.
First of all you have to do is:

A. Install xampp file you've downloaded on your computer. After installation is complete, click Finish
and it will display a dialog box asking if you want to install XAMPP servers? Select No.

2. Next select Yes to start setting up XAMPP control panel.
3. Click on the Apache and MySQL start, do this every time you will run the application osCommerce,
if not the online store that you create will not appear on the browser is offline.
4. If you use Windows XP Operating System then after pressing the START Windows Security Alert
will appear. Select unblock in order to activate your online store application.
5. Copy Oscommerce Script into C :/ / Program files - Xampp - htdocs. You can rename a folder
oscommerce online store or up to you.
6. Turn on your browser. (Remember, before you have to activate and click START on the XAMPP
Apache and MySQL). Write it in your browser: http://localhost/xampp/phpmyadmin/. Enter!
7. Write on the Create new database or oscommerce folder name that you'd replace it with another
name. Click on Create. Now you already have a database that is still empty.
8. Further write on your browser: http://localhost/oscommerce/install/. Remember oscommerce
writing should be replaced with corresponding database name you created in the database earlier.
Follow the instructions provided hereinafter.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed using the script oscommerce online store them
offline on your computer. The next step is setting up shop online according to your will. Follow the
tips and tricks to make my next online store .....

Good Luck!
How to Install oscommerce online store
The following is a continuation of previous post. For those who have not read it, please click here to

How to install oscommerce online store on the computer really is not that difficult. It only needs a
few tips and guidelines which I will describe below.

After the name of the database is created, the script can be installed on the computer oscommerce
offline by copying oscommerce script into the folder: c: \ program files \ xampp \ htdocs first. Make
sure you have oscommerce folder name change or adjust the database name that you created
earlier. To install the online store oscommercenya follow these steps:

A. Type the address: http://localhost/oscommerce/install/ in your browser. Press enter. (Remember,
the name must be tailored to the oscommerce database name that you created, and according to
the folder that you copied earlier).
2. If it is true, then it will come out oscommerce front page view. Click continue.
3. The next setting to fill the server database username, password and database name. Contents of
the database server localhost username: root, Password: leave it blank, Database name:
oscommerce. Click continue.
4. Click Continue again and then fill in all the general online store. When finished filled it, now ... click
continue laaaagi deh ..
5. Online store oscommerce installation is complete. If you want to see the next page click on the
online store catalog. This is an example picture:

Oh, yes. If you want to run this online store is offline, you must first activate the xampp application
by clicking on it twice and start pressing the first and second. Then open your browser and type in
the address: http://localhost/oscommerce/. To open the administrator page, type this address:

Okay, now how we can include images of products to be sold in this store?

A. Come in as admin and enter your username and password.
2. Click the catalog - new category. Content according to the type of product your goods.
3. Click the category name that you created earlier. Then the new product. Fill in the product
description with a picture of the product that you sell it.
4. Well, now you can freely enter your goods product images.

Until here, just an explanation on how to install oscommerce online store. Next to please your own
study diligently. I will return to continue to post this problem if a lot of requests.

Welcome to work
Best wishes.

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