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									How To Make Money With Google – The Beginner’s Guide


In 2005, I came across a forum thread where people were talking about making money with Google,
eBay, and Amazon. During that time period I also met a guy who made all of his money promoting
eBay. I had no idea how any of it worked but I was really interested. I didn’t love my job and was
looking for an out.

…fast forward to 2010.

In the last five years I have successfully made the transition from knowing absolutely nothing to
making a lot of money with Google. This article will share some insights into how this is possible.

Google Does NOT Hire People To Work From Home

When I first started hearing about making money with Google, I assumed that they hired people to
work from home. As far as I know, this isn’t the case. In the last five years, I have never met a person
who works from home, for Google. However, I know a lot of people who are making money by
promoting Google’s programs. I also know a lot of people who make a lot of money because they
use Google as a source of traffic to their websites.

How To Get Started

In order to start making money with these methods, you really need to have your own website.
Fortunately, this isn’t difficult at all. I have a free e-book that will walk you through the process of
setting up a site. Having your own site is cheap and somewhat easy. If you want to learn how to set
up your own site, you can learn by downloading the e-book here (it also tells the story of exactly
how I went from making nothing to more than $15,000 per month). Update: a newer, more up to
date eBook is here.

How The Money Is Actually Made
Google’s money is made by producing clicks for advertisers. This happens in two places:

 1. On Google’s search engine –

 2. On other people’s websites (your site can be one of these)

The second program is called Google Adsense. As part of the program, Google allows people who
have websites to place ads on their website’s pages. When their visitors click on an ad, Google gets
paid. Google shares that revenue with the website owner.

This means that you can start a website, place Google ads on it, and get paid when your visitors click
on an ad. On average, you can count on around 5% of your website’s visitors to click on an ad. The
amount you get paid varies but is usually somewhere between $0.10 and $1.00 per click. The science
of getting higher paying clicks is also covered in my free e-book.

How To Get Visitors To Your Website

The visitors that I get on my websites come from a variety of sources. One of my biggest sources of
traffic is I put articles on my websites that I believe will match up with what people are
searching for. This allows my websites to show up in Google‘s search engine. People click on my site
and visit. Around 5% of them click on an ad and I get paid.

In addition to reading the ebook, you should really consider becoming one of the 1,400+ people who
are members of The Keyword Academy Pro. TKA Pro is our members area. It’s where you’ll find my
entire method broken down with hours of video instruction, a comprehensive written guide for
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