Know it All Guide: Clip-In Hair Extensions

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					Know it All Guide: Clip-In Hair
By: Elena Golescu

                                                     When considering purchasing clip in hair extensions
                                                     it is wise to have a broad understanding of the
                                                     product and the benefits associated with them.

                                                     Clip-in hair extensions can be found just about
                                                     anywhere these days! From drug stores to online,
                                                     women everywhere are buying human hair
                                                     extensions by the masses. Not so long ago hair
                                                     extensions were just for the rich and famous, but
                                                     now with affordable prices and convenient
                                                     availability, hair extensions are on the must-have
                                                     lists for many women.

                                                   Why clip-in hair extensions? Clip-in extensions have
                                                   been around for quite some time but just recently
have stylist began marketing to the mainstream public. Clip-in hair extensions offer women the benefit
of adding volume, length, and color without long-term commitment. Clip-in extensions are ideal for
those whose main goal is to achieve a high-end hair style using an affordable, low maintenance, and
damage free approach.

Using specially designed clips, clip-in hair extensions are easy to use and leave the user with virtually no
damage to their existing hair. Clip-in extensions can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, textures,
lengths, and even material. Human hair extensions are the most popular because they offer diverse
options for styling.

Human hair clip-in extensions can be styled using the same heated styling tools that are used on regular
hair and can even be washed, colored, and even sustain the use of styling products offering the user
versatility in styling options. Synthetic hair is another option when selecting hair extensions, although it
is much cheaper than human hair, synthetic hair offers fewer options for styling.

Despite the appeal of spending less on synthetic hair, the user must understand that these hair
extensions cannot be styled using heated tools nor should they be washed or be treated with styling
products. If styling products are used on synthetic hair, build-up will result along with a decrease in
quality of the extensions. In recent years, clip-in hair extensions have gained popularity and are now
manufactured by a number of companies world-wide.

Before investing in human hair clip-in hair extensions it is important to understand the differences and
benefits of specific brands prior to purchasing. There is a wide range in prices among clip-in hair
extensions and the fees can fluctuate depending on length, brand, and texture of various hair
extensions, making it crucial to research before selecting hair extensions. For those seeking a more
permanent hair extension option, there are other application options that provide long-lasting results;
however cost and maintenance is much more extensive than the clip-in option.

Frequently Asked Questions: Clip-in Hair Extensions

Is there a difference between human hair and synthetic clip in hair

Yes, there is a significant difference between clip in human hair extensions and synthetic hair. Human
hair extensions offer the individual with a variety of styling options such as using heated styling tools
and styling products. There is also a noticeable difference in the price of the extensions. Synthetic hair
tends to run much cheaper than human hair and has a shorter shelf-life. Human hair is more expensive
but in most cases is a better investment due to long-term quality. Depending on what type of styling the
individual desires will help determine which type of hair is best suitable.

How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

Clip in hair extensions can last up to a year. The longevity of hair extensions varies. To ensure that your
hair extensions last for a long period of time, proper maintenance is required.

Can clip in hair extensions damage hair?

If the product is used correctly, damage to the natural hair should not occur. By thoroughly understand
the hair extensions and educating oneself on proper usage will help the individual avoid any damage to
the hair. It is also important and beneficial to give the natural hair periodic breaks from the clip in

Is it difficult to use clip in hair extensions?

The thought of applying clip in hair extensions can seem a bit intimidating if you have never used
extensions before; however applying clip in hair extensions is actually pretty simple. Not only are
instructions provided for the consumer, but there are also many videos that are online which will give
additional assistance is using clip in hair extensions and obtaining desired looks.

Do clip in hair extensions work on thin hair?

Sure, those with thin or fine hair can definitely use clip in hair extensions. Backcombing and using spray
are both helpful in keeping the attached weft undetectable and also provide texture for the clip to latch
on to.

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