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Ann Coulter
           Chapter 1: Liberals Unhinged

Liberals do not make cogent argument, they throw eggs (2)
“Prevarication and denigration are the hallmarks of the liberal
  argument. Logic is not their metier. Blind religious faith is.”
  (p. 2)

Liberals are Frenzied
“The most crazed religious fanatic argues in more calm and
  reasoned tones than liberals…” (2)
                    A Leftwing Media

Left/Liberals control the Media (2)
Left/Liberals control/own the mass media. They have exercised
  total hegemonic “control over every major means of news
  dissemination for a quarter century.” (2)

Liberal Name Calling
As a result, they have forgotten how to debate (or argue).
  Instead, they just call their conservative opponents “stupid
  and mean.” (2)
              A Leftwing Attack Politics

Conservatives are left fearing the Left and Liberals (3)
Liberals are, in a sense, invasive, critical, and perpetually
  suspect of the implications, and coded nature of what
  conservatives think and say. (3)
                Liberals Hate America

Liberals Hate America
Liberals hate America. Specifically, they hate:

       1) Flag-wavers
       2) Abortion opponents
       3) All religions except Islam (post 9/11).
       4) Republicans, of course (21)

Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do.” (5-
                Liberal Hate Speech I:

Liberals Attack Conservatives
Liberals cannot argue with Republicans (given the general
  soundness of conservative positions), so they accuse them of
  reprehensible things, such as:

       1) “Planning a second Holocaust” (8)
       2) Being Nazis
       3) Using Racist “code words”

Again, they do so because they refuse to engage in honest
               Describing Republicans

What about concern with language?
Coulter’s examines use of “moderate Republican.”

The Left targets language.
Moderate is supposed to mean “right in the middle.” So she
  asks, “why not just say ‘Republican?’”
        Conservatives as “Dumb and ugly.”

Liberals attack Conservatives as “Dumb and ugly.” (16)
They do so, because liberals are, at heart, malevolent. (17)

Left attacks women who they consider ugly. (17)
In particular, the left has criticized the looks of:

       -Katherine Harris (former Florida Sec. of State,
              currently US Congresswomen)
       -Linda Tripp
       -Paula Jones. (17-18).

“This is not humor, its hatred.” (p. 18)
             Nature of Leftwing Attack

Liberals claim that Republicans are Mean (19)

“Liberals lie even when they are calling people names.” (20)
Republicans do not fling wild accusations at Liberals, like
  liberals do to Republicans (Republicans are making war on
  children, for example. See p. 21).

Republicans cannot get away with base-less arguments and
 accusations because they don’t own the media. (22)
               Coulter’s Argument:

Substance of Coulter Argument:
The Liberal/Left has created, through its monopoly ownership
  of the media a highly accusatory, and intolerant political
  culture in the US. Republicans, and the right in general have
  been the principal victims of liberal vitriol.
               Coulter’s Argument:

Specifics of Coulter’s argument:
       1) Liberals do not make cogent argument, they throw
               eggs. (2)

      2) Left/Liberals control the Media. (2)

      3) Liberals Hate America (5-6)

      4) Liberals are, by definition, disingenuous.

      5) Republicans cannot get away with base-less
            accusations because they don’t
            own the media. (22)

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